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December 16, 2020

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The Partnership Body of the AdSP of the Tyrrhenian Centre Northern rejected the 2021 budget

Di Majo: I hope that the resources of the Fund referred to in Article 199 of the Relaunch Decree can be assigned as soon as possible to the institution

The Authority's Sea Resource Partnership Body Port System of the Tyrrhenian Sea North Centre has the institution's 2021 budget, which failed to comply with the approval - specified the AdSP - for which they were the arguments of the Board of Auditors which, the institution pointed out, "while agreeing with the assessments adsp to believe that the imbalance found is a essentially due to the financial consequences related to the covid-19 health emergency and the times needed to the adoption of the refreshment measures by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Article 199 of the Relaunch Decree), however confirmed the refusal (given the size and potential of the disputes in place) at the release of the sums set aside for litigation, thanks to which it would have budgetary balance has been achieved. As a result, the The College considered that the conditions for proposing to the Management Committee the approval of the forward-looking statements 2021 although the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, taking note of the institution's efforts with regard to the measures taken to contain expenses and increase revenue, had invited him to the College itself to consider the possibility of reviewing the request for partial release of the litigation fund.'

Thanking those who worked on the drafting of the budget, the President of the AdSP, Francesco Maria di Majo, who has now reached the last day of his term of office, has clarified that he and the editors of the document were "aware of the fact that this budget presented critical issues related to the emergency situation that has affected more than all the port of Civitavecchia especially for the total closure cruise traffic and, in part, passenger traffic. However, it is precisely the emergency situation, combined with the that MIT did to create a fund to compensate for those AdSPs such as Civitavecchia that have suffered the greatest reductions in revenue -- he pointed out of Majo -- led us anyway to propose some important actions on the budget, in particular a partial release of the litigation fund (announced already in november and illustrated and shared at the meeting of the partnership body of 18 November last), a release that to date, due to a prudential approach, this administration had never accomplished. Indeed, in the course of the last four years, the institution has progressively set aside almost everything the administrative surplus (which reached the sum of about 52 million euros) precisely for the litigation fund (about 46 million euros of euro). In this regard, moreover, the outcome of the recent judgment of the court of Rome on the action brought by the company Fincosit, which - recalled the President of the AdSP - practically zeroed the claim for compensation of the latter society, bodes well and opens up to more optimistic for the future."

"It is evident, however," he continued of Majo, "that in the face of the alea of disputes that still weighs on the budget of the institution for a large sum of approximately 300 million euros (although the total amount has been reduced as a result of the court's recent judgment), a release, albeit minimal, of the litigation fund required a general sharing by the body and members of the Committee in relation to the extraordinaryness and drama, in all respects, of the historical moment we are experiencing. I therefore hope - he concluded by Majo - that the resources of the fund referred to in Article 199 of the Relaunch Decree can be assigned as soon as possible to this AdSP that most of all has suffered prejudices from the collapse cruise industry and partly of passengers, so as to to achieve the desired budgetary balance.'

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