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Danish Shipping - Index

Source References
Table 2.1- 2.5Danish Shipowners' Association
Table 2.6- 2.11Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Table 3.1 -3.4Danish Shipowners' Association
Table 3.5- 3.7Fairplay Information Systems
Table 4.1 -4.7Statistics Denmark
Table 5.1 -5.2Lloyd's Ship Manager
Table 5.3Lloyd's List and The Danish Bank
Table 5.4ISL Bremen
T able 6.1Danish Shipowners' Association and the Danish Maritime Authority
Table 7.1 -7.2Fearnleys
Table 2.6EU: EU-15 irrespective of time of admission. Other industrial countries: The rest of OECD-member countries, South Africa and Israel. Open registers: Liberia, Panama, Bahamas, Cypress, Malta, St. Vincent, Bermuda, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Honduras, Antigua & Barbuda, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Lebanon and Mauritius. Dynamic Asian countries: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.
Table 2.7The total number of ships deviate in table 2.7 from f.inst. table 2.1 as Lloyd's Register uses a more narrow definition for merchant ships than the Danish Shìpowners' Association uses in its records. It means that a number of specialty ships are included in the Danish Shipowners' Association records while they are not included in the records of Lloyd's Register. Tonnagewise, there is in reality no difference, as only smaller ships are involved.
Table 2.10The Merchant Fleets of the EU-countries; United Kingdom exclusive of Isle of Man, France exclusive of Kerguelen, Netherlands exclusive of Netherlands Antilles
Table 3.2The investment amounts are partly estimated and do not include investments in publicly owned ships or containers, pallets etc.
Table 3.6The total number deviates in table 3.6 from those of table 3.5 and 3.7 as all ships are included in table 3.6 irrespective of knowledge of the size of the tonnage. In table 3.5 and 3.7 only ships with known tonnage are included.
Table 4.1,4.3,4.6A current revision of figures will take place.
Table 4.7The information only includes earnings and expenses regarding shipping operations. The turnover has been calculated exclusive of VAT and other duties. Earnings from passenger transportation include transport of motor vehicles, earnings from the restaurants include shop sales. Earnings from offshore operation are calculated as net figures. Expenses are calculated exclusive of VAT, and obtained discounts have been deducted. Direct operating expenses include loading and unloading together with expenses for canal passage, port charges, customs and ship charges. Crew and personnel expenses include holiday compensation and board together with various social contributions. Timecharter pay is an expense for chartering of tonnage. Other operating expenses are a.o. insurance, repair and maintenance. The statistics concern only the expenses and earnings directly related to the operation and not the shipping companies' financial costs or income nor purchase and sale of ships and equipment. The statistics include privately owned shipping companies with a tonnage of at least 250 GT.
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Danish Shipping - Index

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