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The transport of refined oil products 
in 2001

With regards to the transport of refined oil products in 2001, although the year began in euphoric mood it ended in one of uncertainty and according to some analysts even of pronounced pessimism. Owners and charterers together expect 2002 to be a difficult year.

Nonetheless, 2001 will go down as being a vintage year for product tanker shipowners. Daily returns for ships operating on the spot market were on the whole higher than those of 2000, which in themselves were excellent.

Although the drop at the beginning of the year was a technical correction and largely predictable, nobody thought that the levels achieved, more than $50,000 per day for the LR and more than $30,000 per day for the MR, could be maintained. It was generally thought that the market would find an equilibrium in the middle of the year, but it was not the case: the drop in rates which began in May started gathering speed month after month to finish the year at the levels of end 1999.

The freight market for product tankers suffered a continuous drop in revenues throughout the year 2001 for all sizes

The 'handysize' (handy product) from 25,000 to 40,000 dwt 
20,000 / 49,000 dwt product tankers
It is in this category that the imbalance between supply and demand was greatest at the beginning of the year, resulting in returns of over $30,000 per day. Not helped by the delivery of more than 30 newbuildings, it was the weak American and to a lesser degree the European demand that explains the dramatic drop in revenues which attained at the end of the year levels close to $10,000 per day.

The creation of the Handy Tankers K/S pool, formed around AP Moller, Seaarland Motia and d'Amico Tankers which consists of 25 ships in 2001, led certain oil companies to cover their medium-term tonnage needs. BP took control of seven ships in this size, as well as CSSA, while Shell, Agip and Tamoil all took on two each.

Either by chance or as a result of this policy, the pool does not seem at least for the moment to have accumulated a sufficient share in the deals concluded to have had a significant impact on rates.

Kersaint Kersaint 
37,263 dwt, blt 2001 by Hyundai Mipo, owned by Socatra
The 'medium range' (MR product) from 40,000 to 50,000 dwtl
Following the delivery of 11 ships in 2001, this category of the fleet of product tankers is the most modern with two-thirds of ships being less than 10 years.

As for the 35,000 tonners, many charters have been concluded for periods of two years or more, notably for account of Stasco (five), Coastal-El Paso (three), ExxonMobil (two), and Glencore (three) at rates between $16,000 and $18,000 per day.

Naturally given to covering inter-zone voyages, these ships suffered from the shortening of their voyages as soon as American demand fell-off as from the month of June, and their daily returns which were over $35,000 per day at the beginning of the year collapsed to $11,000 per day in December. As from October they also suffered from a lack of activity in the Far East.

The 'long range' (LR product) from 55,000 to 110,000 dwt

This category benefited from the good performance of the market in the Far East during the first half of the year, during which their daily returns always remained above $30,000 per day and sometimes went up to $50,000 per day. The second-half was more difficult due to the fall in Japanese demand and a virtual disappearance of jet voyages MEG/Europe as from September.

The LR1 were largely used for exports of jet from Middle East Gulf or from the Indian Ocean, as well as voyages of gas oil and fuel oil from Europe to the U.S. The few very modern ships (less than five years) saw rates of close to $20,000 per day for periods of one to five years.

The existence of the "LR2 pool" and contracts at variable levels based on different indices (notably Platts) helped to avoid a really sharp fall in rates for these ships, although the result was achieved at the cost of considerable waiting time which affected daily returns.

The explanation of the slow but steady drop in product tanker freight rates is due more to a fall in demand than a rise in availability.

