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The Cruise market
 in 2000

Is the bottle half full or half empty ?

While the reading of the statistics and the results of the first half of the year gave rise to satisfaction, this quickly turned sour on the pessimistic analysis of the prospected yields in this sector, and particularly the risk of over-capacity brought about by a full orderbook.

At year's end, the number of firm berths on order has surpassed last year's record and has reached a level of 100,000 berths spread over 50 ships.

This impressive figure represents almost half of the existing capacity and will be delivered over the next four years. But is it really a problem in view of the latest statistics published by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) showing that the American market has reached nearly seven million passengers in 2000, an increase of close to 18 % over the previous year, and the European market more than 2.2 million!

The cruise industry has proved over the last 25 years that it is capable of filling up all ships as they come into service, and except for an economic catastrophe there is no reason why the 8 % per year growth pattern of this sector ' directly dependent on the development of tourism, the leisure industry, the rise in population with longer life expectancy as well as the improved lifestyle of retired people ' should diminish in the forthcoming years.

In the Caribbean the closure of Premier Cruises and Cape Canaveral Cruise Line, followed soon after by the collapse of Commodore Cruise Line will reduce the capacity by 7,500 lower berths in 2001, and it is highly probable that the older vessels which are unsuited to the American market today will be phased out over the next three years. This will help attenuate the impact of the new units which will be brought into service in this sector.

Nonetheless the financial analysts in America came up with a radically different conclusion in the first quarter, based on the orderbook and the fleet's growth projections between 2000 and 2003. Their perceptions precipitated a general drop in the shares of cruise companies quoted on the stock exchange, and the average p/e (price / earnings) ratio of the big companies fell from 30 to 10, casting considerable doubt on the sector.

Most of the managers have minimised the consequences of the drop of their stock prices, focusing mainly on their occupancy rate (over 100 %), and their capacity in filling new ships in a market driven by offer. However, such stock movements had a severe consequence on the banks' perception of the sector and mergers and acquisitions.

While the industry is proud of its profits performance, with the leading companies posting 20 % per year or more, financial analysts reason in terms of profit growth and rise in stock prices, and fear that profits will either stagnate or fall in the near future.

It should not be forgotten that the strategy of cruise companies is based on a minimum three years period, the time taken to plan and build a cruiseship, whereas analysts are much more concentrated on the short term.

The orderbook
cruiseship deliveries and orders

At year end, 70 % of the orderbook comes from the three 'majors' (Carnival Corp., RCC, and P&O) which reflects their market share, and the average capacity of the vessels on order has reached 2,000 berths per ship due to the high proportion (11 units) being built above 100,000 grt.

This size factor considerably improves a ship's productivity, and the ability to generate a substantial turnover on board ship during voyages is also an important factor which allows cruise operators to contemplate the future with confidence.

A survey of the orderbook shows the predominance of European shipyards and in particular the leading four which are Chantiers de l'Atlantique, Fincantieri, Kvaemer Masa, and Meyer Werft, - with however some disparities between them :

  • Chantiers de l'Atlantique has a full orderbook up until end 2003, with different size ships, often prototypes, posing both a technical and logistical challenge which happily seems under control. They can be proud to have been awarded this year the biggest cruise ship contract ever placed, the 'Queen Mary 2' for Cunard, 150,000 grt, 2,620 berths, and to have persuaded the Japanese Crystal Cruises to confirm their third luxury cruise ship with them : 68,000 grt, 1,280 berths.
  • The orders with Fincantieri go up to 2005, with series of ships by site; big ships of over 100,000 grt are built at Monfalcone on behalf of Carnival and P&O Princess Cruises ; Marghera has been awarded an order for a series of five ships for Holland America Line, while a third site will become operational in the port of Genoa at the old Sestri shipyard, with two ships of over 100,000 grt ordered by Costa. The opening of this third site will stir up further an already fierce competition within the European shipyards.
  • Kvaerver Masa was dragging behind at the beginning of the year due to uncertainties within its shareholders, but since the reaffirmed support of Kvaerner they have secured three ships for the Carnival group on the Helsinki site and two additional ships in the 'Voyager' class 137,000 grt, for RCC at the Turku shipyard.
  • Meyer Werft who has orders up to 2004 with two ships for Star Cruises and four ships of the 'Vantage' type for RCCL plus two options, is the only shipyard which has an open slot in 2003 due to the cancellation by Star Cruises of the letter of intent for two ships of 115,000 grt due for delivery in 2003 and 2004.
artist view of the 
150,000 grt, to be delivered in 20003 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique to Cunard
All the orders placed this year were with European shipyards. Once again Europe showed its ability to fulfil the demands of cruise owners to the point that one can anticipate a potential surplus capacity if owners' ambitious attitude should start to waver.

