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17 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 23:01 GMT+1

December 15, 2021

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October marks a stop to the resumption of goods traffic in the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado

The Management Committee of the AdSP approves the plan of relocation of superba and Carmagnani chemical deposits in Genoa

In October 2021 the traffic of goods in the port of Genoa has recorded a slight increase of +0.8% having been equal to 4.10 million tons compared to 4.07 million in October 2020, but it is result down by -8.4% compared to the same month of the year pre-pandemic of 2019. Particularly relevant is the decline in containerized goods that amounted to 1.76 million tons with a container handling of 194 thousand teu, with decreases of -11.5% and -7.2% respectively on October 2020 and contractions of -16.0% and -13.0% on October 2019. Modest the increase (+0.6%) of conventional goods that have totaled 878 thousand tons, volume -1.2% lower than that enlivened in October 2019.

In the liquid bulk sector, mineral oils have attested to 1.11 million tons, with a +31.9% on October 2020 and a -8.0% on October 2019, while the other liquid loads amounted to 94 thousand tons, of which 46 thousand tons of oils vegetables and wine (respectively +57.0% and +30.1%) and 48 thousand tons of chemical products (+13.1% and +46.1%). In the sector of solid bulk commercial traffic was 43 thousand tons (-62.1% and -7.3%) and industrial traffic of 152 thousand tons (+51.7% and +57.8%). Accentuated the decrease in supplies of bunkers and ship's stores which were found to be equal to 63 thousand tons, with decreases of -20.9% and -15.7% on the months of October 2020 and 2019.

Passenger traffic is recovering, with 101 thousand units in the ferry segment and 113 thousand in the cruise segment, with growth of +48.4% and +762.0% on October 2020 and decreases of -5.4% and -34.6% on October 2019.

In October 2021 the port of Savona-Vado Ligure, also managed by the Ligurian Sea Port System Authority Western, it handled 1.32 million tons of goods, with a decrease of -1.1% on October 2020 and an increase in +12.7% on October 2019. In the miscellaneous goods sector, goods in containers have been pairs to 227 thousand tons (+60.7% and +263.8%), the rolling stock at 397 thousand tons (+9.6% and +1.3%), fruit at 29 thousand tons (-13.1% and -26.9%), steels at 9 thousand tons (+7.8% and -5.8%) and forest products at 19 thousand tons (-3.7% and +39.1%). Liquid bulk totaled 505 thousand tons (-20.9% and -1.8%) and solid ones 137 thousand tons (+2.1% and -3.6%). In the passenger segment cruise passengers were 39 thousand (+893.1% and -67.5%) and ferry passengers 20 thousand (+3.791.3% and +78.1%).

Meanwhile, today the Management Committee of the AdSP of Liguria Western approved the relocation plan of the deposits Superba and Carmagnani chemists of the port of Genoa, currently inserted in the residential context of the Multedo district, in the context of port and to adopt the consequent proposal for Adaptation Functional Technician (ATF) of the current Port Regulatory Plan relating to Ponte Somalia. A mandate is thus given to the structures of the port authority to proceed with the sending of the same to the Superior Council of Public Works and, at the same time, to continue with the investigation on the application submitted by Superba Srl examining, inter alia, the employment aspects and the development of Trades. Specifically, ATF's proposal will allow add to commercial functional joints already present in the compendium of Sampierdarena port operations related to the handling and storage of chemical products.

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