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02 December 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:14 GMT+1

June 25, 2020

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ECSA and ETF, because of the inaction of the governments the marine ones are captive on their ships

Mattioli (Confitarma): necessary a humanitarian action fast and decided in order to guarantee they corridors of sure transit in order to make them to arrive on board to work and in order to make them to return at home

All know, but nobody makes nothing. It is, in synthesis, the denunciation for the extreme difficulty in supplying to the change of the crews of the ships that the European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) they have thrown again today in occasion of the celebration of the Day of Marine 2020. The shipowning association and the labor organization have explained that all by now seem to be aware of the situation: because of the travel restrictions taxes from the Covid-19 - they have remembered ECSA and ETF - the marine ones of all the world are facing from months difficulty to be replaced from other members of the crew and to being repatriated. In particular for Europe, the ability much limiting to release seen in order to enter in the Schengen Agreement area complicates a situation already extremely complex ulteriorly and could become a critical knot when the travel restrictions will be abolished in all the Countries".

"Nevertheless - they have emphasized ECSA and ETF - in spite of the high level of knowledge and media coverage, the problem persists". "In some cases - it has specified Estelle Brentnall, marine responsible for ETF - the marine ones by now are confined on the ships from months beyond their contractual time in sea. In this moment there are hundred of thousands of marine ones for which they would have had to carry out the necessary changes of crew, that it means that hundreds of thousands of lives directly are hit by the inaction and the lack of coordination of the States all over the world. Hundred of thousands of marine workers who are able to not to pass of the time with their beloveds and - it has specified Brentnall referring to the marine ones that cannot reach their ships - others that cannot work".

ECSA and ETF have evidenced that of the changes of the crews, for which already they are defined procedures in order to put into effect them in safety, is not the only problem that contributes to return the life of the marine ones extremely onerous: "the travel restrictions - they have explained the two organizations - have limited the circulation of the marine ones also in other ways. Besides not to be able to return at home to the term of the contract, often comes they denied the exemption to earth or in some cases they have difficulty to obtain medical cures".

"The fundamental rights of the man are on stack - they have denounced ECSA and ETF - and of the workers and he is not more acceptable to blame than this situation to the pandemic. In spite of the crisis, the marine ones have assured the delivery of the goods. In spite of the crisis, they have worked. It is unacceptable that, in spite of the crisis, the States do not succeed to find the way to bring back them at home. To supply to marine a way in order to return at home, in order to obtain medical cures and for being able to have use of breviums periods of exemption to earth, means to guarantee the respect of the dignity of the person".

"The marine workers - the general secretary of the ECSA, Martin Dorsman has remembered - are two million and from they the total commerce depends, as the ships transports more of 80% of the total commerce. Hanno adempiuto to theirs contracted. Now, the governments must guarantee that they are, to they time, respected their rights".

To the denunciation of ECSA and Shipping ETF the Italian Confederation (Confitarma has been associated): "the marine workers - he has agreed president Mario Mattioli - deserve ours felt thanks, but to thank them not enough. They deserve, as Confitarma is asking by now from months, a humanitarian action fast and decided by the governments of all the world in order to guarantee they corridors of sure transit in order to make them to arrive on board in order to work and in order to make them to return at home once finished the normal period of boarding".

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