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May 25, 2022

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Service to passengers in the port of Livorno, the AdSP tries to put an end to conflicts

A deliberation which provides for the start of a negotiation process

The Port of the Port Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea has presented to the Management Committee today a deliberation that provides for the start of a negotiation process, defined by the same "articulated" and "complex" AdSP, to come to the head of the controversy relating to the exercise of ro-pax trades. The reason for the contention that it sees on the one hand the Port of Livorno 2000, the company that manages the maritime demanial concession scheme, the passenger terminal of the port of Livorno, and on the other the SDT (Sintermar Darsena Toscana), a joint venture between the Sintermar controlled by the Grimaldi Group and TDT (Terminal Darsena Toscana), has been recalled by the Port Authority and sees at the centre of discord the administrative acts with which in the summer of 2020 the AdSP had allowed SDT to handle the passengers at the root of the west bank Darsena Toscana, acts that, on the basis of the claim of a claim exclusivity of the passenger service, had been appealed by the Port of Livorno 2000 first to the TAR, which in November 2020 rejected the appeal, then on appeal before the State Council that will pronounce the next 29 may. With the negotiation procedure, the Port System Authority would be willing to convince the parties to request a postponement of the next hearing.

The first issue under consideration by the port agency was the upgrade of the services of general interest (SIG), the topic of the AdSP, which became shaky in Italy after the 2016 port reform and correctional ports of 2017 have repealed the ministerial decree in which these services were identified, leaving its looming to individual AdSPs. The Tuscan port agency said it believed that, even on the basis of an opinion from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility dating back to December of 2018 and an opinion made in 2019 by a firm legal firm, it should be proceed to recognize the passenger service as SIG and thus update the list of services of general interest drawn up in 2019 with a deliberation signed by the then President of the institution, Stefano Corsini.

The second point addressed by the deliberation presented today to the Management Committee concerns the initiation of an administrative procedure through which to define, in advance of the definition of the allocation of the concession to Porto of Livorno 2000 which today still operates in transitional arrangements, the contents, extensions and limits of the passenger service in anticipation of the subscription of the concessionary act. The intention of the institution is therefore to facilitate a possible recomposition of the contrasts and to pave the way for the novation of the concession and the economic-financial rebalancing of the investment plan presented by the company's management company the maritime station which-the body specified-has also been impassioned for reasons not attributable to the will of the parties. In this regard, even if not formally retaken in the deliberation submitted to the Committee's approval, the AdSP has demonstrated to the components of the body of the body the willingness to initiate proceedings that are aimed at detection of the possible modes of composition, in a transactive optics, of the dispute relating to the exercise of traffics linked to ro-pax vessels, even in light of the evolution of the typology of the naviglio.

The AdSP explained that it represented the need to balance the needs of the different operators by formulating assumptions or forms of cooperation of a purely operational nature both in order to use the spaces and the delivery of the activities dedicated to the reception of passengers. In addition, the agency announced that it will activate the layout of existing terminals and current accosts through an open confrontation between the parties able to finish the expiry of the current dealings currently in force, the company said. advising where necessary an update or re-modulation through specific procedimentary agreements to be transposed into individual concessional acts.

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