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August 13, 2018

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Honored nozzle a petition with the scope to assure places of work to the marine Italians

The shipowner asks that the contracts of the boarded non-EU staff on Italian ships in international service must be conformed to those of the marine communitarian Italians/

A "battle for the protection of the marine Italians" is declared by the Italian shipowner Vincenzo Onorato, than it guides the group Honored Shipping composed from the companies of navigation Moby, Tirrenia - Italian Company of Navigation (CIN) and Toremar all assets in the transport of passengers and vehicles on national marine routes, with the Moby who serves also the Corsica with departures from continental France, and that in 2016 own activity has extended to beyond the Italian borders acquiring a participation in the Russian company St. Peter Line who carries out cruises in the Baltic Sea between Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn.

The initiative is started with the launch of a petition on the platform web for the collection of signatures with the declared scope of protecting the Italian marine job. "Some companies of navigation - it is the Honored denunciation of in the petition - play on the skin own boarded staff in order to draw competitive advantages and to make a profit on the shoulders of the citizens and the State that offers already important facilities to the section of the marine ones. The convenience of these companies kills the healthy competition and leaves on the streets many Italian families, about 50 thousand, reducing them to a seed-poverty threshold".

In the Honored petition it does not mention it, but the point of competing for with other companies of navigation is article 3 of the law n. 30 on February 27, 1998, with which the international Registry is instituted to which I am enrolled ships used after international navigation, Shipping dispute that at the end of 2015 it has induced Honored to abandon the Italian Confederation (Confitarma), accused not to defend the Italian flag and the places of work of the marine Italians(of the 24 and 25 November 2015), in order then to be associated at the beginning of this year to AssArmatori, representative new of the Italian shipowners that is opened also to international companies with strong interests in Italy(on 15 January 2018).

Article 3 of the law of 1998 is relative to the contract of enlistment of the marine ones and establishes on board that "economic, normative, social insurance and insurance the conditions of the marine boarded communitarian Italians or on the ships enrolled in the international Registry are disciplined by the regolatrice law of the enlistment contract and by contracts collectives, of the single Member States" and that "the relationship of job of the not communitarian staff nonresident in the European Union, boarded of the ships enrolled in the international Registry, is ordered by the law chosen from the parts and however in the respect of conventions OIL in matter of marine job". The article previews moreover that the labor organizations underwriters of contracts collectives "establish the economic conditions, wage and insurance, minimal that must be however observed for all the not communitarian workers engaged on board of the ships enrolled in the international Registry, in the respect of the internationally established limits".

The Honored petition of is based on three points. With first Honored it asks that the ships that fly Italian flag, in regulating service between communitarian Countries, must embark Italian or communitarian staff in order to approach the previewed fiscal facilities from the State. With the second point it asks that the contracts for the boarded non-EU staff on ships Italian in international service (that is not operating regularly between Countries of the European Union) must be conformed to those of the marine communitarian Italians/. With the prompt third party that the standards of formation and safety are guaranteed and verified for all the marine workers.

The second point is the "heart" of the Honored public request of. If last year the shipowner had invoked the imposition of the obligation to embark only marine communitarian Italians and on the ships of national flag, demand that had provoked the hard reaction of the Confitarma that had shown an increase of unemployment rather than the contrary(of the 9 and 10 May 2017), now Honored it advances a demand that could be defined "biologically palindromica": if it is not succeeded to on board impose the obligation of employment of single marine communitarian Italians/of the Italian ships, then the demanded new is to conform contracts of the marine boarded non-EU citizens on the Italian ships to those of the marine communitarian Italians and. Two different demands to the appearance, but with the same meaning: that of an overcoming of the formulation of the law of the 1998 that admit the possibility that on board of an Italian ship marine Italians work, communitarian ones or non-EU subordinates to different contractual conditions.

It is not even the case to attend an eventual one taken of position of the Confitarma, than it could not be centralized that on the positive however which restated effect that the institution of the instituted international Registry in 1998 has had on the shipping Italian allowing it to be competitive in the world, as recently from its president Mario Mattioli(on 5 April 2018).

With regard to the impact that the law of 1998 can have had on the occupation of the marine communitarian Italians and on those non-EU citizens used on the ships of Italian flag we publish a diagram that it synthetizes the evolution from 1999 of the places of work on the Italian ships based on esteem is diffused by the Italian Confederation Shipping.

For Confitarma, evidently, the international Registry is an introduced necessity in order to be confronted on the international plan to weapons pairs with concurrent shipowners that in great majority employ marine non-EU citizens. An explanation that equally evidently does not convince Honored.

In the controversy that opposes for a long time Onorato and Confitarma up to now are not involved the new AssArmatori association, to which it has joined Honored Shipping, than in a recent one confront with the Italian Confederation Shipping however have agreed on the positive impact of the international Registry on the Italian marine industry(on 7 March 2018).

Bruno Bellio

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