Product tankers tce
The demand
The U.S. down
The North American zone represents more than 30 % of world demand for oil products (45 % of gasoline demand). However U.S. consumption fell as from the beginning of the second quarter, well before the terrorist attacks of September 11th which merely amplified to a larger extent the decline. The most spectacular example can be found in jet consumption for the month of November 2001 which was 20 % lower than that of November 2000, although the annual consumption for jet and diesel oil was 3 % higher. In November 2001, distillate stocks (gas oil, diesel, and jet) were 15 % above those of November 2000, whilst stocks of gasoline were 10 % higher than the previous year.
Europe lagging behind
European demand was not able to pick up the slack, partly because it only represents a small proportion of world oil product demand and partly because its growth rate of 1.6 % was insufficient. Although European buyers have become a privileged target of exporters from the Middle East Gulf, the Far East and more recently India, this traffic which is a strong generator of tonnes-miles, stumbled at the end of the year principally due to a big drop in jet imports (the daily consumption falling by 14 % in November).

In addition, whilst petrochemical demand has slowed considerably, German distillate stocks at the end of the year are at their historic highs.

The Far East on a cliff edge?
Japan's inability to extract itself from its structural crisis and the exposure of several emerging economies to external contractions (the crisis in tourism and electronics) has led to stagnating demand for oil products within the Far East. As such the annual consumption of jet and diesel in Asia has fallen by 2 % in 2001. The increase in local refinery capacity (Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and especially India) has favoured regional exchanges and resulted in shorter voyages and cut off the flow of exports towards Europe and the U.S. west coast, which contributed to the good performance of freight rates last year.

The fear of a major crisis in Japan, which could then ricochet on the fragile economies of Korea and Indonesia, contributes to the pessimism in the minds of many observers. The risk of a serious impact on the world scene cannot be excluded.

The fleet
Despite the need to renew the fleet of product tankers, a flood of orders could unbalance the market.

The fleet of handysize (30,000 / 40,000 dwt) increased by 29 units in 2001 for a total of over the million dwt mark. Forty-two additional units should be delivered in 2002 and 47 in 2003, whereas only 17 ships are programmed for 2004. One hundred and thirty five new ships will have be delivered in four years, nearly a third of the existing fleet.

The fleet of medium range has grown by only 11 ships delivered this year for a total of about 500,000 dwt, but 30 ships should be delivered in 2002, 53 in 2003 and 20 in 2004. In 2005 two-thirds of the fleet will be less than 15 years old.

As to the largest size, four were delivered this year, 11 will be put on the market in 2002 and 25 in 2003.

However charterers have adopted extremely strict quality criteria, especially on age, which considerably reduces the number of eligible ships. This has become a very sensitive issue in the handysize sector where nearly 50 % of the ships have become practically unemployable.

Despite the pessimistic outlook for the short-term, it is reasonable to expect an improvement in the medium-term if the anticipations do not stifle the expected recovery at birth.

It is obvious that stock positions at year's end and stagnant demand for oil products do not encourage optimism.

Nevertheless the elasticity of tonnage on offer remains relatively small due to increased concerns on quality. It might suffice therefore that the recovery of the American economy lives up to the analysts' hopes for the third quarter of 2002 and that Japan manages its revival for an increase in oil product demand to produce a rapid and substantial rise in freight rates. After all, isn't it what happened at the start of 2000, when rates were at their lowest?

While an exaggerated pessimism seems out of place in the short term, there is still a risk in the medium-term with a financial market historically favourable combined with a lowering of construction costs leading to a wave of orders which in turn would produce a tonnage surplus, that would unbalance the product tanker freight market for a long time to come

12,681 dwt, blt 2001 by Niestern Sander, owned by Petromarine


Product tankers second-hand market
Some 92 ships of 25,000 to 60,000 dwt were sold for further trading in 2001, compared to 67 transactions last year. Fifty-four units were handysize, 31 were medium range and seven were in the long range size.

Eighteen sales were carried out for ships built in the 70's (last stop before demolition?), 31 for units delivered in the 80's, and 43 for tankers built in the 90's.

Amongst the latter, some 20 were less than three years old. Owners wishing to renew their fleet, and taking advantage of well-sustained freight market at the beginning of the year, produced it has been noticed a feverish activity on the resale of ships under construction, with short-term deliveries obtaining at least up until June a premium over longer term deliveries.

OMI Corp. (U.S.) was certainly amongst the most active, buying not less than 16 modern ships in the medium range category, with a number of them being under construction.

