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07 June 2023 - Year XXVII
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Italian Interports

Centro Merci Orte
Via dei Gladiatori, SNC - 01028 Orte (VT)
Ph. 39.0761.402722 - Fax. 39.0761.402722
Friuli Terminal Gate
Via Venezia 23 - 33052 Cervignano (Udine)
Ph. 39.0431371050 - Fax 39.0431372162
Interporto di Arquata Scrivia
via A. Gramsci, 52 - 15061 Arquata Scrivia (AL)
Ph. 39.0143667895 - Fax 39.0143667893
Total surface 95.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Bologna
via Altabella n 15 - 40126 Bologna
Ph. 39.0512913011 - Fax 39.051221505
Total surface 2.000.000 sq.m.
Interporto Campano
Edificio Servizi Lotto D1 - 80040 Nola (NA)
Ph. 39.0813133000 - Fax 39.0813133016
Total surface 2.300.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Cerignola
Zona Industriale - 71042 Cerignola (FG)
Ph. 39.0885.426293 - Fax 39.0885.444470
Total surface 450.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Civitavecchia Piattaforma Logistica
I.C.P.L. S.p.A.
Via Fabio Sacchetti, 2 (Zona Industriale) - 00053 Civitavecchia (RM)
Ph. 39.0766.51601 - Fax. 39.0766.5160240
Interporto di Frosinone
Via Isonzo, 19 - 03100 Frosinone
Ph. 39.0775.87781 - Fax. 39.0775.871888
Interporto Marche
via Coppetella, 4 - 60035 Jesi (AN)
Ph. 39.0731.605182 - Fax. 39.0731 605779
Total surface 1.000.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Novara
via Carlo Panseri 118 - 28100 Novara
Ph. 39.0321390211 - Fax 39.0321390195
Total surface 600.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Padova
Galleria Spagna, 35 - 35127 Padova
Ph. 39.0497621811 - Fax 39.0498700460
Total surface 2.000.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Parma - Ce.P.I.M.
P.zza Europa, 1 - Bianconese di Fontevivo 43010 Parma
Ph. 39.0521615711 - 0521615811 - Fax 39.0521618719
Total surface 2.500.000 sq.m.
Interporto della Piana di Gioia Tauro
Contrada Lamia - 89013 Gioia Tauro (RC)
Ph. 39.0965.309711 - Fax 39.0965.896591
Interporto Quadrante Europa
Via Sommacampagna, 61 - 37137 Verona
Ph. 39.045.862.20.60 - Fax. 39.045.862.22.19
Total surface 2.500.000 sq.m.
Interporto Regionale della Puglia
Via Sparano, 115 - 70122 Bari
Ph. 39.080.6978240 - Fax 39.080.4577950
Total surface 450.000 sq.m.
Interporto Rivalta Scrivia
Strada Savonesa 12/16 - 15067 Rivalta Scrivia (AL)
Ph. 39.0131.827111 - Fax 39.0131.860920
Total surface 1.250.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Rovigo
Viale delle Industrie - Porto Interno - 45100 Rovigo
Ph. 39.0425475583 - Fax 39.0425471248
Total surface 1.600.000 sq.m.
Interporto Sud Europa
Via Pozzillo - loc. Ponteselice - 81100 Caserta
Ph. 39.0823.322930 - Fax 39.0823.320100
Total surface 1.900.000 sq.m.
Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci
via delle Colline, 26 - Guasticce - 57010 Collesalvetti (LI)
Ph. 39.0586984459 - Fax 39.0586983004
Interporto della Toscana Centrale
via di Gonfienti 4 - 59100 Prato
Ph. 39.0574594362 - Fax 39.0574511822
Total surface 700.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Venezia
Via dell'Elettricità 21 - 30175 Porto Marghera (Venezia)
Ph. 39.0412591100 - Fax 39.0412591255
Total surface 240.000 sq.m.
Interporto di Val Pescara
Via G. Amendola, 118 - 66020 S.G. Teatino (CH)
Ph. 39.085.4461048 - Fax. 39.085.4461048
S.I. TO Società Interporto di Torino
km 20 500 tang. sud - Prima Strada 2 - 10043 Orbassano (TO)
Ph. 39.0113975975 - Fax 39.0113975775
Superficie complessiva 3.000.000 mq.
Società Interporti Siciliani
Via Cappuccini, 2 - 95124 Catania
Ph. 39.095.312847 - Fax 39.095.321110
The Court of Auditors sticks to the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic
Still incomplete the administrative and management unification of the ports of Venice and Chioggia
To Pantrust the renewal of the concession of the trailer services in the ports of Venice and Chioggia
To Pantrust the renewal of the concession of the trailer services in the ports of Venice and Chioggia
The new contract has a duration of 15 years
By 2030, a new cruise ship powered by electric, wind and solar will be ready
By 2030, a new cruise ship powered by electric, wind and solar will be ready
The project was presented today by Norwegian Hurtigruten and is carried out together with 11 other partners including the VARD
Three ferries in Caronte & Tourist ferries and assets for 29 million
The company expresses full confidence in the work of the judiciary, confident that the suitability of the ships will also be ascertained.
