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June 17, 2022

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SLALA bets on Alessandria Smistamento to bring the Switzerland at the docks of genoa and Savona-Vado ports

Rossini: "What has not been achieved for over 40 years today it is at your fingertips»

The ports of the upper Tyrrhenian Sea now have at their fingertips the possibility to move goods to and from Switzerland, traffic that Swiss operators have long wanted to be able to carry out with these docks but that so far is in reality practically absent. They underlined this, on the occasion of a meeting with about thirty Swiss journalists, representatives of SLALA, the foundation that has been supporting the opportunity for years to create in the lower Piedmont a large area behind the port and logistics that becomes in effect the "lung" of the ports of the upper Tyrrhenian Sea, acting for the decongestion of the port docks, but also and especially of the motorway system Ligurian suffering from chronic congestion.

Swiss journalists visited the port of Genoa, the works in the tunnel of the Third Railway Pass between Genoa and Tortona and other logistical infrastructure, to then meet in Alexandria Cesare Rossini, president of SLALA, «Foundation - has specified Fabrizio Palenzona who of SLALA was one of the founders - which today proposes itself as the one-stop shop for integrate and meet all the needs of traffic to and from the Ligurian ports, with a focus on that area of lower Piedmont to which are also watching with increasing attention the big players of the transport, shipping and logistics'

The visit focused in particular on Alexandria Sorting, the large railway yard and the subject of a substantial financing by Italian railways, where you should concentrate, especially in the short and medium term, the activity of formation and sorting of freight trains (in particular containers) intended to connect the port docks of Genoa and Savona with their natural productive hinterland, industrial and distributive. In this regard, the president of SLALA highlighted that "what has not been achieved for over 40 years today is at hand" and that the one that you forecasts in the coming months and years - he underlined Rossini - it is a historic opportunity that must be exploited with great concreteness overcoming even deep-rooted relative convictions the uneconomic nature of load breaks in the rearports, and evaluating instead the opportunity of real services shuttle docks-backport (in the case of Alessandria Smistamento), carried out both by rail and with Tir engaged in the hours of minor traffic. "For the first time in decades in which Switzerland did not use the docks of the upper Tyrrhenian sea even for a single kg of goods - said Cesare Rossini - today we sets up a completely new framework and an opportunity also to collaboration and logistical integration, which cannot be lost"."

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