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22 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:02 GMT+1

December 15, 2021

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Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti, the System Authorities Port are non-economic public bodies and must remain so

The government - they emphasize - must intervene by defending the model of Italian ports

Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti underlined the indispensability to safeguard the legal form of non-economic public bodies of the Port System Authorities. "The latest statements by various presidents of System Authorities Port about the legal form that they should take authority - explained the national secretary of the Filt Cgil, Christmas Columbus - frankly, they leave us stunned» Referring then to the request recently made by the European Commission to Italy to collect unpaid taxes from Italian ports as - according to Brussels - the Port System in their collection activity concessionary royalties would be economic undertakings subject to taxation, a request to be rejected instead according to the same AdSP as public bodies do not Colombo wondered "why then the presidents themselves have appealed to the European Court for counter what would be imputed to us by the European Union» ( of 4 December 2020 and 12 and 13 January 2021).

Of the same opinion Uiltrasporti, who warned: "we will raise barricades to protect the public nature of the institutions port'. "The government - underlined the secretary general of the union, Claudio Tarlazzi - must intervene defending the model of Italian ports that has confirmed all its resilience even during the period of pandemic thanks to the validity of Law 84/94. The law goes maintained and updated in the light of scenarios and opportunities that we have in front of us, but it must not be unhinged".

"There is no doubt - agreed the secretary national Filt Cgil - that there would need to be a change of step for the entire Italian port and consequently for its governance to be projected more and more towards a vision of system rather than enclosing them in a myopia of perspective management. A responsible path of strengthening and revisiting the same law 84/94 but - has agreed Colombo - without losing his important profile of non-economic public bodies, committed to safeguarding the regulation of the port market and the public good. Would rather the case - specified the representative of the Filt Cgil - to intervene on the aspects related to the respective accounting and then provide a model that can have double accounting with the simultaneous lightening of all aspects administrative and bureaucratic that still limit and suffocate everyone those interventions and investments in favor of development and profitability'.

For Tarlazzi, "the presidents of the port authorities who would like to lead joint-stock companies with model corporate, they must be stopped because - he explained - this logic it does not respond at all to the interest of the whole country. The Port System Authority for market regularization and promotion of the development of activities with balance and in accordance with the principles of regulated competition - continued the Secretary General of Uiltrasporti - they must not be sacrificed in the name of profit, an element to which they would be inevitably linked if the publicistic nature were to disappear of the institution. A System Authority of a private nature - tarlazzi - would risk subordinating our country to the great global shipping alliances that at that point they would come to buy pieces of Italian ports and logistics and they would control the seas and also the terrestrial supply chain, even more of what is already happening. We must not forget that the inflationary pressure that affects our economy is not alien to the shipping strategy by means of the increase in the price of maritime freight which affects the cost of the product transported. The Uiltrasporti on this will raise the barricades in the interest of the Italian port system and to defend employment and quality of the work that from all this could suffer a relapse negative'.

For Colombo it is necessary to block the forward escapes: "We are ahead of our time-bounds-urging the Secretary-General of the Filt Cgil - and let's put forward, all together, a concrete hypothesis of work capable of securing our model that safeguard the public interest'.

Colombo also focused on the upcoming appointment of the President of the Port System Authority of the Sea of Eastern Sicily, the body that administers the ports of Augusta and Catania and which is currently led by the Commissioner extraordinary Alberto Chiovelli flanked by the Secretary General, the captain of the vessel Attilio Montalto. Referring to the appointment of a new president of the Sicilian body, Colombo complained that "a regardless of his abilities, he would interrupt the excellent work done to date" and denounced that 'the Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility Sustainable continues to perpetuate unjustifiable acts that they deconstruct good work." "It would be , he continued Colombo - a déjà-vu that does not recognize and does not value the results obtained but strongly insinuates the prevalence of logic the political balance over that of good governance, the results and of social peace. Still a very bad signal for the port of our country and for the entire community of Catania and Augusta in need of redemption and pragmatic management capable of promote the protection of the social and economic fabric of the territory".

"To the Adsp of the Sea of Eastern Sicily - specified the Secretary General of the Filt Cgil - should be guaranteed investments and operational and managerial continuity, whose recent results are absolutely appreciable to guarantee a systemic vision of the needs and potential of the same port community within the new opportunities that we have before us starting from the resources of the PNRR. We hope - concluded Colombo - a supplementary assessment by the Mims neutral and therefore distant from any political conditioning and that points to the exclusive interest of the territory, through choices prudent and in continuity with the objectives achieved".

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