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25. September 2023 - Jahr XXVII
Unabhängige Zeitung zu Wirtschaft und Verkehrspolitik
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"The ships are 100% full. The containers are 100% full. You can't get a container built. You can't pick up a ship from the spot market. The whole container-shipping cycle is at absolu-tely full pelt," exclaimed Jeremy Nixon, CEO of Ocean Network Express (ONE), the world's sixth-largest container line.

October's ocean container market is "unbelievable," said Nixon during an International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) virtual event last week. "We are sold out," he revealed.

"Our job now is to keep the network going from an operational standpoint," Nixon continued. "The ports are getting jammed up now. We're starting to see bottlenecks in the supply chain. That's another challenge going into this winter."

Some market watchers thought volumes and rates would relent in the wake of the China Golden Week holiday in early October. It hasn't happened yet. The trans-Pacific market is still at its peak. According to the Freightos Baltic Daily Index, spot rates from China to the West Coast (SONAR: FBXD.CNAW) were at $3,847 per forty-foot equivalent unit (FEU) on Friday. They've hovered around this same stratospheric level since the last week of September - at triple last year's rates.

Data on the number of customs filings for maritime imports (regardless of volume; calculated as a seven-day trailing avera-ge) likewise show no letup.

Countrywide filings frequency (SONAR: CSTM.USA) has bounced around the same high level since August, well above last year's levels.

Consumers are still spending

The number of U.S. coronavirus cases is on the rise. It looks like cases could soon surpass records set in July. On Thursday, the Labor Department reported 898,000 jobless claims (seasonally adjusted), well above the consensus forecast for 830,000. Mil-lions of Americans have fallen under the poverty line as a result of COVID.

And yet, in aggregate, Americans are spending more. According to statistics released Friday by the Commerce Department, con-sumer spending rose 1.9.% in September. That was more than double the consensus forecast.

"Consumer demand, as reflected in container trade, is in full-blown rebound," commented Stifel shipping analyst Ben Nolan.

In a new survey of companies conducted by investment bank Evercore ISI, 71% of respondents reported "better" or "much better" sales recoveries than expected, as of last Wednesday. In the previous quarterly survey, as of July 15, it was 57%. And current sentiment is particularly strong among homebuilders, pointing to more imports of building supplies and home furni-shings.

Empty shelves and 'shipageddon'

Inventories are historically low. There is rising concern that companies will not be able to import and deliver enough goods to meet consumer demand during the holiday season.

The New York Times cited rising concerns over the so-called "shipageddon" scenario, in which the retail supply chains and parcel shippers descend into chaos as Christmas nears.

A report released Monday by investment bank Jefferies warned of "empty shelves and raided storerooms," noting that "it's not just local grocers running out of essentials."

"The summer and fall stages of the U.S. recovery have been marked by incredibly strong retail and housing sales, which have both surpassed pre-COVID levels by a wide margin," wrote Jefferies. "Due to the torrid pace of sales and virus-related sup-ply disruptions, inventory-to-sales ratios have plummeted to record lows."

The Evercore ISI survey found that none of the consumer-business respondents thought inventory levels were "too high" or "a little too high." Only 10% said they were "about right," with 30% believing they were "a little too low" and 60% answering "too low."

The implication is that retailers still need to bring in a lot more goods, primarily from China. If so, that is bullish for ocean con-tainer lines and concerning for U.S. shippers in terms of tran-sport timing and availability, and spot and contract pricing.

Stimulus and Trump vs. Biden

The latest data sounds very upbeat. But there are huge variables: the extent of the fall and winter COVID resurgence, the outcome of the presidential and congressional elections, and the fate of new federal stimulus.

A new report from Columbia University estimates that the U.S. poverty rate rose from 15% in February to 16.7% in September despite government stimulus, and that the poverty rate would have risen to 18% without stimulus. Using a total population estimate of 331 million, that equates to over 4 million people at least temporarily saved from poverty (and given greater ability to buy food and other products). Aside from the humanitarian bene-fits, that led to a large volume of container imports that wouldn't have been ordered otherwise.