A part of the ships sold were done en bloc and often with attached charters or charters back. Notable buyers other than OMI Corp., were clients of the Livanos group (five ships with charters back) and also clients of the Stelmar group (10 Osprey ships).

After record freight levels achieved at the end of 2000 / beginning of 2001, the serious slowdown of the world economy throughout the year weakened rates, which suffered a continual decline with intermittent blips to plunge precipitously mid year. The events of September 11th only reinforced this tendency which got reflected for real upon the value of second-hand ships.

We indicated last year an increase in values of the order of 15 to 25 % for modern units. This year the trend is clearly the reverse as prices have dropped by 18 to 20 % according to size and age.

Since January 2001, 41 ships have been delivered for 1.57 million dwt. At the same time, 28 ships for a total of 0.97 million dwt have been withdrawn from the fleet, but the orderbook holds 221 product tankers for a capacity of 8.97 million dwt, of which 77 for delivery in 2002 and 104 in 2003. Combined with a slowdown in the world economy, this additional capacity will indubitably weigh upon rates and therefore on second-hand values.

We would like to think that owners could refrain from having such big appetites when ordering, but the anticipated weakness of the yen, the likely reduction in construction costs and the low interest rates will doubtless make it irresistible for some. This will inevitably affect the second-hand values of even the most modern ships.


