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July 26, 2022

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Spanish ports set their new historical record of quarterly traffic of goods

In the period April-June 2022 they were enlivened 147,98 million tons (+8.9%)

Last month, Spanish ports handled a total of 48.07 million tonnes of goods, a volume that represents the new record for the month of June and an increase +7.1% on June 2021. In addition, in the second quarter of this year the ports of call of the Iberian nation have registered also its own new historical record of quarterly traffic which is of 147.98 million tons, with an increase of +8.9% on the corresponding quarter of last year. The new historical peak quarterly was mainly generated by the new record of conventional goods handled, cargoes which amounted to 22.92 million tons (+12.6%). A new historical record is has also been achieved in the container segment, but only if this traffic volume is counted on the basis of containers from 20' handled: the total was in fact 4.55 million of teu (+3.1%), higher than the previous record of 4.51 million teu established in the last quarter of 2020. In terms of weight, on the other hand, containerized traffic amounted to 50.54 million tons (+0.6%), volume lower than both the record of 52.58 million tons marked in the fourth quarter of 2020 and the 51.35 million tons handled in the second quarter of 2019. In addition, in the second quarter of this year i Spanish ports handled 47.03 million tonnes of liquid bulk (+13.8%) and 23.85 million tons of bulk solid (+13.5%). In the passenger sector, traffic is state of 7.55 million people (+127.5%), of which 1.83 million cruise passengers (+904.9%).

In the first six months of 2022 the total goods handled was state of 284,69 million tons, with a growth of +7.3% on the first half of last year. The only sub-fund in record a new historical record was that of goods conventional with 43.02 million tons (+11.5%). Increasingly both liquid bulk and solid bulk were also found attested respectively to 91,30 million tons (+12.6%) and 46.24 million tons (+13.6%). On the other hand, goods are falling containerized with 96,82 million tons (- 2.4%) and with a container handling which amounted to 8.75 million teu (0%), of which 4.59 million teu in transit (-3.3%). In the passenger sector, traffic was 11.48 million people (+125.5%), of which 2.64 million cruise passengers (+806,7%).

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