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25 January 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 15:33 GMT+1

August 10, 2020

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The workers of the field ask to make to share the cruises to Venice quickly

A permanent table will be instituted in order to support a compatible and sustainable future for the crocieristica

The workers of the harbour enterprises of Venice of the field of the cruises, today for the majority in redundancy fund, have sent to the government, the local institutions and the candidates to the next regional elections a opened letter, that we publish below, so that the conditions are created in order to make to share quickly the cruises also to Venice and in order to choose as soon as possible a solution that obvious the passage of the fleeting ships to San Marco managing at the same time the transition in order to assure a future to beyond 4.000 workers of the section and to their families.

In a press conference held to the Isonzo Large square of the Marine Station is evidenced that Venice risks to remain cut outside from the resumption of the cruises in order not having known to give a ready answer to the field that they give beyond 10 years asks a solution alternative in order to make to reach the ships and the crocieristi in the city, solution - it is emphasized - that would guarantee the maintenance of the home port to Venice and with it all the economy of supply, the places of work and the services connected to the ships. The participants have unanimously declared in favor of a solution alternative that obvious the passage of the ships in front of San Marco and the necessity has rimarcato that politics and the institutions give a clear and immediate answer in order to allow with the cruises to return to Venice in full safety and not to so put to risk also season 2021, after season 2020 seems lost irrimediabilmente.

The workers consider that not only he goes identified a solution between the introduced projects on which there is greater institutional convergence that represents a concrete alternative to the passage in front of San Marco, but that this goes made fastly and studying contextually all the measures necessary in order to facilitate the transition safeguarding the traffic and the relative occupation.

In occasion of the encounter the next birth of a permanent table of the workers is announced and of the harbour enterprises that aimed to support a compatible and sustainable future for the crocieristica, table opened in the participation of all the harbour workers in the belief that the port, than with beyond 22 thousand occupied is the first source of occupation and yield of Veneto, is a good to safeguard, to throw again and to upgrade and does not have to be never questioned for fear to decide or the fear of I confront. Mr. Presidente of the Council Avv. Giuseppe Conte Mr. Ministro of Infrastructures and Transports Dott.ssa Paola De Micheli Mr. Ministro of Ambient Dr. Sergio Costa Mr. Ministro of the Economic Development Ing Stefano Patuanelli Cultural Mr. Ministro for the Assets and Activities and of Tourism Avv. Dario Franceschini Mr. Presidente of the Venetian Region Dr. Luca Zaia Mr. Sindaco of Venice Dr. Luigi Brugnaro
Kind Candidates to the regional elections of Veneto and the Municipality of Venice

And p.c. Mr. Prefetto of Venice Dr. Vittorio Zappalorto Mr. Commissario Straordinario of the Authority of Harbour System of the Other Northern Adriatic Dr. Pino Musolino Mr. Comandante of the Harbour office of Venice CA (CP) Piero Pellizzari
Interregional Provveditorato for the Public works for Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venice Julia

We entrust to You all this ours wounded deeply letter so that in the choices that we wish you will take for the future of the crocieristica to Venice you can consider also of the requests of beyond 4000 workers of the field and their families.

Today these workers are generally in cassintegrazione on the base to the social shocks-absorber previewed from the Government in order to face the Covid-19 pandemic. These shocks-absorber will end soon and working we of are very pleased, if we only could intravvedere in front of we a solid future thanks to the resumption of the crocieristica. We know that you have employed time and resources in order to allow with the Companies to leave again in safety, we ask You the same determination in taking a decision for the crocieristica to Venice guaranteeing an adapted period of transition that safeguards the connected traffics and occupation to it.

We do not want to get to the point of the ideal choice that does not compete to us, but want that it is only definitive and that it is arrived to it in fast times. We do not want subsidies or social shocks-absorber, we want to continue to make our job at best in order to guarantee a sustainable future to our city and a solid future to our families. In these years we have decided to speak little and to remain to our place, but the situation today sees two opposite situations: absolute political indecision aggravated from the crisis due to the Covid-19 that has annulled the traffics and the hostility of the Committees of "not". All this is not more sustainable and considers that the joint provision from this situation has been pushed until to condition the choices of the market that prefers to scale other alternative ports to ours, on the escort of the impossibility not to approach our docks but for Hush of politics and the unwarrantable threats that we find unacceptable.