Shipping and Shipbuilding Markets in 2001


In the first three months of 2024, container traffic in German ports increased by 5.2%
The overall volume of goods decreased by -1.1%
US Secretary to the Navy enthusiastic about the acquisition of Philly Shipyard by Hanwha
US Secretary to the Navy enthusiastic about the acquisition of Philly Shipyard by Hanwha
He is the first Korean shipbuilder to land on American shores and-he specified-I am sure it will not be the last
Grimaldi (ALIS) : to intervene on the European ETS Directive in order not to create a distortion of modal competition and a geographical distortion
We hope that the proposal of the ICS to establish a Research and Development Fund will be taken into account.
Hanwha enters the U.S. Jones Act market by buying American shipbuilder Philly Shipyard
Seoul / Philadelphia
Agreement worth 100 million dollars
Viking orders Fincantieri to build two cruise ships of 54mila tsl
They will be able to host 998 passengers and will be delivered between 2028 and 2029
The traffic of goods in French ports is returning to growth
The traffic of goods in French ports is returning to growth
Increase in the volumes of cargoes handled in all major shades in the first three months of 2024
Filt Cgil and Fit Cisl have staged a strike in ports on 4 and July 5
"The absolute need to reach the renewal of the Ccnl is the absolute necessity," he said.
Okay to the functional rebalancing of the Venice Terminal Passenger concession whose duration has been extended by ten years
Commitment to invest over 19 million euros. Port of Chioggia, approved the concession to SO.RI.MA. (F2I Holding Portuale)
In May, freight traffic in the port of Genoa fell by -0.6% percent and in Savona's port, it grew by 9.6% percent.
Genoa / La Spezia
The Liguria Region has approved the Strategic Development Plan related to the ZLS "Porto and Retroport of Spezia"
Seven days of mobilisation in Italian ports early next month
Uiltransport, irresponsible of the attitude of the data-based parties in the negotiation for the renewal of the Ccnl of ports
Trade unions call for a meeting on the congestion fee demanded by the drivers operating with the port of Genoa
Final free route in India to the project for the construction of a large container port in Vadhavan
Final free route in India to the project for the construction of a large container port in Vadhavan
New Delhi
It will have an annual capacity of 23.2 million teu
The UIRR is dissatisfed with the position of the EU Council on the proposal for a regulation on the capacity of the railway infrastructure
The association continues to call for a more coordinated approach at the international level
Russian (Conftransport) : differentiated autonomy is likely to undermine the competitiveness of the national economic system
In the first five months of 2024 the traffic of goods in the port of Trieste increased by 5.6%
Increase generated by liquid bulk bulk (+ 11.6%). In decline miscellaneous goods (-3.4%) and dry bulk (-78.5%)
Extension of the non-start-up allowance for the docks of Gioia Tauro and Taranto airports
Rome / Gioia Tauro / Taranto
The Confirmed Ima confirmed for another nine months
Grimaldi : The growing protectionism, but also EU ETS and the CBAM of Europe, create obstacles to world trade
Grimaldi : The growing protectionism, but also EU ETS and the CBAM of Europe, create obstacles to world trade
The failure of global institutions such as the WTO-denounced the president of the WTO-further aggravate this problem.
Last month the port of Barcelona handled 343mila containers (+ 13.7%)
Always high the growth of transshipped containers (+ 24.3%)
Work on the restoration of the operation for the ro-ro traffic of the Red Banchina in the port of Salerno
Port of Ancona, border control post authorised for controls on products of non-animal origin
Garofalo : new growth opportunities related to the traffic of these products
Last month, containerized traffic in Hong Kong's port fell by -3.1% percent.
Hong Kong
In the first five months of 2024, the decline was -4.6% percent.
EU's 570 million euro zone to incentivise the use of cold ironing in ports-France 570
General Claudio Graziano, president of the Fincantieri group, has died.
Rome / Trieste
From 2015 to 2018 he had been Chief of Staff of Defence
A consortium led by STAR Capital will acquire V. Group
The transaction will be completed at the beginning of next autumn.
Italy's index of connection to the worldwide network of containerized maritime services
Italy's index of connection to the worldwide network of containerized maritime services
For the first three national ports it results in growth in Genoa (+ 5.5%) and La Spezia (+ 12.8%) and decreasing in Gioia Tauro (-4.4%)
Offer of GIH to acquire the entire capital of Global Ports Holding and implement the delisting of the Company
In the first three months of this year, the revenues of the terminalist company grew by 6.8% percent.
Pharaoh appointed secretary-general ff of the AdSP of the South Tyrreno and Ionian
Joy Tauro
