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July 6, 2022

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Morelli (MIMS): Marebonus and Ferrobonus must no longer be bonus but of the realities included in the system

Grimaldi: with the incentives to the maritime mode you save about three billion a year

On the occasion of the third appointment of "ALIS on tour. Italy on the move to discover the South", organized by ALIS (Associazione Logistica dell'Intermodalità Sustainable) and held yesterday at the Masseria Li Reni in Manduria (Taranto), there was talk of Marebouns and Ferrobonus, the two incentive programmes to support traffic transfer of goods from the road network to maritime and maritime transport railway. Questioned about the possibility that these programmes become stable initiatives or that set aside, "I affirm, provocatively - replied the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Mobility Sustainable, Alessandro Morelli - who is right the minister Giovannini: in the sense, however, that Marebonus and Ferrobonus do not they must be more bonuses but of the realities inserted in the order, they must have a definitive endowment, this is the hope that we have".

On the subject, responding to the solicitations of the journalist Bruno Vespa, owner with the family of the Masseria, is Emanuele Grimaldi, recently appointed president, also focused of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the association world shipowners: "I believe - he said - that with respect to the theme of the Marebonus we must do the math to understand how much these measures are convenient for Italy. Our group - has explained Grimaldi - alone carries 1.5 and a half million trailer. If they were not transported by ship, every step it would cost at least 300 euros on average more, equal to 500 millions of euros. If we add up what the other shipowners carry, we arrive at a global saving of one billion per year in terms of of lower economic costs. In addition, also considering the savings in terms of environmental externalities amounting to over two billion of euros, the total savings would be about three billion thanks to the Marebonus, which involves a decidedly minimal public expenditure compared to the significant economic and environmental benefits deriving. For save so much money, with citizens getting it great benefit and with the industries of the South becoming more competitive - Grimaldi underlined - I think it is sacrosanct support this virtuous process and employ millions of incentives for those responsible carriers who invest in sustainable logistics».

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