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02 December 2023 - Year XXVII
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Le consegne di gru bordo-costa aumentano oltre il 50%

L'indagine di Cargo Systems sulle gru bordo-costa consegnate nel 2006 mostra un totale di 363 unità nel corso dell'anno, con un incremento del 55% rispetto alle 234 gru consegnate nel 2005.

Tuttavia, occorre avvertire che quest'anno la rivista citata ha ottenuto dati dai produttori cinesi SPMP (Shanghai Port Machinery Plant) e DHI/DCW (Dalian Heavy Industry/Dalian Crane Works).

Questi due fornitori da soli hanno ingrossato le cifre complessive con 33 unità, appena sotto il 10% del numero globale di consegne. Se non si fosse tenuto conto di SPMP e DHI/DCW, l'incremento sarebbe stato del 40%, segno indicativo di un'industria che si trova nel pieno di un'enorme crescita, anche se l'annata ha assistito all'assenza anche di una sola consegna da parte della Kocks Krane.

La ZPMC ha continuato a svolgere il proprio ruolo di incontrastato leader del mercato e ha consegnato il 67% del totale globale ed il suo trofeo di 244 unità equivale alla partenza di una gru dalla fabbrica ogni giorno e mezzo. Le consegne totali della ZPMC sono aumentate del 73% rispetto al totale di 141 gru dello scorso anno.

Il numero di consegne da parte degli altri produttori è stato simile a quello dello scorso anno, ma la Liebherr ha fatto registrare un aumento del 50%, mentre la Paceco España ha aumentato le consegne da due a sette.

Nel contempo, la Kalmar ha assistito ad un calo da 22 a 8 unità consegnate da un anno all'altro, dopo il gran numero di consegne ad Anversa avvenute nel 2005.

La distribuzione geografica delle consegne di gru bordo-costa mostra come 135 unità - ovvero il 37% - siano andate a porti cinesi, il che è in linea con il 2005 in termini percentuali, mentre il numero reale di esse è superiore rispetto alle 84 del 2005.

Le consegne sono aumentate da 44 a 60 presso gli altri porti asiatici e da 49 a 69 in Europa; peraltro, il maggiore incremento è stato fatto registrare nei porti del Medio oriente, del Mar Rosso e del Golfo Persico, che nel 2006 hanno ricevuto 47 gru rispetto alle 17 dell'anno precedente.

Le grosse gru rappresentano una percentuale in crescita rispetto al totale e le più grandi stanno assumendo dimensioni ancora maggiori.

Uno sbraccio di 60 metri può servire una nave con 22 file di contenitori affiancati nel senso della larghezza e 228 delle gru consegnate hanno uno sbraccio di quella misura o superiore. Di tali gru, 134 dispongono di uno sbraccio di 65 metri ed oltre e quattro consegnate a Qingdao ce l'anno di 70 metri; si tratta di unità, queste ultime, in grado di servire una nave con 26 file di contenitori.

Dal momento che viene prestata molta considerazione ai sollevamenti in tandem o quadrupli, anche la capacità massima di sollevamento si sta incrementando anno dopo anno. Quarantotto gru consegnate nel 2006 hanno una capacità di sollevamento di 70 tonnellate ed oltre. Di loro, 13 con capacità da 80 tonnellate sono andate a Shendong, mentre sono stati consegnati otto mostri da 100 tonnellate, quattro ciascuno a Shenzen e Shekou.

Anche se le grosse gru fanno titolo, ci sono molte attività e molti investimenti anche al di fuori della principali direttrici di traffico est-ovest e le gru con minori sbracci e capacità di sollevamento hanno dominato le consegne dei produttori non cinesi.

Per la prima volta, quest'anno, Cargo Systems ha chiesto ai produttori di comunicare quale tipo di spreader veniva fornito e non ha costituito una sorpresa riscontrare la crescente importanza degli spreaders per sollevamenti in tandem o multipli.
(da: Cargo Systems, dicembre 2006, pag. 27)