Undergoes to Alessandro Guerri
Appeal by Federagents to Meloni for a New Order in the Mediterranean
Saints : It's time to "give the cards"
South Korean government decides to ensure cargo hold for containers in support of exports
Also taken measures to counter the increase in the value of maritime nols
The new EU regulation for the development of the trans-European transport network TEN-T has been approved definitively.
Core network to be completed by 2030, the extended core by 2040 and the comprehensive network by 2050
Established the ministerial inspection commission that will analyse the procedures for issuing concessions in the ports of Genoa and Savona
Extensive damage to the renfusiera Tutor attacked by the Houthis in the Red Sea
Tampa / Southampton
Hit by drone craft and the launch of drones and ballistic missiles
Compagnie de Transports au Maroc completes acquisition of 51% of the capital of Africa Morocco Links
The stake was sold by Bank of Africa for 307 million dirhams
In 2023, rail traffic at the Interport of Nola reported an increase of 7.4% percent.
Similar positive trend in the first quarter of this year
Notice of consultation for the design, realization and management of the new passenger terminal in Ancona
The new cruise terminal at the port of Tarragona has been inaugurated.
It will be managed by the Global Ports Holding. This year, a traffic of 122mila passengers is expected
In the fourth quarter of 2023, the traffic of goods in Italian ports decreased by -2.7%
In the fourth quarter of 2023, the traffic of goods in Italian ports decreased by -2.7%
In resuming the containers (+ 4.5%) and the rotables (+ 5.9%). Decline in liquid bulk (-2.8%) and conventional goods (-4.6%) and a fairly accentuated reduction in dry bulk (-29.8%)
In April, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal decreased by -51.1% percent.
In April, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal decreased by -51.1% percent.
The Cairo
In the first quarter of 2024 the reduction was by -45.1%
Deal Daimler Truck-Kawasaki Heavy Industries for liquid hydrogen trucks
Deal Daimler Truck-Kawasaki Heavy Industries for liquid hydrogen trucks
Tokyo / Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Understanding to design the entire supply chain of supply
Two days of strikes did not bring close to the parties that deal with the renewal of the contract of German port workers
Ulbrich (ver. of) : a significant increase in wages in order to compensate for the increase in the cost of living
In 2023, out of 250 million containers shipped by sea, only 221 were lost at sea
Washington / Singapore/Brussels / London
33% of the containers have been recovered
CMA CGM will activate a seasonal service on the Asia-North Europe / Med route
Expected deployment of seven 7,000-teu vessels under two rotations
German port firms call on the EU to focus on the competitiveness of European ports
Meyer Turku delivers new cruise ship Mein Schiff 7 at TUI Cruises
Has a gross tonnage of 111,500 tons
Project for the realization of a cruise port in Bajamar (Mexico)
Murano Global Investments announces the initialling of a non-binding agreement with a cruise operator
New attacks on ships in the Gulf region of Aden
Tampa / Southampton
Hit the container ship "MSC Talershi" of the Mediterranean Shipping Company
Evergreen invests about 500 million in new container ships and new shipping containers
US Federal Maritime Commission launches public consultation on Gemini Cooperation
On routes with the US, the deal between Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd will take up to 184 vessels.
Navantia, Fincantieri, Naval Group, Naviris and Hydrus are due to bid for the new European corvette.
It was presented as part of a second ban on the European Defence Fund.
I go Gateway esulta for the Italian leadership in the World Bank's "Container Port Performance Index" report
Go Ligure
Agreement for the expansion of the Russian ULCT terminal container in the Gulf of Finland
St. Petersburg
The annual traffic capacity will be quintupled
Competition for the realization of the new cruise terminal Donato Bramante of the port of Civitavecchia
The Spezia
The race for the expansion of La Spezia Container Terminal is also on the way.
To electrify the benches of Spanish ports, it is necessary to quintuple the energy needs of the scans
Closed a bridge in the port of Charleston for the passage of an out-of-control container
Closed a bridge in the port of Charleston for the passage of an out-of-control container
The crew managed to reclaim the government of the ship
CMA CGM restructure services in the Mediterranean
Changes to the Euronaf and TMX 2 lines scaling several Italian ports
The only retroport of the port of La Spezia is that of Santo Stefano Magra
The Spezia
Shipping agents and shipping agents and customs officers who say no to the hypothesis of other corridors said.
Warriors (AdSP Livorno) : The TDT terminal must maintain its own merceological vocation
We expect Grimaldi to develop plans to promote a real growth of containerized traffickers.