The Carnival group has been particularly active this year with their new ships, having taken delivery of the following :

  • 'Amsterdam', 58,000 grt, 1,380 berths, and 'Zaandam', 62,000 grt, 1,440 berths, delivered by Fincantieri for Holland America Lines.
  • 'Carnival Victory' 101,000 grt, 2,642 berths, delivered by Fincantieri for Carnival.
  • 'Costa Atlantica', 82,000 grt, 2,100 berths, delivered by Kvaerner Masa for Costa Crociere.

In addition nine firm orders have been placed by the Carnival group:

  • three for Holland America Line with Fincantieri Marghera, 84,000 grt, 1,800 berths,
  • two for Costa with Fincantieri Sestri, 105,000 grt, 2,720 berths,
  • two for Carnival and one for Costa with Kvaerner Masa Helsinki, 86,000 grt, 2,100 berths,
  • the 'Queen Mary 2' for Cunard with Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

Carnival who currently operate 48 ships, by the end of the year held a record number of 16 units under construction for the group, representing an investment of about US$ 7 billion.

Royal Carribean Cruises took delivery of :

  • 'Explorer of the Seas', 137,000 grt, 3,100 berths, with Kvaerner Masa
  • 'Millenium', 91,000 grt, 1,950 berths, with Chantiers de l'Atlantique,

and firmed up two options with Kvaerner Masa Turku for the 'Voyager' class 137,000 grt, 3,138 berths and two options with Meyer Werft for the 'Vantage' class 88,000 grt, bringing a total of four firm and two options for ships in this series under construction with Meyer Werft. At year's end, the declaration date for the two options was postponed by several months.

90,228 grt, blt 2000 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique - Operated by Celebrity Cruises


The P&O group whose cruise activity was spun offand launched onto the stock market in November under the name of P&O Princess Cruises (comprising P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and their German operation Aida Cruises) took delivery of the following liners :

  • 'Ocean Princess', 77,000 grt, 1,950 berths, with Fincantieri.
  • 'Aurora', 76,000 grt, 1,800 berths, with Meyer Werft which is earmarked for the British market ' the leader in the European cruise scene.

After the surge in orders last year, totalling nine ships under construction for the group, no new order was announced this year and two options with Chantiers de l'Atlantique were also postponed by several months. It is worth noting that with all the ships under construction for P&O Princess Cruises, their capacity will double over the next four years.

As to the others, Renaissance Cruises took delivery of the 'R Five', 'R Six', and 'R Seven', 32,000 grt, 702 berths, with Chantiers de l'Atlantique. This company ran into some problems due to its extremely rapid expansion and had to reorganise its management during the course of the year.

Royal Olympic Cruises took delivery of the 'Olympic Voyager', 25,000 grt, 840 berths with Blohm and Voss. This is the fastest cruise liner in service today with a speed of 27 knots. A second sister ship the 'Olympic Explorer' will be delivered in 2001.

Silverseas took delivery of her 'Silver Shadow', 25,000 grt, 390 berths, with Mariotti, which will be followed by the 'Silver Whisper' in 2001, and there remain two additional options which have not yet been confirmed.

