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June 27, 2022

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Saints (Federagenti): too little is said about ports

This - he stressed - does not mean that everything goes well well

Federagenti, complains that there is little talk of ports, perhaps because the ports of call work, but - highlighted the association of Italian shipping agents - this does not mean that everything All right. "There is little talk about Italian ports - explained the president of Federagenti, Alessandro Santi - why Work. But the ports themselves are a characterizing part of a Italian logistics system that has mediocre performance floating ranked 19th in the logistics logistics performance index (world) Bank) behind many European countries. And this logistic system inefficient costs Italian companies 11% more compared to a European competitor (CDP). The Italian port system ranks among the top 25 in the world for the number of ship touches container but is in 18th place for landing efficiency with an average time of 0.92 days against the average of 0.71 indicated by UNCTAD'.

According to the president of Federagenti, the margins to improve the Italian port system, therefore, there are all, system that however - Santi recriminated - it must continue "to confront eight different ministries and where the word simplification is the most invoked by all but that in the facts shall not apply'. An example - he specified - is that of dredging, an activity that in all European ports is part of the ordinary management of the ports, even in the respect for safety and the environment, while in Italian ports constitutes an extraordinary activity devoid of any certainty in terms of timing but also in terms of feasibility, and this leads to a loss of competitiveness and strategic importance of Italian ports often to the advantage of foreign ports.

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