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14 July 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 11:55 GMT+2

June 26, 2020

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Bonz (FEPORT): cargo handling must be excluded from the field of application of the tonnage tax

The decision of the EU commission not to modify the list of the services accessories - it has denounced the federation of the harbour terminalisti - is unacceptable

The federation of the European private harbour terminalisti has appreciated the initiative of the EU commission turns to manage measures in order to contrast the treacherous competition of European companies that, supported from aids of State, damage the communitarian enterprises, but has exhorted also the Commission lend particular attention to the distortions that happen inside of the same market of the EU and is also not provoked by these companies.

In occasion of own assembly anniversary, held yesterday, the Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals (FEPORT) has received with favor the adoption in recent days by the EU commission of a White Paper on the foreign subsidies in the only market, on which a public consultation is started that will finish next the 23 september with the scope contributing to the predisposition of proposed detailed lists legislative. The Commission in fact has evidenced that if the subsidies of the Member States of the EU are from always subject to the European norms on the aids of Been about to avoid distortions, instead the subsidies granted from governments of third-country to enterprises that operate in the EU have an impact more and more obvious negative on the competition in the only market but they escape to the control of the EU on the aids of State. The Commission has emphasized that the cases are more and more numerous in which is considered that aids foreign countries have facilitated the acquisition of enterprises the EU or that the decisions of investment, the operations of market have forged or the tariff policies of the beneficiaries or the participation to public contests of contract, to the detriment of the enterprises not subsidized.

"It is important - it has observed the FEPORT - than the political responsibles of the EU realize that the public subsidies granted to ship yards that they do not take part of the EU have aggravated the excess of ability in the total field of the marine transport of the container and have accelerated the necessity of a consolidation in the field of the shipping. Both the developments - it has specified the federation of the European terminalisti - have an enormous impact on the harbour field of the EU and on its ability to recover the investments private publics and who are realized". According to FEPORT, "it will be essential to adopt effective instruments, but also meaningful measures of support to benefit not of specific fields, but of the various parts of every ecosystem of the EU. This - it has explained the federation - is sure the better way in order to guarantee that there is a return from the investments in favor of the contributors of the EU and the enterprises of the EU that are strained to offer much competitive services".

If FEPORT has agreed with the Commission relatively to the distorsivo effect that the aids of State foreign countries have on the European only market, it has placed the attention also on the distortions that happen within this same market: "the extension of the fiscal treatment more favorable to the activities carried out from vertically integrated terminals of property of companies of navigation of the EU - it has explained the federation referring specifically to the harbour field - constitutes a distortion of the competition that penalizes the independent terminals. This - it has denounced FEPORT - is a clear violation of the principle of treatment parity and prejudices the parity of conditions in the home market".

The reference of FEPORT is to the fiscal treatment applied to the marine enterprises in the within of the regimes of tonnage tax, and in particular to those marine enterprises that beyond operating marine services carry out also terminalistiche activities assigning to this last - second the federation - competitive advantage regarding the terminalisti independent repeatedly denounced of the FEPORT(on 17 June 2020).

The federation of the terminalisti has found that ogniqualvolta the EU commission announces the green light to a regime of tonnage tax does not lack to assure that more favorable junior clerk has not fallen back us of the fiscal treatment to the navigation companies on other fields not connected to the marine transport. FEPORT has restated that own associates nutrono serious doubts that these fallen back on the field of cargo handling not are and to such purpose - has specified the president of the federation, Gunther Bonz - wish more approfonditamente to know the methodology applied from the EU commission".

"The decision of the EU commission not to modify the list of the services accessories in spite of the grindstones remarkable of decisions, that is to say ten that have extended the field of application to the activities of cargo and drainage and/or cargo handling - has explained Bonz - from our point he is unacceptable as the decisions more are not circumscribed, but they relatively confirm an adopted concrete approach from the Commission to the inclusion of cargo handling. Therefore - it has concluded the president of the FEPORT - we ask formally that cargo handling is excluded by the field of application of the tonnage tax. We need real conditions of parity of treatment in the within of the home market".

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