Star Clipper took delivery of her 5 mast sailing boat 'Royal Clipper', 5,000 grt, 225 berths, with the Merwede shipyard, and finds success in developing a niche market of passenger sailing cruise ships.

This makes a total of 14 ships and 20,000 berths which have been delivered this year, compared to 11 ships and 18,000 berths in 1999. This represents a growth in capacity of nearly 10 % in 2000, against 9 % in 1999, and 11 % expected in 2001 and 2002.

1,500 pax, to be delivered in 2001 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique to Festival Cruises



Moves towards consolidation within the cruise industry were considerably constrained due mainly to the drop in companies financial evaluations.

The battle for the control of NCL which started last year between Carnival and Star Cruises, was won in February by the latter after Carnival's withdrawal, at a price which today looks expensive. The fall in the stock markets has placed a doubt on the cost, if not the opportunity, of such an operation. Star will now have to co-ordinate the operating of its two poles of activities, Asian and American, and already some reshuffling is being planned with the departure of the 'Norway' to Asia and the arrival in NCL's fleet of the ex. 'Superstar Scorpio' under construction with Meyer Werft.

The financial markets have in any event slowed down ideas for consolidation and P&O's purchase of Festival has not gone through.

However Carnival has been able to buy Airtours from Costa at a price of US$ 525 million, leaving the latter group with a very healthy profit of nearly US$ 400 million in just three years.

The RCC group which has no foothold in Europe in contrast to its rival Carnival, has established a cruise joint venture with the English tour operator First Choice, which will run the 'Viking Serenade', 40,000 grt, 1,512 berths.

These two operations prove the growing interest from North American companies for the European market. Costa, P&O and Festival's bright results confirms some optimistic forecasts on this market still not enough supplied with modern vessels. Only 11 ships currently on order are due to join the European market. This state of facts has surely influenced MSC in ordering a 780 cabin vessel with Chantiers de l'Atlantique, in the ultimate days of December.

The second-hand market

On the second hand market, the year was relatively calm, buyers mainly looking for modern ships:

  • The 'Norwegian Star' built 1973, 28,500 grt, 800 berths, was involved in a purely financial transaction with a charter party in return for a price of US$ 48 million, between Actinor and Mosvold.
  • Two small ships belonging to Sun Cruises, a company no longer existing, the 'Sun Viva' and 'Sun Viva 2' built in 1991, 4,200 grt, 114 berths, were bought by Star Cruises in block for US$ 33 million, then resold at the same price to Cruise West and Hebridean Cruises.
  • The 'Astra II' built 1974, 10,500 grt, 460 berths, was sold for US$ 13 million to Italians, then bareboat chartered with an option to buy to Asians.
  • The 'Dream 21' built 1989, 6,100 grt, 154 berths was sold by Samsung to Society Expeditions for a sum of US$ 20 million. This company lost its only vessel this year, the 'World Discoverer' off the Salomon Islands.
  • The 'Ocean Breeze' built 1955, 21,480 grt, 776 berths was sold by Premier Cruise to Imperial Majesty Cruise Line for US$ 14.5 million
  • The 'Calypso' (ex 'Regent Jewel') built 1967, 11,100 grt, 500 berths, was sold to Louis Cruises for a figure of US$ 14 million.
  • The 'Fair Princess' one of the fleet's veterans, built in 1956, 24,800 grt, 1,000 berths was sold by P&O to the Asian operator Emerald Cruises for US$ 15 million.

Premier Cruises operations have been stopped by its principal creditor DLJ, putting five old turbine vessels onto the market. It seems that it will be difficult to find buyers at reasonable prices for certain of them, given their age and high operating costs.

It should be remembered that the 'Regent Star' built 1957, has been looking for a buyer since 1996 and is laid up since then. Maybe it is time that certain cruise ships which have been navigating for nearly 50 years should be scrapped. Few serious buyers are interested in second hand vessels given the concentration of the industry is few hands, which are far more attracted by building new ships, better adapted to their clientele and which offer in addition better financing possibilities.

