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July 10, 2012

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The port of celebrates the first landing place of the service Med/West Africa of COSCON

To Marigola Villa “COSCO DAY 2012” has held

Today to the first landing place to the port of call of the line Med/West Africa (MAF) of the company of Chinese navigation COSCO is celebrated Container Lines (COSCON). The arrival of the service is celebrated with “held COSCO DAY 2012” to Villa Marigola, an event realized in collaboration with the terminalista society La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) of the group Contship Italy and with the Harbour Authority of and turned the COSCON customers.

The new spin of service MAF, inaugurated today from with portacontainer the Helene J, scale the ports of La Spezia, Genoa, Tarragona, Lagos, Topic, Takoradi, Abidjan. “We only scale La Spezia - the managing director of Coscon Italy has remembered, Xu HongJi - from 2009, but from then on the relations between we and La Spezia Container Terminal have become more and more locked and imprinted to the sinergica collaboration and mutual esteem”. “The advantages offered from LSCT - it has continued general the manager of Coscon Italy, Marco Donati - are mainly of two aspects: first because the port of call breaks offers to various possibilities of mooring and rapidity in handling, the second because it boasts a perfect integration of all the rings of the logistic chain. The service West Africa Service is gone, therefore, to add to a series of services weeklies magazine that COSCO offers from La Spezia for the America North, Far East, Australia, West Africa, Israel, Greece, Turkey and Black Sea”.

The Harbour Authority of has emphasized that the three ships of present COSCO Lines Container in these days on the LSCT docks, which they have enlivened more than 4.000 teu, are the more tangible confirmation of the importance that covers the port of call breaks in the COSCO Network. “We comprise well - the president of the agency has explained, Lorenzo Forcieri - which are the requirements of the goods and we work because our port of call is more and more competitive. All our strategic politics is addressed to maintain and to develop the acquired excellence. We are accelerating all the initiatives that can grow to us, we will carry to term all the previewed material infrastructures from the Portuale Town development plan but, still before, we will develop those “immaterial” structures for velocizzare the transit of the goods, that they represent an added value in terms of efficiency and innovation”. Referring to the recent announcement of LSCT to invest in infrastructures, equipments and great means with the objective to ulteriorly increase the competitiveness of from Liguria port ( of the 4 July 2012), Forcieri has found that “the LSCT decision to bet on our port of call and our territory, with a so important investment, up to now rewards all the completed efforts and it cannot that to be for we reason of ulterior engagement”.

“They are particularly proud of being here today”, the managing director of LSCT, Marco Simonetti has commented. “Always - he has added - we try to put to the center of our attention the customers and the customers of our customers and the today's day of are a clear demonstration. To look to the future, to innovate and to improve are the values that constitute our DNA, because if we operate in correct way the market rewards us. I thank, therefore, COSCO in order to have continued to choose the port of La Spezia where we are starting a distance of development with the objective to acquire new market shares and to ulteriorly increase the competitiveness of the terminal in this territory in which from always we believe”.

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