All together we represent a section that for Venice is essential for the economic and social increase, a field - that of the economy of the sea - on which give always Venice and its hinterland has been able to count, until from its origins. But a section that of the Venetian portualità under I attack too much from time in its unfortunately orphaned complex and of fundamental choices in order to maintain its accessibility nautical. And without the portualità it is the entire manufatturiera industry and of the services of Venice that to scompare.

The studies lead from eminent research centers, recognized to international level, certify that the economy of the sea to Venice not only generates positive an economic impact for the city but for all Italy pairs to 410 million euros, creating more than 7 thousand stable places of work. In our city, the direct expense of passengers, crews and ships every year reaches 155 million, pairs to 426 thousand euros every day, that they become 676 thousand if the days are considered only in which an at least ship it is in the city. With its 1,41 million passengers, the crocieristica has covered almost 3% of the GDP of the economy of Venice.

We cite you these data because we consider that crocieristico tourism must be interpreted with attention, not only for the number of presences, moreover meager if compared to the total number of tourists who every year visited Venice, but for the high added value that carries in the city, to those who they live here and still they work to you. A city that too much often is described only as goal of uncontrolled tourism but we, with our job and our experience, we succeed to manage great amounts of passengers and people with efficiency, in safety and respect of which in the city they live. Venice is from decades Primo Homeport of the Mediterranean this means that our passengers begin and conclude own cruise to Venice and therefore they demand spaces to earth and efficient and organized services, for this is important that you not only consider of the environmental aspects but also of those practical ones. To move one of the best terminals cruises in other area is possible, but we must be able to above all guarantee the same services and the same level of safety and that autonomy of the commercial traffics so as of those tourists that until now of it have afforded a sinergico development with wide occupational increase.

Also we are city of Venice, also we when we look a ship to pass in front of the Basin of San Marco stop to observe of the route, also we imagine the astonishment of the passengers who observe us from the last bridge of the ship. Then but, with the exception of many, we carry the look to earth, on the tops of the tugs, our carts carries baggages, on our buses, our terminals and we roll up sleeves because what for some it is an industry to pull down at all costs for us is job, engagement, experience of high future level that many other countries envy to us and above all for our families. This job moreover allows us to live in the city or in the outskirtses, to maintain our families but above all to contribute to maintain to Venice that spirit of cities alive that give the sea have always drawn life and pr0sperity.

We them ships know them well, know that they are one of the Italian fields of excellence, so as we know that the technological evolution in course and the investments in the field between is elevated to the world. Those which for some are "Great Ships" day after day they become more and more sustainable technological jewels. He would be therefore myopic to want to impose limits that aspects do not hold account also of these.

We are aware that the protection of the atmosphere has an important weight, also we we are city of this splendid city and also we have to heart its future, but you have to heart also the future of our job and that of our families.

We know that a lot can be made and all we, everyone for that can, has put on own experience in order to find solutions alternatives, solutions about which all they speak but that nobody - today - has taken the responsibility to choose.

Chosen the political arguments and the lack of on the topic of the crocieristica to Venice have quickly and continue to endure a media infuence that is not more acceptable by beyond 4000 families that attend from years certainties on own future. Today with the primed economic crisis from the Covid-19 we have more than ever need of answers to solutions that cannot more attend than to be realized and above all to be able to count on a ripartenza of the traffics that us unjustly seems precluded for this season and that he would be indefensible happened unfortunately also in 2021 decreeing the failure of politics and with it of all the field. It goes some of the future of our families and it goes some of our dignity of workers, nobody of we wants to live of subsidies but to continue to live of own job and the salary that always we have earned ourselves in honest way. But above all, with our job, we want to contribute to return our city vital, independent, sustainable and proud.

The Harbour Workers of the field Cruises and their families

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