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August 13, 2019

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The financial results of the DFDS suffer of the uncertainty on the outcome of the Brexit

The period April-june of 2019 is arch8iviato with a profit before taxes of 486 million Danish crowns (- 1.8%)

In according to trimester of this year revenues of shipowning group Danish DFDS they have grown of +8.9% being piled to 4,24 billion Danish crowns (568 million euros) regarding 3,89 billion Danish crowns in the period April-june of 2018. The group has explained that the increase of the volume of transactions is determined mainly by the expansion of the activity in the Mediterranean, region in which DFDS has increased own presence with the acquisition of Turk U.N. Ro-Ro that is completed on June 7, 2018(on 7 June 2018) and from a rise of the revenues generated from the transport of passengers. The EBITDA has been attested 989 million to Danish crowns (+4.3%). Operating and useful profit before taxes has recorded decreases respective of the -1,0% and -1,8% coming down to 541 million and the 486 million one Danish crowns.

DFDS has specified that the performances of according to trimester of the 2019, so as those of the trimester precedence and as it will be those of the next months, they are conditioned by the uncertainty determined from the outcome of the procedure of escape of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The Danish group has specified that in according to trimester of this year, in the course of which is found a slow down of the European increase, the exchanges between United Kingdom - that a lot important for the Danish group is a market - and continental Europe are dropped as a result of the peak of exchanges happened in the first trimester of the 2019 that is provoked by the increase of the escorts carried out from the operators in forecast of the date of performance of the fixed Brexit initially at the March end. Moreover the group has found that following the persistent uncertainty on the outcome of the Brexit is contributing to provoke a remarkable slow down of the commercial exchanges with the United Kingdom as the producers and the importers and exporter are adopting an approach of wait in sight of the ulterior developments. According to DFDS, so as it has happened in the first trimester before the fixed date initially for the performance of the Brexit, a new cycle of I accumulate of escorts could in the next few months happen of september and October in forecast of the currently fixed date of the end of October for the execution of the Brexit.

In according to trimester of this year fleet of ships for the transport of rotabili and passengers of the Danish group it has transported cargo volumes ro-ro pairs to beyond 9,7 million linear meters, with a bending of the -3,3% on the same period of 2018. The transported passengers have been almost 1,4 million (- 1.5%).

In entire the first semester of the 2019 fleet of the DFDS it has transported 20,3 million linear meters of rotabili, with an increment of +3.7% on the first half, last year 2,1 million passengers (- 6.6%).

In the first six months of this year the revenues of the group have totaled 8,11 billion Danish crowns (+9.9%). The EBITDA has been pairs to 1,67 billion crowns (+32.7%), the EBIT to 760 million crowns (+15.2%) and the profit before the Danish crown taxes 600 million (- 1.4%).

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