The problem of the utilisation of old ships in a market dominated by modern vessels, adapted to the needs of the clients and meeting the latest security norms, becomes more and more acute as time goes by.

So, is the bottle half empty or half full? For us there is no question that it is half full and that the market will continue to offer attractive prospects, to companies that know how and are able to convince their shareholders and bankers to continue developing long tem strategies, far from the heady gyrations of the stock market.

Shipping and Shipbuilding Markets in 2000


Spanish ports are benefitting from the effects of the crisis in the Red Sea
In the first quarter of this year, transshipment containers increased by 18.6% percent.
Conftransport highlights seven topics to be addressed in EU to relaunch logistics and transport
Fincantieri creates a company in Saudi Arabia
"The aim is to create a strategic partnership for the development of shipbuilding in the country," he said.
COSCO expects a positive 2024 for the container sector
Waiting for a continuation of the growth trend in place for both shipping and production of containers
In April, container traffic in the port of Algeciras grew by 0.7% percent
More accentuated the increase (+ 7.4%) of the only containers in foreign transshipment abroad
Sharp improvement in the operational and economic performance of ZIM in the first quarter
Sharp improvement in the operational and economic performance of ZIM in the first quarter
Growth particularly sustained in service markets in the Pacific and Latin America
In the next 12 months the value of noli in containerized shipping could fall to historic lows
Danish Ship Finance believes that the effects of excess stir will become predominant
In March, freight traffic in the port of Genoa fell -3.9% percent and in Savona's airport-I'm going -24.2% percent.
In March, freight traffic in the port of Genoa fell -3.9% percent and in Savona's airport-I'm going -24.2% percent.
In the capital's record capital, the crucierists for the first quarter of the year
In April, freight traffic in Russian ports decreased by -8%
Order at Fincantieri and EDGE for the construction of ten altura patrols
Abu Dhabi / Trieste
The two companies have formalized the creation of the joint venture Maestral
In the first three months of 2024, CMA CGM's revenue fell -7.0% percent.
In the first three months of 2024, CMA CGM's revenue fell -7.0% percent.
Decline of -11.3 per cent of the shipping business volume alone
In 2023 combined transport shipments to Europe decreased by -10.6%
Numerous the causes of the disappointing annual performance highlighted by UIRR associates
Last month the container traffic in the port of Valencia amounted to 457mila teu (+ 14.2%)
In the first four months of this year, the total was 1.7 million teu (+ 12.8%)
New US duties on imports from China that also affect ship-to-shore cranes
Washington / Beijing
Protest by the association of the Chinese steel industry
In the port of Hamburg it keeps containerized traffic as they drop the bulk
In the first three months of 2024, the German climber handled 27.4 million tonnes of cargo (-3.3%).
SEA Europe and industriAll Europe solicit an EU strategy for the European shipbuilding industry
Among the demands, the introduction of the "Made in Europe" requirement in public procurement
Logistics associations urge operators to be ready at the third stage of ICS2
Concerns about important goods in the European Union by sea
Marco Verzari is the new secretary general of Uiltransport
Undergoes to the demissary Tarlazzi
Switzerland increases investment for the exercise and renewal of the rail network
Expected investment contributions in favour of private facilities
Locomotives powered by Ultimo Miglio of Mercitalia Logistics in service to Gioia Tauro
Joy Tauro
Used to transport cars from Campania to the Calabrian port
The terminalist company SSA Marine creates a division for cruises
It is led by Stefano Borzone, manager with experience in the industry
In the first three months of 2024, container traffic in HHLA terminals increased by 3.4%
Stable revenues
The negative trend of the economic performance of Hapag-Lloyd continues.
The negative trend of the economic performance of Hapag-Lloyd continues.
In the first quarter of 2024, revenues fell by -24.2% percent. Noli down -32.0% and cargoes carried by the growing fleet of 6.9%
