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August 4, 2022

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In the second quarter the traffic of goods in the port of La Spezia grew by +1.1%

Decline in containers. Sharp increase in bulk. Positive the data of the port of Carrara

In the second quarter of this year the port of La Spezia has handled 3.70 million tons of goods, with an increase of +1.1% on the same period of 2021 that was generated from the increase in bulk volumes that has more than compensated the decline in containerized traffic. In addition, the slight increase overall was produced by the increase of +21.4% of goods on landing which amounted to 1.82 million tonnes, while the loads at boarding have decreased by -13.0% going down to 1.88 million tonnes.

In the miscellaneous goods sector alone, which constitutes the segment of main activity of the La Spezia airport, traffic total, consisting largely of containerized goods, is state of 3.05 million tons (-6.4%). The traffic of containers, in terms of 20' boxes handled, was equal to 345 thousand teu (-7.9%), of which 336 thousand at disembarkation-embarkation (-7.6%) and 9 thousand in transhipment (-17.3%). In bulk Liquid volumes recorded a strong growth, reaching 601 thousand tons (+56.0%) and accentuated was also accentuated the increase in solid bulk with 47 thousand tons (+269.0%).

In the second quarter of 2022 cruise traffic in the La Spezia port marked a clear recovery with a total of 122 thousand passengers (+851.7%).

In the first half of this year the port of La Spezia has handled 6.73 million tons of goods, with a reduction of -1.5% on the first half of 2021 which is the result of the increase of +6.6% of goods at disembarkation, which have totaled 3.01 million tons, and the decrease of -7.1% of those at boarding, stopped at 3.72 million tons. Bulk liquid and solid showed increases of +14.6% and +336.6% rising to 723 thousand and 60 thousand tons. In the segment of miscellaneous goods the traffic is down of -3.9% to 5.94 million tons. The only containerized traffic is state equal to 675 thousand teu (-3.9%), of which 657 thousand teu to the disembarkation-embarkation (-3.0%) and 18 thousand teu in transhipment (-27.9%). The Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea has announced that last June the trend showed a clear reversal having been enlivened altogether 123 thousand teu, with a progression of +5.2% on June 2021.

The port authority has specified that the decline suffered in the container sector has had implications on intermodal transport that in the first half of this year it formed 4,199 trains (-4.8%), composed with 63,782 total wagons (-1.9%). The tons of containerized goods loaded on the train were 1.74 million (-3.8%), which accounted for the 29.3% share of general cargo enlivened overall in the semester.

In the first half of 2022 cruise traffic in the La Spezia port was 143 thousand passengers (+1,013%).

Regarding the traffic of goods in the port of Marina of Carrara, also managed by the System Authority Port of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, in the first six months of this year has been pairs to 2,77 million tons (+72.6%), of which 954 thousand tons in import (+42.3%) and 1.82 million in exports (+94,2%). Solid bulk amounted to a total of 820 thousand tons (+516.0%) and miscellaneous goods to 1.95 million tons (+32.6%), of which 644 thousand tons of containerized goods (+1.6%) with a quarterly historical record of 50,319 teu enlivened (+2.5%), 963 thousand tons of rolling stock (+76.6%) and in 346 thousand tons of other miscellaneous goods (+17.7%). Also for Marina di Carrara the traffic of cruises, recently acquired by the port, has registered positive signs reaching in the semester a transit of more than 6 thousand passengers.

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