Emanuele Grimaldi has been re-elected as president of the International Chamber of Shipping
Emanuele Grimaldi has been re-elected as president of the International Chamber of Shipping
Confirmed for another two-year term
Lorenzo Giacobbe is the new president of the Young People's Group of Assagents
It will be joined by Vice Presidents Pietro Abbona and Andrea Pompei
The ports of Trieste and Monfalcone are allied with those of Cartagena, Riga and North Sea Port
Report on work in liguri ports
It was carried out by the Italian Academy of Mercantile Academy
Intermodal transport of prefabricated in concrete from Tuscany to Sardinia
Collaboration between the Baraclit Group, the Logistic Pole of the FS Group and the GMake Group
It continues the growth of containerized transhipment traffic in the ports of Algeciras and Valencia
Algeciras / Valencia
In May in the two shelves the transshipment containers increased by 8.4% and 12.0%
Kombiverkehr, in 2025, will double in Germany the costs of using rail lines for the transport of goods
Frankfurt am Main
Krebs : in the worst case we will stop transport
They rise to 88 the companies associated with Assiterminal
Membership of seven new companies
Brothers Cosulich acquired the genovese Slavetti Enzo
It operates in the field of production and sales of hardware products for the shipbuilding and nautical industry
Likely sinking of the renaissance Tutor attacked by the Houthis
Signaled the sighting at sea of debris and hydrocarbon chiaths
EU Council agrees to its position on new regulation on the European Maritime Safety Agency
Also adopted the general approach on the regulation on the use of the capacity of the railway infrastructure
The Council of State has also rejected the appeal from the Gioia Tauro oil company
Joy Tauro
The port institution had rejected the concession instances put forward by the company
Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will build the first two Japanese ro-ro ships to methanol
They will have a capacity of about 2,300 motor vehicles
MSC restructure links between the Western Mediterranean and Canada
Merger of two services
New Mediterranean Service-East Coast USA of the MSC
Will have weekly frequency
On June 24, the Port Community System of the ports of Campania will be activated
The digital platform will be equipped with additional tools by 2026
In 2023 the traffic in goods in Greek ports grew by 1.0%
The Piraeus
Passenger in growth of 6.4%
Last month container traffic in the port of Long Beach decreased by -8.2%
Long Beach
In the first five months of 2024, there was an increase of 10.0%
In 2023 the turnover of MIS-Mai Intermodal Service grew by 28.5%
Aquanegra Cremonese
Handling 2.3 million tons of cargo
Spearport, contingent arrivals in the port of Genova to a number of vehicles that can actually be served
Continues the growth of prices of new shipbuilding
We reduce the consistency of the container order portfolio
In May, container traffic in the port of Los Angeles fell by -3.4% percent.
Los Angeles
Waiting for the recovery of growth in summer
The assembly of Assagents will be held in Genoa on June 25.
Event entitled " Mari inquieti. Routes and conflicts : the incognition of traffickers "
The work of consolidation of the first tank of the Darsena Europe has arrived at 60%.
Completion is expected by the end of the year
Piacenza has resigned as Extraordinary Commissioner of the AdSP of the Western Ligurian Sea
Genoa / Rome
The subenters Admiral Massimo Seno
The means of the Trieste Coast Guard rescue a motonave of the APT Gorizia
Rescued from 76 people on board
The Italian Sea Group has completed the divestment of the Viareggio nautical yard
Marina di Carrara
It was sold to Next Yacht Group for 21 million euros
Eni has ceded 10% percent of Saipem's share capital.
San Donato Milanese
The counter-value was about 393 million euros.
Restored full navigability in the access channel to the port of Baltimore
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
Assoports and SRM publish a new update of the report "Port Infographics"
Focus on maritime trades and fleets, alternative fuels and the employment of women in ports
Renewed the Board of Directors of Maritime Stations
Indication of Edoardo Monzani's confirmation to the role of president
In May the revenues of Yang Ming and Wan Hai Lines grew by 46.2% and 40.1%
Keelung / Taipei
In the first five months of 2024 recorded increases of 27.0% and 17.5%
Port of Genoa, Spediporto and Fedespedi call for truck drivers to freeze congestion fee
DFDS will sell its own mini cruises to Gotlandsbolaget
Copenhagen / Visby
The divestment will include the ships "Crown Seaways" and "Pearl Seaways" built in 1994 and 1989
Second report from the Fedespedi Studies Center on the Suez Crisis
In the Mediterranean, take advantage of ports closest to Gibraltar
Finsea renews its identity brand identity
The structure of the group split into three main business units : Finsea-Shipping agency, Finsea-Land transport and Finsea-Global logistics