The Evercore ISI fiscal policy team analyzed GDP effects of future stimulus and election variables. The scenarios range from nothing to a stimulus package in both Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

The analysts' best-case scenario is for a Q4 2020 deal between President Donald Trump and the Democrats, leading to a 4.2% positive impact on 2021 real GDP growth, followed by a landsli-de presidential/congressional win for Democrats, leading to a large Q1 2021 stimulus package, equating to an additional 6.3% real GDP impact for 2021.

The worst case would be no Q4 2020 deal, and a Trump victory, Republican Senate and Democratic House, equating to a smaller Q1 2021 deal with a 3.15% 2021 real GDP impact.

'I dread to think ... '

Just a few months ago, economic scenarios were dramatically worse. Nixon of ONE emphasized just how much worse the situation would have been if the container-shipping industry were not as adept as it proved to be.

"I always like to think of container shipping as the servant of global trade," said Nixon. "It is our job to keep the global econo-my going. Keep the lights on. To, behind the scenes, keep every-thing moving and flowing. Keep people fed.

"This has been a huge job this year. In all of the years we've been in this industry, I don't think we've seen anything like it. This has been a huge roller coaster, with ups and downs and changes and shifts.

"If you go back to April, when we suddenly had to work from home globally - not just us but all the stakeholders - and we had to keep things moving, that was an incredible task.

"The fact is that we now have a lot better systems and technolo-gy and planning than we used to have. We have a lot more digi-tized tools to help us. I think it's amazing as an industry that we managed to do that [keep trade flowing during lockdowns].

"And thank goodness we did, because otherwise, things would have come to a very, very quick halt. If this had occurred 10 years ago, I dread to think what would have happened." Click for more FreightWaves/American Shipper articles by Greg Miller

MORE ON CONTAINER SHIPPING: Trump vs. Biden: How the winner could affect ocean shipping: see story here. Get ready for blowout Q3 results in container shipping: see story here. U.S. import bonanza could extend into 2021 on 'record' restoc-king: see story here.


