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Danish Shipping - Index


Bareboat Charter - A shipping company lets or lease a ship without crew, typically for a longer period.

Bulk Carrier - A ship especially fitted for transport of bulk.

Bunkers - Description of a ship's fuels, typically oil.

Cable-layer - A ship specially constructed for the laying and repairing of telegraph cables across oceans.

Chemical Tanker - A ship transporting chemicals.

Container Ship - A ship transporting containers by means of cargo compartments especially fitted for containers by mounting of vertical tracks for steering and keeping in place of the containers during loading and unloading and during the transport itself.

Cross Trades -Transport of goods between foreign ports.

Dry Bulk - Cargo consisting of dry cargo, as i.e. grain and coal.

DWT - The total weight which a ship can carry, including cargo, provisions, fuel, stores, bunkers, crew, spares, etc., up to her summer load line (Plimsoll Line).

General Cargo - Miscellaneous cargo. GT -The total of all the enclosed spaces within a ship, expressed in tons, each of which is equivalent to 100 cubic feet.

Liner Trade - Description for regular traffic on specific ports.

LPG Tanker - A ship transporting liquified petroleum gasses.

Oil Tanker - A ship transporting oil or oil products in bulk.

  Product Tanker - A ship transporting refined oil products.

Reefer - Ship transporting refrigerated and frozen goods.

Ro-Ro Ship - A ship where the cargo is driven onboard and ashore, i.e. by means of lorries or other specially vehicles.

Salvage and Towage ship - A ship helping other ships in and out of ports and when salvage is required.

Stand-by/Safety vessel - A vessel working as a stand-by safety. fire fighting and waste disposal vessel in the offshore industry.

Tanker Market - Transportation of liquid cargo on board ships in free trade, typically chartered for single trips (trip Charter).

Time Charter - A shipping line lets or leases a ship complete with crew for a certain period of time.

Tramp - A ship which will cali at any port to carry whatever cargoes are available.

Trip Charter - The time charter of a ship for one specific trip. rather than for a period of time. Also occasionally to mean a voyage charter.

Tug/Supply Ship - A ship working in the offshore industry for the carriage of stores and equipment, towing and anchor handling.

Worldscale - A widely used scale by means of which tanker freight are quoted. Its purpose is to enable shipowners to compare more easily the returns on alternative voyages. The figure 100 is allocated to a hypothetical return per ton of cargo using a ship on each of a number of standard routes.

Danish Shipping - Index

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