Brussels gives reason to Italy asking Austria to remove restrictions on road transport of goods to the Brenner
Rome / Vienna
The Tyrolese government announces that it is ready to fight before the EU Court of Justice
In the first quarter of 2024, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal collapsed by -42.9% percent.
In the first quarter of 2024, shipping traffic in the Suez Canal collapsed by -42.9% percent.
In March the reduction was -49.1%
In the first quarter of 2024, Evergreen's net profit rose +187,7 percent.
In the first quarter of 2024, Evergreen's net profit rose +187,7 percent.
Investment of more than 65 million in the purchase of new containers
HMM returns to record growth of quarterly economic results
HMM returns to record growth of quarterly economic results
In the first three months of 2024, revenues increased by 11.9% percent and net profit of 63.0% percent.
India invests in the development of the Iranian port of Shahid Behesthi (Chabahar)
Announced the next establishment of an indo-Iranian shipping company
Spinelli Srl renews the board of directors
New appointments after the precautionary measures arranged by the gip of the Genoa court against Aldo and Roberto Spinelli
In the first three months of 2024, the traffic of goods in the port of Ravenna fell by -6.3%
In the first three months of 2024, the traffic of goods in the port of Ravenna fell by -6.3%
In March, a decline of -1.5%
In the first quarter of this year, the container traffic made in Trieste by TMT decreased by -20.3%
In 2023, the traffic of short sea shipping between Spain and Italy fell by -5.2% percent.
The motorways of the sea have risen to ten compared to seven in 2022
In the first quarter of 2024, the net profit of Yang Ming grew by +173,1 percent.
In the first quarter of 2024, the net profit of Yang Ming grew by +173,1 percent.
The board has deliberated the purchase of new containers
Leonardo signs binding agreement for sale of Underwater Armaments & Systems to Fincantieri
Total transaction value of a maximum of 415 million euros
Uiltransport, well the amendment for workers of agencies for the port work of Gioia Tauro and Taranto
Provides for the extension of the allowance up to December
To develop its resilience the port of Livorno looks to the southern shore of the Mediterranean
Next month an agreement with the Egyptian port of Damietta
Decarbonization of shipping could create up to four million jobs in the energy supply chain
Study of the Getting to Zero Coalition
In the first three months of 2024 the traffic in goods in the port of Venice decreased by -9.8%
In the first three months of 2024 the traffic in goods in the port of Venice decreased by -9.8%
Growth of liquid bulk and rotatable bulk. Decline of solid bulk and containers
ISS-Tositti and intergroup have established the newco ISS-Tositti Agency
Synergistic fusion of the skills of both realities
Rasmussen (Bimco) : When the ships return to cross Suez shipping containerized shipping will have to reckon with an excess of stir
Currently the impact of record deliveries of container carriers is absorbed by the additional capacity needed for the route around Africa
U.S. Intermarine enters the segment of the reins
Established the Intermarine Bulk Carriers that will manage the bulk carriers of the German group Harren
President of the Liguria Region, former president of West Liguria's AdSP, and entrepreneur Spinelli
Among those achieved by the measures, the president of Ente Bacini
WWF, sustainable planning for the largest marine areas in the EU is fragmented and incomplete
WWF, sustainable planning for the largest marine areas in the EU is fragmented and incomplete
The most discomforting scenario is that of the Mediterranean basin
In the first quarter the performance of combined transport in the EU kicked off
Decrease in container traffic, strikes, work on infrastructure and weak economy among causes
CargoBeamer secures funding for 140 million euros from public and private investors
They will be used to expand the two intermodal terminals in Kaldenkirchen and Domodossola
Renewed the Management of SOS LOGistics
Daniele Texts has been confirmed to the presidency
New maxi seizure of drugs in the port of Civitavecchia
Intercepted a shipment of marijuana of more than 442 kilograms
Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal equipped with new locomotives for rail manoeuvre
These are locomotors DE 18 produced by Vossloh Rolling Stock
Saipem to fix contracts in Angola to total 3.7 billion
They were awarded by a company controlled by TotalEnergies
In April, container traffic in the port of Los Angeles grew by 11.9% percent
Los Angeles
In the first quarter of 2024 the increase was 24.8%
FERCAM bars on the Indian market
Opened a branch in New Delhi. The presence will be extended to Mumbai, Calcutta, and Chennai
Fincantieri vars a logistics support unit in Castellammare di Stabia
It is the second LSS built for the Italian Navy Navy
Ferretti inaugurates the renewed nautical construction site of La Spezia
The Spezia
The ligure establishment is dedicated to the production of the Riva yachts
Positive first quarter for Global Ship Lease
Revenue in growth of 12.7%
Launched by Interporto Padova the intermodal service of Trans Italy with the Interport of Livorno Guasticce
Initially it provides for two weekly circulations
Operating the new automated gate at Reefer Terminal of Going Ligure
Go Ligure
The drivers can carry out the loading and unloading activities without getting off the vehicle
Last month container traffic in the port of Hong Kong decreased by -10.2%
Hong Kong
In the first eventful four-year period 4.5 million teu (-4.7%)
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
DP World inaugurates new port infrastructure and logistics in Romania
New terminals in the port of Costanza destined for cargo project and rotatable
In April, the growth of container traffic in the port of Long Beach continued.
Long Beach
In the first quarter of 2024, the increase was 15.8% percent.
Uniport Livorno buys three new port tractors
Kalmar will deliver them in the last quarter of 2024
They will rise from five to six the weekly rotations of the Melzo-Rotterdam service of Hannibal
Increase in frequency as of June 10
In 2023, the revenues of Maritime stations increased by 18.5%
Net profit to 1.7 million euros (+ 75.5%)
In the first three months of 2024, freight traffic in the port of Koper fell by -6.6% percent.
In March, the decline was -3.1% percent.
In April, freight traffic in the port of Singapore grew by 8.8%
The containers were equal to 3.4 million teu (+ 3.8%)
Quarterly traffic of the growing containers for Eurogate and Contship Italia
In the first three months of 2024 the eventful volumes increased by 8.0% percent and 4.9% percent respectively.
Meyer Werft has delivered to Silversea the new luxury cruise ship Silver Ray
Papenburg / Vienna
It has a capacity of 728 passengers
In the first three months of 2024, new orders acquired by Fincantieri fell by -40.7% percent.
Stable the revenues
Call for tenders for the structural adjustment of a quay of the port of Ancona
The amount of the contract is 16.5 million euros
Port operators in La Spezia call for a relaunch of the port
The Spezia
They solicit targeted and effective actions
In the first quarter of this year, the traffic of goods in Montenegrin ports grew by 1.8% percent
The flow to and from Italy has increased by 16.2%
GNV installs a system to ensure the stability of ships
NAPA Stability, developed by Finnish NAPA, has been extended to ferries
Decided to drop -24.9% percent of goods in Croatian ports in the first quarter of this year
Decided to drop -24.9% percent of goods in Croatian ports in the first quarter of this year
The containers were equal to 92mila teu (-0.4%)
Vard will build two Commissioning Service Operation Vessel
They are intended for a company in Taiwan
The new maritime station of the port of Termoli is running.
In 2023 the Molisan climber handled more than 217mila passengers (+ 5%)
New line of CTN that links the ports of La Goulette, Livorno, Salerno and Rades
Will be inaugurated on May 21
In the first three months of 2024 the revenues of Wan Hai Lines grew by 8.1%
Net profit of approximately 143 million US dollars
The growth trend of Taiwanese Evergreen and Yang Ming is continuing.
Taipei / Keelung
In April, it increased by 42.4% percent and 35.3% percent, respectively.
Evergreen orders 10,000 new containers
Committed 32.3 million to the Dong Fang International Container (Hong Kong)
Vard will build an Ocean Energy Construction Vessel for Island Offshore
It will be delivered in the first quarter of 2027. Option for two more ships