Accelleron has signed a five-year deal with Large Ships Fast
Baden / Genoa
Maintenance and assistance to the more than 100 turboblowers installed on the fleet's 28 ships
In May the container traffic in the port of Singapore amounted to 3.5 million teu (+ 3.6%)
In the first five months of 2024, 16.9 million teu (+ 7.7%) were handled.
On July 17 in Rome, the assembly of the Italian Terminalist Terminalist Association will be held in Rome.
It will be preceded 16 by a private event between networking and art
Last month Evergreen's revenue grew by 40.3% percent
In the first five months of 2024, the increase was 36.2% percent.
Spain's Pérez y Cía. bought the EUCONSA compatril
Is specialized in intermodal transport in bulk of chemical and petrochemical products
Suez Canal, continuation of discounts policy applied to ships in transit
Maritime traffic is still more than halved compared to last year.
Conference on the safety and optimisation of the flow of passengers in ports and borders
Organized by the ICSA Foundation, it will be held on June 12 in Rome
The significant increase in container traffic in the port of Barcelona continued in April.
Transhipment traffic alone has grown by 73.9%
Piero Lazzeri has been reappointed president of Sanilog
Walter Barbieri has been appointed vice-president of the fund for the next three years.
German L.I.T. buys Italian company Autotransport Pedot
The Lavis company (Trento) was founded in 1939
In the first quarter of this year, freight traffic in Tunisian ports fell by -8.3% percent.
The Goulette
In decrease both the landings (-6.1%) and embarkation (-11.5%)
Danish Scan Global Logistics has bought the Fopfloor Shipping & Logistics
The company, headquartered in Prato, employs more than 160 people.
New Egypt-Greece-Greece-Algeria service of Tarros and Diamond Line
The Spezia
Will have weekly attendance and will be inaugurated on June 28
Port of Gioia Tauro, ok of the CSLP to the surgeries for ro-ro and ro-pax vessels
Joy Tauro
Approved the functional technical adjustment to the PRP
Uiltransport, towards mobilisation of Italian dockports from 17 to June 23
Recovery of purchasing power, security and greater protections are the demands
Michail Stahlhut (Hupac) is the new president of UIRR
Jürgen Albersmann (Contargo) appointed Vice-President
Terminals Italy passes to the Logistic Pole of FS Group
Mercitalia Logistics has become sole partner of the firm
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
The assembly of Assagents will be held in Genoa on June 25.
Event entitled " Mari inquieti. Routes and conflicts : the incognition of traffickers "
Conference on the safety and optimisation of the flow of passengers in ports and borders
Organized by the ICSA Foundation, it will be held on June 12 in Rome
››› Meetings File
How multinational shipping lines frustrates growth of African counterparts
Deutsche Bahn Schenker takes CVC, Maersk, DSV and Bahri into final round, sources sa
››› Press Review File
FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
››› File
From 2026 it will become mandatory for the reporting of containers lost at sea
From 2026 it will become mandatory for the reporting of containers lost at sea
Washington / Singapore/Brussels / London
Kjaer (WSC) : significant progress in the safety of navigation and the safeguarding of the environment
Emiratense ADNOC Logistics and Services buys Navig8
Abu Dhabi
Transaction of the value of approximately 1,4-1, 5 billion
Part of the former Tubimar area of the port of Ancona will be reserved for the development of the nautical shipbuilding industry
Approved an act of address
Tomorrow La Méridionale will inaugurate the Livorno-Île-Rousse ferry service.
Expected three weekly departures
The first July Maersk will introduce a Fossil Fuel Fee
The new superb will gradually replace the Bunker Adjustment Factor and the Low Sulphur Surcharge
Fit Cisl, necessary to ensure the full operation of the AdSP Management Committee of Western Liguria
Bilog, the enterprises join the AdSP of the Eastern Liguria and the Municipality of Piacenza
The Spezia
Vittorio Torbianelli has been appointed Extraordinary Commissioner of the AdSP of the East Adriatic Sea
Brothers Cosulich, new tanker bunker chemical bunker IMO2
It is the first in the fleet ready to transport methanol
COSCO will carry out the dual-fuel upgrade of four new container ships from more than 16,000 teu
Renewed the Cda of Interport Padua
Luciano Greco is the new president
Self-transport enterprises operating with the port of Genova introduce a "congestion fee"
In Venice, the Academy of Logistics and the Sea was established
It is the fruit of the collaboration between ITS Marco Polo Academy, Vemars and CFLI
Signed the contract for the electrification of the docks at the port of Termoli
In the programme works of the total value of around 4.5 million euros
Downturn in the quarterly financial performance of Danaos and MPCC
Athens / Oslo
The two companies have fleets of 69 and 56 container ships respectively
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