The IMO Assembly elected the members of its Council for the biennium 2024-2025
On Thursday, the election of the president and vice president
BLS Cargo hopes for measures to support rail freight transport on the Rhine-Alps corridor
To penalize this mode are mainly the construction sites, the prices of rail tracks and energy.
On Tuesday in Livorno, the experimental phase of the Single Customs and Controls will be launched.
The system favours the coordinated and concurrent control of controls
Record shipping traffic for November in Suez Canal
2,264 ships transited (+ 4.3%)
Fincantieri will acquire Remazel Engineering
The Company specializes in the design and supply of highly customized and high complexity equipment topside equipment
FEPORT, ETA, EMPA and ECASBA are urging the EU Commission to assess without delay the negative impact on European ports of the extension of the ETS to shipping
In the third quarter, the turnover index of the transport services marked a negative trend.
The conjunctural variation is nothing
In the third quarter the port of Tanger Med has handled more than 2.2 million containers (+ 13%)
Anjra / Casablanca
In the first nine months of 2023, the total was 6.1 million teu (+ 9.3%)
GPH has detected shares of Royal Caribbean in cruise terminals at ports in Barcelona, Malaga, Singapore and Lisbon
The American group has sold 38% percent of the capital of Barcelona Port Investments to Global Ports Holding.
In October, freight traffic in the port of Genoa grew 4.2% percent, while in Savona-I went down -0.9% percent.
In October, freight traffic in the port of Genoa grew 4.2% percent, while in Savona-I went down -0.9% percent.
The remarkable increase of the crucierists continues
Confitarma, urgent the simplification of the Italian maritime order
Coccia : the rapid and concrete implementation of the Ddl n. 673 will be the first step to reviving the Italian flag
Swiss transport tax will be increased in Switzerland to finance transalpine freight rail traffic
5% markup of TTPCT with decompetition from the first January 2025
In October, freight traffic in Chinese seaports grew by 5.9% percent
In October, freight traffic in Chinese seaports grew by 5.9% percent
The only loads to and from abroad have increased by 9.1% percent. The containers were equal to 23 million teu (+ 2.9%)
Mattioli confirmed President of the Federation of the Sea
Elected the new council for the three years 2024-2027
At the construction site Monfalcone of the Fincantieri was the launch of the Mein Schiff Relax
France assesses the possibilities of autonomously producing e-fuel for decarbonisation of aircraft and ships
An ADEME study envisage two scenarios and estimates the necessary resources
Still a quarter of a drop in goods at European Union ports
In the first three months of 2023, with the exception of liquid bulk bulk, all types of cargoes decreased
Meyer Turku delivered the Icon of the Seas to Royal Caribbean International
Meyer Turku delivered the Icon of the Seas at Royal Caribbean International
Miami / Turku
It has a gross tonnage of 250,800 tons and can accommodate up to 5,610 passengers
A delegation from Confitarma has been received by the government
Illustrate the needs and expectations, exhausted and not, of the shipowner sector
Unmanned ferry stranded in Sicily
Due to the breaking of the trailer cable the ship "Lider Prestij" has remained in the balmy of the waves
Ellerman seals a slot agreement with MSC related to transatlantic shipping routes
It will enter into force on the first January
AdSP of the Northern Adriatic, the Management Committee approves the third change in budget
Confirmed the adjustment of 25.15% of maritime demanial canons for 2024
Revamped the North East Confectural Steering
Paolo Salvaro confirmed to the presidency, while Manuel Scortegagna was appointed vice president.
GNV starts a new recruiting campaign
The first date on Monday and Tuesday in Naples
Logistics group Public Spinelli publishes its first Sustainability Budget
Ok the transfer of the concession of Terminal Ferry Barcelona to the Grimaldi Group
Barcelona / Naples
Deliberation by the Catalan Port Authority after the green light of the antitrust authority
The IMO assembly unanimously confirms the appointment of Velasco as secretary general
The term, lasting four years, will begin next January.
Launched in Ancona the cruise ship Viking Vela
It will be delivered at the end of 2024
Port of the Spezia, signed the contract for the realization of the new pier cruises
The Spezia
Expected two benches of the length of 393 and 339 meters
d' Amico International Shipping will become part of the FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index
Includes the 60 companies with the largest market capitalization listed on the MTA and MIV markets of Borsa Italiana
Santi Casciano appointed CEO of the Going Gateway and Reefer Terminal
Go Ligure
Will take office on December 15
Rexi : signed the conventions with 12 interports for more than 11 million intended for completion of the network
The notice for an additional eight million euros will be published shortly.
Saipem has awarded two offshore contracts worth about 1.9 billion
Are related to activities in Guyana and in Brazil
At the port of Spezia it has been facilitated access to LNG-powered merchant ships
The Spezia
The soak of these units is governed by an Ordinance of the Capitanery in Porto
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
Maersk Group comes out of the capital of Norway's Höegh Autoliners
Sold the last 20 million shares
End the ferry disincite operations Lider Prestij
You will now proceed to check the safety standards of navigation
Liberated the tanker Central Park
The intervention of the Combined Maritime Force TF 151 made the attackers desisting, forced into surrender
A ship seized in the Gulf of Aden and one hit by a drone in the Indian Ocean
Attacks on the "Central Park" oil tanker and the "CMA CGM Symi" container ship
Gruber Logistics has opened a new branch in France
It is headquartered in Lyon and will focus on providing comprehensive logistics services
The Propeller Club Ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara is born
Marina di Carrara
In the association, the number of inscribed members is growing from the apusian port.
Delivery of deliveries to the summit of the Port System of the Straits of the Straits
Mega has recalled the obstacles encountered throughout his tenure
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
Conference on changes in port logistics
It will be held in the first December in Ravenna
Conference of Uniport on the future of Italian portuality
It will be held on December 5 in Rome
››› Meetings File
Ports cyber hack reveals Australia's 'vulnerability' to attack
(The New Daily)
Economy Minister: Anaklia port project developing “according to plan”, “no delays” in deadlines
››› Press Review File
FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
››› File
Concluded the authorizing process to build the drawers of the new foranea dam in Genoa to go to Ligure
Initially five will be made that will be placed in defence of the construction site.
Ok of the City Council at the Regulatory Plan of the Marina Port of Carrara
Marina di Carrara
AdSP satisfaction for the green light to the new planning tool expected since 1981
Impala Terminals buy at auction the HES Hartel Tank Terminal in Rotterdam
The construction of the terminal for liquid bulk in the Dutch port will be completed thanks to a further investment
A Implementing Regulation specifies the terms of management of the shipping companies for the EU ETS
It was published today in the Official Journal of the European Union
Hapag-Lloyd inaugurates a new computer center in Chennai
It is made in partnership with India's Solverminds
Tunisian OMMP has ordered six tugboats at Turkish shipyard Med Marine
Istanbul / The Goulette
These are means with a tensile capacity of 60 tonnes
Rhenus Overland Italy buys Pesenti Transport & Logistics
The company has a fleet of 25 tractors and 50 between trailers and semitrailer
Collaboration of Fincantieri and IIT for robotics applied to the assistance and safety of operators
Trieste / Genoa
Conference on changes in port logistics
It will be held in the first December in Ravenna
From the cylinder of port reform a company will be born
A Central Spa that would select investment
The new Marebonus is in "Official Gazette"
Rixi : Since December 6, the IT platform will be available to access incentives
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