Lombardy among the most virtuous regions in food transport
Over 50% of the controlled temperature vehicles are matriculated in classes 5 and 6
Positive quarterly economic performance by Wallenius Wilhelmsen
Lysaker / Oslo
Ad Emanuele Grimaldi on 5.12% of the capital of the Höegh Autoliners
In the first three months of 2024, container traffic in New York increased by 11.7%
New York
In March, growth was 22.1% percent
Inaugurated the road of connection with the new areas of the port of Piombino
The infrastructure cost 10.1 million euros.
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
Tomorrow in Livorno a conference on the history of the city port
It will be talked about architecture, trade and politics between the XVI and the twentieth century
On April 11, the sixth edition of the "Italian Port Days" will begin.
Also this year the project has been divided into two sessions : the first in the spring and the second from September 20 to October 20
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Chabahar Port: US says sanctions possible after India-Iran port deal
(BBC News)
Iran says MSC Aries vessel seized for 'violating maritime laws'
››› Press Review File
FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
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First quarter of the year hardship for Finnlines
Accentuated increase in operating costs
In 2023 the turnover of Fercam decreased by -6%
Established a company in Lithuania
ICTSI recorded record quarterly economic performance
In the first quarter of this year, the traffic of goods in Albanian ports increased by 3.4% percent
Passengers decreased by -1.9%
Speeding up the times to make the port of the Spezia and its retroport the first ZFD
The Spezia
They ask for maritime agents, customs officers and freight forwarders
Air and passenger routing service in the ports of Olbia and Gulf Aranci
It will be managed by the Roman Italpol Fiduciary Services
Decision to drop -15.1% percent of goods in the port of Taranto in the first quarter
The loads at the landing decreased by -21.0% and those at the embarkation of -8.7%
This year the national forum for rail freight transport Mercintrain will be held in Padua
It will take place within the scope of Green Logistics Expo
Inaugurated in Safaga, Egypt, a factory for the construction of tugboats
Ten naval units will be carried out for Suez Canal Authority
New Italy-Libya-Egypt service of Tarros and Messina
The Spezia / Genoa
It will be inaugurated in mid-June and made with two ships
Tomorrow PSA Venice will open the Venetian terminal to the port community and the city
Hannibal plans to activate a rail link between Italy, Hungary and Romania
Two weekly rotations will be inaugurated by the end of 2024.
Approved the 2023 consuntive budget of the Central Tirreno's AdSP
Annunziata : the coming years, fundamentals to finalise the European investment of the PNRR
Sensitive increase in the production and sale of CIMC dry boxes
Hong Kong
Chinese firm responds to growth in demand
Approved the consuntive budget 2023 of the AdSP of the South Tyrrhenic and Ionian
Joy Tauro
May 6 meeting at MIT on the future of the Gioia Tauro Port Agency
The 2023 budget of the East Ligure Sea AdSP shows a primary surplus of six million
The Spezia
In the year new investments of around 17 million euros
Cargotec's quarterly net profit to 81.2 million (+ 11.8%)
In the first three months of 2024, revenues fell by -1.7% percent.
The negative trend of the economic performance of the ONE continues, less marked.
The negative trend of the economic performance of the ONE continues, less marked.
In the first three months of 2024 the goods in containers carried by the fleet increased by 15.6%
The Genovese Messina has taken delivery of the largest ship in its fleet
The "Jolly Verde" is a 6,300-teu container ship
The inclusion of the Civitavecchia port in the Core network of the TEN-T network is final.
On Wednesday the OK of the European Parliament
In 2023 the goods transported by Rail Cargo Group decreased by -11%
Revenue in decline of -1.8%
Sustained quarterly growth of new orders acquired by Wärtsilä
In the first three months of this year, the group's revenues fell by -9.8% percent.
DIS orders two more new tankers LR1
New commits at the Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co.
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