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Danish Shipping - Index

1: Key Figures of the Danish Merchant Fleet, October 2001

Size of the Danish Merchant Fleet     Share of the World Merchant Fleet Selected
October 1, 2001  Types of Ships as per January 1, 2001 Per cent
Number of Ships550 Container vessels5.3
TDW (million)8.1 Chemical Tankers2.3
GT (million)6.6 Passenger ships, Ferries1.9
  Reefers 1.5
  LPG tankers 1.2
  Total 1.2
Employment of The Danish Merchant Fleet
(Per cent based on GT) October 1, 2000
 Average Age of the Merchant Fleet,
January 1, 2001
Liner Trade66.3 Denmark's Merchant Fleet (Year)6.8
Tramp8.3 World's Merchant Fleet (Year)13.7
Tanker Trade25.4  
Danish Shipping Companies' Newbuilding
Programme, October 1, 2001
 Danish Shipping Companies' currency Earnings
Number of ships64 Currency Earnings 2000 (Billion DKK)85.9
TDW (million)2.5 Per cent of total Danish Currency Earnings 12.9
GT (million)1.9 Net Contribution 2000 (Billion DKK)17.2
Total value (billion DKK)17.7  Estimated 2001 (Billion DKK) 100.0
Danish shipping Companies' most Important
Markets in 2000
 Number and Nationality of Employed on Danish
Ships as per September 1, 2000
The Markets' per cent of the gross freight  Danish 9,257
Denmark2.4 Scandinavian and EEC432
Europe28.1 Other Countries3,480
Eastern Europe, Russia2.2  Total13,169
Africa, South West Africa8.5   
Middle East, India5.7  Share of Danes employed on
Japan and Korea9.5 Danish Ships (percent)70.3
Other East Asian countries20.9   
Australia and New Zealand1.8   
USA, Canada15.5  
Latin America5.4  

Danish Shipping - Index

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