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13 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:13 GMT+2

May 28, 2021

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AdSP agreement of Tyrrhenian Centro Settentrionale - DigITAlog for the adhesion to the Port Community System

The Latium harbour agency still does not have own PCS

DigITAlog (former UIRNet), the subject actuator of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility for the realization and the management of the Logistic Platform National Digital, and the Authority of Harbour System of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea has signed a protocol of understanding for the adhesion to the Port Community System (PCS) ricompreso in the perimeter of National the Logistic Piattoforma. Thanks to the agreement the AdSP, that it manages the ports of Civitavecchia, Fiumicino and Gaeta, will be able to have use of an only interface, the Port Community System (PCS), connected to the Logistic Platform National digital managed from digITAlog, thanks to which it will have of new services that will be implemented of concert on the Platform.

With the understanding the AdSP and digITAlog shares the general objective to on a national level arrive to the adoption of a solution PCS homogenous standard and, firm remaining the specific local requirements. Currently the AdSP of the Centro Settentrionale Tyrrhenian Sea does not have still own PCS and the solution realized from digITAlog previews a system (PCS PLN) to support of the integrated logistic chain, thanks to its interaction with the other present services on the PLN. In this way digITAlog an application instrument in a position to allowing to every local within the connection with National the Logistic Platform will be able to supply to all the harbour truths.

"The digital infrastructures - it has emphasized the president of the harbour agency, Pino Musolino - today are worth how much, and perhaps more, than those physical, in order to favor the development of competitive and efficient harbour systems. With the protocol today we join to full speed in this process and continue our distance in order to increase the competitiveness of the Latium harbour Network and, mainly, of the port of Rome, also in perspective of istituenda the Simplified Logistic Zone. The objective of PCS is, in fact, that to contribute to the dematerialization of the administrative and operating activities connected to the transport of the goods and mobility of the people, in a logic of able digital synchro-modality to generate services to high added value for the Port Community, with the reduction, aiming at their elimination, of system inefficiencies. In such a way, we pander to the multiple requirements that regard the harbour activities, supplying simplification processes and of interoperability to the actors who to miscellaneous title are involved in the operating processes (terminalisti, shippers, shipping agents, railway trasportistiche enterprises on rubber and). The explicit attempt is, therefore - it has concluded Musolino - that to place the concrete bases for the increase of our ports, not only numerical but also qualitative".

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