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July 24, 2019

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In the period April-june of the 2019 port of Genoa has achieved the new historical quarterly records of the container and the cruises

Enlivened 697,472 teu (+2.7%) and 432,529 passengers (+70.2%)

If the volumes of traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa in the first semester and in according to trimester of this year turn out still inferior regarding those recorded of the correspondents periods of antecedent years world-wide the economic crisis of 2008, above all because of the important contraction of the liquid bulk and solid bulk traffics that pass through the port of call of the capital of Liguria and also for less the most emphasized reduction of the conventional traffic of goods, so is not relatively to the single flow of containerized trade. This last cargo type has marked in last the three new years historical records is salaries that quarterly, semiannual and anniversaries.

If last month with 241.466 teu, as official notice from the Authority of Harbour System of the Ligurian Sea Western, the port of Genoa has established the own new record absolute salary, also in the second solo trimester of the 2019 port of call, with 697.472 teu, precedence has marked the own new historical quarterly record exceeding with an increment of +2.7% that of according to trimester 2018. The new record, however, is not such if the traffic of the container is counted based on the weight of cargos: the total of 6,63 million containerized tons of goods enlivened in the period April-june of this year is in fact inferior to that of 6,70 million tons enlivened in according to trimester of 2017 and to the historical record of 6,71 million tons of according to trimester of 2018.

Moreover in the entire the first semester of 2019, with the total ones 1.327.804 teu, the port of call has obtained the third best semiannual result always after that achieved in the second half of the year of the 2017 and that marked historian in the first semester of 2018. If counted in terms of enlivened tons, the traffic of the container totaled in the first six months of this year, with 12,65 million tons, turns out to be the fourth better semiannual total than always behind of those of first and according to trimester of 2017 and the first half of 2018.

In according to trimester of this year total traffic of the goods enlivened from the port of Genoa it is piled to 14,17 million tons, with an light rise of +0.1% on the same period of 2018. If the goods containerized with 6,63 million tons has shown a decrease of the -1,1% regarding the historical quarterly record last year and vice versa with 697.472 teu the new historical quarterly peak, the goods conventional with 2,61 million tons is increased of +0.2%. Decreasing the solid bulk that in the commercial field has attested to 136 thousand tons (- 18.7%) and in that manufacturer to 608 thousand tons (- 14.9%). The traffic of mineral oils has grown of +6.9% to 3,73 million tons, while that of the other liquid bulk is dropped of the -4,1% to 201 thousand tons of which 72 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (+20.8%) and 128 thousand tons of chemicals (- 14.1%). In the segment of the supplies of fuel and supplies of edge the enlivened cargos have been 249 thousand (- 4.2%). In according to trimester of the 2019 traffic of the passengers it has been of 889 thousand unit (+30.1%), of which 457 thousand in the field of ferries (+6.4%) and 432 thousand in that of the cruises that the new historical quarterly record for the port and an increment of +70.2% represents on according to trimester of 2018 (the precedence record was obtained in the third trimester of 2013 with 352 thousand the crocieristi one).

In the first semester of the 2019 port it has totally enlivened 27,30 million tons of goods, with a bending of the -3,7% on the first half last year. If 12,65 million the containerized tons of goods represent a decrease of the -4,7% (and the -1,2% in terms of teu enlivened), 4,96 million the conventional tons of goods mark an increase of +0.6%. The traffic of the solid bulk in the commercial section has been of 316 thousand tons (+4.6%) and in that manufacturer of 1,21 million tons (- 8.4%). Decreasing (- 4.3%) also the mineral oils with 7,32 million tons, while the other liquid bulk is increased of +7,1%a 399 thousand the tons, of which oil 124 thousand vegetables and wine (+12.0%) and 275 thousand of chemicals (+5.1%). Supplies of bunker and supplies of edge have totaled 449 thousand tons (- 12.1%). In the field of the passengers the traffic has been of 1,17 million people (+20.8%), of which 590 thousand of fleeting crocieristi ferries (+0.4%) and 578 thousand (+52.4%).

In the single month of june of the 2019 genoese harbour port of call it has enlivened altogether 4,90 million tons of goods, with a progression of +2.4% on june 2018. If the containerized trade in terms of teu has recorded the new record historical salary, not equally it has happened in terms of enlivened tons: with 2,24 million tons enlivened in June 2019 - since it constitutes however the maximum peak never reached in June and is the eighth best one turned out salary than always - is marked an increment of +4.2% on the june the 2018 (record historical salary is recorded to May 2018 with 2,34 million tons). Last month the goods conventional has totaled 940 thousand tons (- 0.3%). The solid bulk in the commercial field has been 28 thousand tons (- 57.3%) and in that manufacturer 216 thousand tons (+9.0%). The mineral oils are piled to 1,34 million tons (+5.8%) and the other liquid bulk to 59 thousand tons (- 10.8%), of which oil 27 thousand vegetables and wine (+63.7%) and 31 thousand of chemicals (- 36.3%). Bunkers and supplies of edge have shown a decrease of the -22,3% coming down to 79 thousand tons. Last month the passengers have been 411 thousand (+21.7%), of which 272 thousand in the segment of ferries (+14.1%) and 139 thousand in that of cruises (+39.7%).

PSA Genova Pra'
Autorità di Sistema Portuale Mar Ligure Orientale

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