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Port of Palermo
General Information
Port Authority
via Piano dell´┐ŻUcciardone, 4 - 90139 Palermo
ph. +39.0916277111, fax +39.0916374291
President Pasqualino Monti
General Secretary Salvatore Gravante
Harbour Master
Via Francesco Crispi, 153 - 90139 Palermo
ph. +39.0916043111, fax +39.091325519
Harbour Master:
CA (CP) Raffaele Macauda in S.V.
Sailing list
destinations and dates
dates and ships
Shipping Agents
Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
Ship Suppliers
Port Authority Website
Passengers Maritime Station
Terminal Containers
Intermodal Terminal
Terminal for Dry Bulk Cargos
Bunkering Plant
Tanker Cleaning
Gas Freeing
Sludge and Ballast Water Treatment Plant
Cereals Silos
Goods Storage Infrastructures
Palermo Shipyard
Other Shipbuilding Activities
Naval Workshops
Passengers and Ro-Ro Service
Containers Service - Terminal Puntone

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