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November 10, 2020

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Thursday and Friday at Green Logistics Intermodal Forum will question the logistics of the future

The "Charter of Padua" will be presented, a commitment to an increasingly sustainable logistics to be from an environmental, social and economic point of view

Next Thursday and Friday, on the platform Padua Fair, green logistics will be held Intermodal Forum, a virtual meeting entitled "Logistics post Covid-19: 'Back to the past' or 'resilience' transformative?'" which is intended to reflect on the future of the sector and the necessary interventions in the light of the new scenarios, national and international markets that the coronavirus pandemic is Drawing. Logistics industry leaders will find themselves on the digital platform of the Padua Fair to discuss both investments and policies already under way, as well as initiatives to be foreseen in the coming months.

There are two main appointments of the first day of work: the first conference "Infrastructure for Intermodality of the next decade - Operational projects for the completion of the italian infrastructure system" will see the participation of the main protagonists of intermodality and Italian port; the second, "The Charter of Padua - together for sustainable logistics" will present the document that thirteen associations not only of logistics have defined as a shared platform to initiate common actions aimed at real environmental, social and of the national logistics and transport system.

At the conference on the future of intermodality, which will be concluded by a speech by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, will be the President of the Union Interporti Riuniti (UIR), Matteo Gasparato, to put on the table the main issues related to the sector that has great opportunities growth but also some knots to untie. A second introductory report will be given by the Vice-President of the Veneto Region and Councillor for Infrastructure and Transport, Elisa De berti, who will illustrate the new Veneto Regional Plan of Transport. .

Anticipating the themes of the forum, Gasparato noted that "the role that the Network of Italian Interports plays in the objective of development and modernization of the country is now clear to everyone. A role - he pointed out - that is played in synergy with the national port network together with which we are the backbone of the national logistics system that, I remember, is worth 9% of GDP includes 108,000 companies that bill about 85 billion and especially they invest six. That's why -- he pointed out the president of the UIR -- it is necessary that the parliament revise the relevant legislation (Law 240 1990) precisely in order to adapt it to the increasingly important role assumed by the interports in our transport system. This is in order to achieve greater coherence between EU and national policies through new and specific bodies and instruments of coordination. It is also important to organise yourself to draw on future financing of the 2021-2027 Community programming currently in question. UIR - gasparato specified - is working because national funds like those allocated in 2020 and those planned for the future can be integrated through the participation of interports in the European calls of the programme CEF.'

In Thursday's roundtable moderated by Morena Pivetti, an expert journalist in the field, will discuss the experiences and proposals of the main Italian interports and ports, and cargo railway companies. They will participate in the debate beyond matteo gasparato also in his role as president of Interporto Quadrante Europa di Verona, Sergio Gelain, President of Interporto Padova, Claudio Ricci, CEO of Interporto Campano, Andreas Bodart, president of Interporto Rivalta Scrivia, Marco Spinedi, President of Interporto Bologna, Riccardo Maria Monti, President of Interporto Sud Europa, Luigi Legnani, President of Fercargo, Zeno D'Agostino, President of the Port System of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Pino Musolino, President of the Port System Authority of the Sea Northern Adriatic, and Paolo Emilio Signorini, President port system authority of the Western Ligurian Sea.

The second meeting, in the afternoon of the same day, was dedicated to the presentation of the "Charter of Padua": already in March, thirteen Italian confederations and associations of the logistics, production, innovation and consumption had appointment at Green Logistics Expo to present the "Charter of padua - Together for sustainable and efficient logistics". Missed that appointment, they present it today, strong in urgency and driven to the change that this pandemic has generated in all sectors of the economy. The "Charter of Padua", born from a initiative of SOS-LOGistica, Assologistica, Green Logistics Expo and Interporto Padova, intends to represent a manifesto, signed by a extended ecosystem of representation, which recognises the importance for a commitment to increasingly sustainable logistics from an environmental, social and economic point of view: a check-point, a take-up of the need to work together with the definition of a new culture and new paradigms that take into account the need to move goods in a more sustainable and efficient way. A document that wants to contribute actively to the public debate and institutional framework by including logistics, industry, among the opportunities for the sustainable development of the Italian and European industrial policy.

Daniele Testi, President of the Padua Charter, will introduce the Charter of Padua SOS-LOGistica and President of the Sustainability Commission of Assologistics, followed by a report by Ivano Russo, General Manager of Confetra, with a speech dedicated to the European green new deal and next generation programs seen as opportunities for logistics. "The Charter of Padua- explained Daniele Testi - is a position of the sector that intends to engage by defining a medium-term strategy that four pillars: training and information, development and support for innovation and ICT, definition of elements and common and shared evaluation methods, search for new resources and new governance. This document is a point of departure through which those who recognize themselves in these objectives can share, making them available to the institutions and public opinion innovative ideas on the topic of logistics sustainable development also with the aim of making the most of the opportunities made available by the European Commission."

Representatives from the following round table will take part in the next round table of the entities that join and promote the initiative: Thomas Baumgartner, President of Anita, Umberto Ruggerone, Vice-President of Assologistica, Alessandro Ferrari, Secretary General of Assiterminal, Guido Nicolini, President of Confetra, Armando Boriello, President of Giovani di Fedespedi, Monica Borghetti, Federchimica, Emilio Viafora, President of Federconsumatori, Giuseppe Rizzi, Secretary General of Fercargo, Massimo Marciani, Chairman of the Freight Leaders Council, Rossana Ravello, Executive of SOS-LOGistica, Fulvio Ananasso, President of the States-General Innovation, Paolo Pandolfo, Green Logistics Intermodal Forum, and Antonio Cernicchiaro, Deputy Director General of UNRAE.

The two main events are flanked by a calendar of technical seminars promoted by Green Logistics Expo, proposed and organized by exhibitors through the Digital Events Platform, the innovative tool developed by Fiera di Padova.

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