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September 22, 2017

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the crocieristiche companies agrees with the AdSP of Venice on the route alternative in order to reach the terminal of the Marine

the passage of six different ships dimensions through the Channel Vittorio Emanuele III

the crocieristica association international Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) supports the marine way alternative characterized from the Authority of Harbour System of the Sea Adriatic Northern in order to allow with the great ships from cruise to reach the terminal cruises of the Marine one of the port of Venice without to pass in front of San Marco, route that second the harbour agency would have to journey through the Channel Vittorio Emanuele(of the 18 september 2017).

Yesterday CLIA Europe, the European section of the crocieristica association, has remembered that currently the crocieristiche companies have voluntarily limited the access to the Lagoon to ships of beyond 96.000 tons of tonnage and also have limited the total number of ports of call, initiatives that have involved for Venice the loss of means million passengers, with a crocieristico traffic that is come down from 1,8 million passengers in 2013 to 1,4 million in 2017. Moreover, in the first six months of this year the arrivals of the passengers are diminished of the -13% and this weakening of Venice like crocieristico home port has had an impact on all the Mare Adriatico who in 2016 has lost 6.5% of the number of crocieristi.

CLIA Europe has evidenced moreover that if in future the access to the Lagoon to all were prohibited the ships of beyond 40.000 tons, the number of passengers to Venice would diminish of the -90% regarding the data of 2012, with an impact of 85% on the local expenses in goods and services, that they would come down to 40 million euros regarding current 283,6 million euros, and with a serious impact on the occupation that would be reduced today of the -83% dropping to 600 workers regarding the 3,660.

the association, confirming the necessity to find in the short possible time an alternative distance to the passage of the great ships in the Channel of the Giudecca, has announced that the crocierisiche companies have simulated the access to the Marine one of Venice, "an excellent passenger terminal in Italy and the world - it has emphasized CLIA Europe - that he remains fundamental", through the Channel Vittorio Emanuele III. Some days before in particular the three companies Royal Caribbean, Carnival/Coast and MSC, with the terminalista society Venice Passenger terminal (VTP) that it manages the Venetian crocieristica station, have carried out simulations near the CSMASRT Center di Almere, in Holland, and near Force Institute Technology of Copenhagen, in Denmark, with six ships of various largeness in different atmospheric conditions.

CLIA Europe has explained that such experimentation "has given turned out positive and encouraging, online with those carried out from the Harbour Authority and - it has specified the association - now we invite the Harbour Authority and the Harbour office to carry to term the other necessary steps of the procedure of appraisal previewed from the Italian legislation".

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