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25 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:27 GMT+2

June 1, 2021

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Established the new dimensional limits of the ships that can land to the port of Genoa

Specific decree of the Harbour office

The Harbour office of Genoa has published the decree n. 104/2021 on May 31, 2021 that it disciplines to the new dimensional limits of the ships admitted to the mooring near Descent Health, Idroscalo Bridge West, Ethiopia Bridge West and Basin of Prà in the port of Genoa. With the new provision they are defined and they become prossimo14 the june beginning from operating dimensional limits for the ships admitted to the mooring near the terminals of these harbour areas, you limit - it has specified the Harbour-office - that they are defined as a result of an articulated process of valorization of the simulations of maneuver, experimentations in sea and appraisal of the experiences co-ordinate over the last few years from the Harbour office.

During the last few years, in fact, the concessionaires had forwarded to the Marine Authority various requests in order to allow the arrival, near the respective terminals, of larger and more capacious ships to the aim to remain to the step with the evolution of the marine traffics, strongly characterized from naval gigantism to total level. The Harbour-office has explained that, in order to answer to such demands, the marine administration, with the aid of the nautical services technical of the port and perfecting acquired procedures in the time, has succeeded in to define real iter procedimentale a stiff one to allow an appraisal, how much more objective possible one, on the adequacy of the so-called ships "outside shape", that is of those classes of unit of dimensions - in width, length and draught - advanced to the ordinary traffics of the port of Genoa.

Through a series of preliminary phases and appraisals so it has been reached nautical the co-ordinate definition of the prescription to statuire in relation to I approach it of destination, so to guarantee a vituous process in order to assure the highest standards than safety of navigation. In particular, the procedure - approved of and attached to same decree 104/2021 - previews four next phases to go to the admission of the new units: simulations executed near a maneuver center third party regarding the petitioner and to the shipowner of the ship, considered suitable from the Marine Authority jointly to the nautical services technical/; experimentation of the sun maneuvers approved of in phase of simulation, to on board execute under specific technical-nautical the operating limits, prescription and the direct control of the Head pilot of Genoa; familiarizzazione of the maneuvers (approved of in experimental phase) by all the pilots of the Body of the Pilots of the Port of Genoa, in agreement to the technical prescription/nautical and appropriate operating limitations defined on indication of the Head pilot in phase 2; approval of the new dimensional limits by the marine Authority, as a result of the communication of the positive conclusion of the familiarizzazione by the Pilots of the port.

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