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July 15, 2020

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In the second quarter, freight traffic at ports South Adriatic decreased by -24.2%

In Bari and Brindisi, the decline was -21.7% and -27.7%

In the second quarter of this year, freight traffic the ports of the Southern Adriatic system, which is bari, Brindisi, Manfredonia, Barletta and Monopoly, decreased by -24.2% overall as almost 3.0 million tonnes of 3.9 million tonnes were handled compared to 3.9 million tonnes. million tonnes in the April-June period last year. Goods at disembarkation and boarding have fallen by -26.2% and -18.5% to 2.1 million tonnes and 838 thousand tons. Overall, the traffic of various goods 1.2 million tonnes (-24.1%), of which 132 thousand tonnes tonnes of containerized goods (-24.1%), almost 1.1 million tonnes of tonnes of rolling stock (-22.9%) and 26,000 tons of other cargo (-53,4%). Solid bulks that have been equal to 1.2 million tonnes (-18.1%), of which 589 thousand tonnes of cereals (-20.8%), 339 thousand tonnes of coal (-24.6%), 135 thousand tonnes tonnes of minerals, cements and kicks (62.6%), 61,000 tonnes chemicals (41.3%), 56,000 tonnes of products (-40.6%), 47,000 tonnes of food, feed and oily oil (-24.3%) and 25,000 tons of other bulks (-53.2%). Solid bulks fell by -36.1% to 502 thousand tonnes, of which 272 thousand tonnes of petroleum products (-35.8%), 132 thousand tonnes of petroleum products liquefied or compressed gas (-34.2%), 3,000 tonnes of chemicals (-34.8%) and 95,000 tons of others liquid loads (-39.0%).

Passenger traffic at the ports of the system, affected even more than the goods, too, from the effects of Pandemic of Covid-19, has greatly decreased having been only 59,000 ferry passengers (-80.3%) were affected and with a cruise traffic that has zeroed out compared to 246 thousand cruisers in the second quarter of 2019.

In the second quarter of 2020, the only port in Bari 1.3 million tonnes of goods (-21.7%), of which 778 thousand tonnes of miscellaneous goods (-24.1%) - including 132 thousand tonnes containers (-24.1%) and 646 thousand ro-ro (-21.9%) - and 537 thousand tonnes dry bulk (-17.8%). Ferry passengers were 36,000 (-82.1%).

The contraction of freight traffic in the port has also been decided April-June this year 1.3 million tonnes (-27.7%), of which 421,000 tonnes tonnes of miscellaneous goods (-25.6%) - including 412 thousand tonnes of (-24.4%) -, 512 thousand tonnes of solid bulks (-19.2%) And 370,000 tonnes of liquid bulk (-38.6%). Passengers 23,000 ferries (-76.6%).

In the first half of this year, the ports Adriatic Sea Port System Authority A total of 6.6 million people have been affected by the tonnes of goods, down -8.5% in the first half of the year 2.7 million tonnes of which were handled in the port of Bari (-9.2%) 3.1 million tonnes in the port of Brindisi (-7,4%).

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