Shipping must protect IT systems, but also and in particular OT, from cyber risks
Shipping must protect IT systems, but also and in particular OT, from cyber risks
A DNV survey reveals that the sector is behind with investments and measures for cybersecurity
Port of Civitavecchia, markup of the surcharge on goods to finance the further prolongation of the antemurale
The former Privilege area will be dedicated to logistics
Giampieri has been confirmed as president of Assoports
Among the next challenges-he recalled-the revisit of the laws of reform of the port legislation
Kuehne + Nagel will buy South Africa's Moran Cargo
Is specialized in the segment of the shipment of perishable products
The exceptional growth trend of oil tanker transits allows the Suez Canal to mark a new historical record of monthly maritime traffic
The exceptional growth trend of oil tanker transits allows the Suez Canal to mark a new historical record of monthly maritime traffic
In April it was crossed by 2,298 ships (+ 19.1%)
In April, a sharp drop in freight traffic in the ports of Genoa and Savona-I'm going to
In April, a sharp drop in freight traffic in the ports of Genoa and Savona-I'm going to
Registered flexions of -7.4% and -6.8% respectively
Fraudulent mechanism for tax evasion and tax evasion implemented by a paved logistics company
X-Press Feeders order six dual-fuel container ships from 1,250 teu
Will be built by Chinese CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding
Japan's ONE took delivery of its first 24,000-teu container ship
Another five ships of the same capacity built by Imabari Shipbuilding and Japan Marine United Corporation will follow.
Switzerland will subsidize the travelling motorway between Fribourg and Novara until 2028
Measures will be introduced to make the Swiss merchant naval flag more attractive
FEPORT discussed the effects on ports and terminalists of EU climate rules
Saintes Maries de la Mer
Highlights the need for European governments to transpose the minimum corporate tax directive to avoid distortions caused by tonnage tax
Le Aziende informano
La Ant. Bellettieri & Co., presente da più di 140 anni nel Porto di Civitavecchia, opera nella logistica portuale e nell'intermodalità mare, ferro, gomma
In 2022, combined European transport marked a slight decline.
Historical record of national volumes, while international traffic has decreased by -0.5%
An engine failure of an oil tanker in the Suez Canal has not stopped traffic in the waterway.
The "Seavigour" transports crude from Russia to China
Renewed the national contract of the mowers and barcaioli
Average economic increase of 175 euros
Renewal of the concession to PSA Venice
It will have a duration of 25 years. A planned investment of 78.6 million euros and a traffic growth of up to 500mila teu. Concession to Veneta Cementi
For its own decarbonisation, shipping does not have to rely too much on e-fuel
For its own decarbonisation, shipping does not have to rely too much on e-fuel
The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping warns to take into account the future availability and prices of electro-fuels
EU Commission presents five legislative proposals on maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution caused by ships
The aim is also to align European standards with international regulations
A quarter of Russian companies are in danger of disrupting production for the difficulty of receiving goods from abroad
The first vice president of the Center for Strategic Research in Moscow
Truckers denounce the blocking of actions to improve the operation of trucks in the port of Spezia
The Spezia
Perhaps-they accuse the trade associations-it is the will to maintain the status quo
L'ultima lettura del Goods Trade Barometer della WTO segnala una ripresa che però potrebbe essere assai accidentata
The latest reading of the WTO's Goods Trade Barometer signals a recovery, but one that could be very bumpy
Positive signals come from export sales orders
L'ultimo rapporto di AGCS evidenzia la notevole diminuzione della perdita totale di navi
The latest GATS report shows the significant decrease in the total loss of vessels
Johannesburg/London/Madrid/Munich/New York/Paris/Rotterdam/Singapore
In 2022 the number dropped by -36%. Sinking, fire/explosion and collision are the most frequent causes of accidents
In Genoa, the largest photovoltaic plant carried out by private individuals in port areas in Italy
It was installed by the shipyard Friend & Co. with an investment of around one million euros
Brothers Cosulich rents a bettle for LNG at Dutch Titan
It has a capacity of 8,200 cubic meters. Will be used in Europe
APM Terminals extends to 2033 the contract for the management of the container terminal of the port of Kalundborg
The Hague
The activity was started in March 2021
The Committee of the AdSP Ligure West urges to recognize the narrowers of the promised drivers after the collapse of Morandi bridge
Gaudenzio Relatives appointed Director-General of ANCIP
He is legal expert in maritime-port and lecturer in the Law of Transport
A commission will begin to analyse the issues of port reform
The creation of the body was voted on yesterday by the National Coordination Conference of the Port System Authorities
Uilt urges prior confrontation with social partners on reform of port legislation
Resume as soon as-exhorts Tarlazzi and Odone-the permanent discussion table on ports
Confitarma's applause for the entry into force of the new provisions for machine directors
Gavarone : It simplifies life
Katoen Natie buys Belgian Crossport
The company has logistical areas with a capacity of 120mila square meters near Ghent Port
The new cruise terminal of the Indian port of Chennai has been inaugurated.