Die türkische Werft Med Marine hat einen neuen Schlepper in Vernicos Scafi geliefert.
Dies ist das erste neue Instrument für die neue Flotte des griechischen Joint-venture-Joint Ventures.
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Letzten Monat erhöhte sich der Frachtverkehr im Hafen von Taranto um +6,9%.
In den ersten acht Monaten des 2023 war ein Rückgang von -4,0% zu verzeichnen.
Neue Farben zur Begrenzung der Ausbreitung von Bränden auf Schiffen und Baustellen
Die Messina-Gruppe hat ihr zweites full Containerschiff übernommen.
Sie hat eine Transportkapazität von 4.600 teu.
Erste Portale des HMM-FIM-Service von Genua proa
Abnahme des Terminals der PSA Italy-Terminals
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Erste Sitzung des technischen Arbeitstisches über die Sicherheit der Arbeit im Rahmen der Hafenarbeit
Geben Sie unter den Vorschlägen einige Hafenarbeitsprofile zwischen den Arbeitskategorien "usuralte/gravierend" ein.
Hapag-Lloyd wird über das Satellitennetz Starlink alle seine Internetanbindung anbringen.
Testerfolg im Mai gestartet
Im Zeitraum Juni/August sanken die Einnahmen der FedEx-Gruppe um -6,7%.
Der Nettogewinn weist ein Wachstum von +23,2% auf.
Zusammenarbeit mit ICHCA und PEMA zur Verbesserung der Sicherheit im Güterverkehr
Spedimentierung, notwendige Reduzierung der Bürokratie in den Häfen
Botta: Papierdokumente sind eine Absurdität im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung.
Deutsche Rhenus erwirbt die beiden Terminals der Rietlanden Terminals im Hafen von Amsterdam.
Deutsche Rhenus erwirbt die beiden Terminals der Rietlanden Terminals im Hafen von Amsterdam.
Die niederländische Gesellschaft wird in zwei Phasen von Singaporiana JERA Global Markets veräußert.
Im August wurde der Hafen von Algeciras 424000 Container umgeschlagen (+ 1,5%).
In den ersten acht Monaten des 2023 hat der Gesamtbetrag 3,16 Mio. Teu (-0,4%) zugesagt.
Konferenz über die Förderung der Gesundheit von Hafenarbeitern in der Seehafel
Er wird am 2. Oktober in Messina stattfinden.
Abkommen Ukrzaliznytsia-RCG für die Entwicklung des intermodalen Verkehrs zwischen der Ukraine und Österreich
Kurzgeschenken auf der Strecke Kiev-Budapest wird demnächst ein Experiment für den Transport von Sattelanhänger vorgenommen werden.
In der ersten Hälfte des Jahres 2023 gingen die Erlöse der chinesischen terministischen Gruppe CMPort um -10,8% zurück.
Der Containerverkehr ist um +0,3% gestiegen.
Union Piloten hat das Verfahren zur Verlängerung von Cockpit-Gebühren stark kritisiert.
Bellom: die Aktualisierung der Tarife für die lokalen Praktiker
Zum Terminal MITO des Hafens von Cagliari ist die erste Containerschiffe aus einem ukrainischen Hafen
Abtciert 2.114 Container
Die Veranstaltung "Cool Logistics Global" findet zum ersten Mal in Italien statt.
Das Ereignis ist im Programm vom 10. bis 12. Oktober in Genua (Genua) programm.
Im ersten Quartal dieses Jahres ist der Güterverkehr in den griechischen Häfen aufgewachsen.
Die Gesamthöhe ist jedoch niedriger als die Vorpandemie-Werte
Vergangenen Monat gingen die vom Hafen von Valencia umlaufenden Container um -11,7% zurück.
In den ersten acht Monaten dieses Jahres betrug der Rückgang bei -10,6%.
Im August erhitzte sich der Containerverkehr im Hafen von Hongkong um 9,4%.
15,1 %-Flession in den ersten acht Monaten des 2023
Letzten Monat ist der Containerverkehr im Hafen von Los Angeles wieder aufgewachsen.
Los Angeles
In den ersten acht Monaten des 2023 wurde ein Rückgang von -21,0% ausgemacht.
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Ancona Genua Ravenna
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Italienische Logistik-zentren: Liste Häfen der Welt: Landkarte
Konferenz über die Förderung der Gesundheit von Hafenarbeitern in der Seehafel
Er wird am 2. Oktober in Messina stattfinden.
Die Veranstaltung "Cool Logistics Global" findet zum ersten Mal in Italien statt.
Das Ereignis ist im Programm vom 10. bis 12. Oktober in Genua (Genua) programm.
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Letzten Monat wuchs der Frachtverkehr im Hafen von Singapur um +1,7%.
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Die Konferenz wird in drei Sitzungen untergliedert.
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Sankt Petersburg
Zunahme der Trockenfracht. Flüssige Massengutschuhe
Neue Agentur der Familien Negri, Clavarino und SCHWANKEN, um den Bau des neuen Damms von Genua zu erbringen
Im August ging der Containerverkehr im Hafen von Long Beach um -15,4% zurück.
Long Beach
In den ersten acht Monaten des 2023 ging der Rückgang um: -24,4%.
Neuer Schienengüterdienst Verona-Wuppertal di Rail Cargo Group
Es werden drei wöchentliche Rotationen ausgeführt.
Cargill gibt 25% des KSK-Terminals für den Hafen von Novoroxyysk aus.
Die Quote wird von der Russischen Delo übernommen.
Drogenschmuggel in den Hafen von Salerno
104 Kokainpani und die Lagerung, für die sie bestimmt waren
Ferrante (MIT): Änderungen der Europäischen Richtlinie 2023/959 zur Vermeidung von Verzerrungen, die die italienischen Transhipment-Häfen benachteiligen
Die Aufnahme von Gioia Tauro in eine Liste, in die Häfen wie Tangeri Med und Port-Said aufgenommen werden, würde-wie der Unterstaatssekretär erklärt hat-möglich sein.
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