Next year, the completion of three more crucieristic approvers is expected.
The handling of the freight traffic at Genoa airport was entrusted to the city's freight forwarders
Giachero (Spediport) : It is essential to relaunch the cargo sector
At the end of the month APM Terminals will leave the management of the Itajaí terminal container
Superintendência do Porto will try to implement a new transitional solution pending the tender unopened by the federal government
GEODIS has bought Swiss Transport & Shipping helvetica
In 2022, it recorded a turnover of 58 million Swiss francs
Conference in Genoa on the State of Implementation of the National Logistics Platform
Organized by Federlogistics and Conftransporto-Confcommerce, it will be held next Monday
Livorno, air quality monitoring campaign in neighboring city areas to port
The discovery campaign will last 240 days
Fincantieri agreement in Canada to propose "Vigilance" patrolman for the Royal Canadian Navy
Two initiatives to commemorate Giuseppe Bono
On June 30 in Genoa, the second edition of the Youngster Shipping Summer Party will take place
The event is promoted by Assagents
Fincantieri will build the third NFS submarine of the Italian Navy's Navy
The first two batons will be delivered in 2027 and 2029
ABB plans a whale tail for the propulsion of small and medium-sized ships
ABB plans a whale tail for the propulsion of small and medium-sized ships
The first prototype will be available in 2025
Final free route to the link between the port of Ancona and the State Road 16
Aquaroli : It is a fundamental work for the development of the port, Ancona and the Marche
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
CMA CGM has completed the acquisition of La Méridionale
Next order for two new LNG ships announced
Venice Boat Show inaugurated
Over 220 exhibitors. 300 boats presented, 240 of which in the water
MSC Crociere ha preso in consegna la nuova MSC Euribia
MSC Cruises took in delivery the new MSC Euribia
In the ship yard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique also took place the coin ceremony of "MSC World America"
Agreement between the AdSP of the Central Adriatic and the regional agency of the Marches for environmental protection
Yang Ming orders to HHI the construction of five portacontainer from 15.500 teu
Commitment worth $927.9 million
Port of Genoa, procedural errors in paperwork reduced by 70%
this is the result of what was experienced during a course organised by the Harbour Master's Office and Assagenti
Confitarma expresses satisfaction at EU approval for road-sea intermodality support, but denounces lack of resources
Mattioli: We hope that the new government will open a concrete discussion with the armament industry on this issue in view of the next Budget Law
KHI and DNV will define a method to calculate the CO2 emissions of the supply chain of liquefied hydrogen
Subscribed to a specific memorandum of understanding
The Spanish FENADISMER will start a new class action against oil companies
They are accused of taking advantage of the effects of the conflict in Udrain to apply a surcharge to fuels
Eni Agreement - RINA for the energy transition and decarbonization of naval transport
Among the purposes, the development...
Chinese investment in the Suez Canal Economic Zone
Production activities will be installed
In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the Croatian ports has grown of +14,9%
The increase is determined by the rise of the bulk volumes
Event in Genoa for the relaunch of the economy of the sea
The sector - it has been emphasized - in recent decades has been dramatically underestimated in its potential
Assiterminal, Assologistica and Fise-Uniport Convention for Safety at Work
It is by definition with the support of RINA
CMA CGM compra il quotidiano economico francese “La Tribune”
CMA CGM buys the French economic daily "La Tribune"
The company is already active in publishing with the newspapers "La Provence" and "Corse Matin"
Next month Metrans will activate an intermodal link Rijeka-Budapest
The terminal of the Hungarian capital will be connected to the Serb terminal of Indija
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
On May 25 in Genoa, a conference will be held on the programming, operation and management of transport networks
It is organized by the International Institute of Communications and CIFI
On May 26 in Genoa, the first Mare Global Forum will take place
It is organized by the Strategic Advisory Centre "Giuseppe Bono"
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Budget proposes to cut tax on containers used in shipping
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Exclusive: Malaysian tycoon weighs selling a stake in $2.7 bln port business -sources
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