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15 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:34 GMT+2

April 20, 2021

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Appeal of Assiterminal and Assologistica to the MIMS so that the harbour terminalisti can benefit of the promised supports

Inconceivable - they denounce - than some companies with turnovers in "red dark" they have not still given sure on the being up refreshments

Assiterminal and Assologistica, on behalf of the harbour terminalisti that they represent, have formalized to the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility a request in which the partial one and fragmented application of the obtained normative measure in the 2020 stigmatize that - has remembered the two associations - it previewed, for the same year, of being able to obtain from the Authorities of Harbour System the reduction of the amount of the concessorio canon against a reduction of advanced turnover to 20%. Moreover Assiterminal and Assologistica complain the delay, also of the offices of the EU commission, in being profitable available the economic resources of the bottom instituted in financial law in favor of the passenger terminals, "also this from we demanded and obtained - they have specified - in order to try to tackle to the impacts of the pandemic in 2020".

The two associations have explained that "the appeal to the MIMS is consequent to the various execution that some Authorities of Harbour System have given to the contained forecast in the art.199 of decree-law 34/20 also to light of the next one decree ministerial implementing, contesting moreover - they have specified Assiterminal and Assologistica - the forecast of the Conference of the Presidents last November, of ulterior "an exemption" of 20% (to agree which alea in the exercise of the entrepreneurial activity… in the course of a pandemic) that it is profitable attenuated a already contained form still more than refreshment in its potential effectiveness".

"It seems paradoxical - Assiterminal and Assologistica have denounced - than to four months from the beginning of 2021, than moreover it is reproposing devastating impacts on the crocieristico field on a level of the year as soon as concluded and traffic volumes that are hardly able to return acceptable for the balance economic-financial also of the other operators, it must be still discussed on these topics instead concentrating itself on the contingent and the perspectives, so as it is inconceivable that some companies with turnovers in "red dark" (of other productive sections) still have on a level not given sure on the being up refreshments in order to close in some way their budgets: but it is so".

The two associations have specified moreover that the appeal turned to the MIMS has also the scope "to avoid that the companies mainly in difficulty start a season of resources in a context that would want and have instead to collect the energies and to concentrate the synergies of the operators - than, it is not pleonastico to remember, they are and they constitute the productive asset of the ports - in order to leave again, together with respective the AdSP, in an optical of dialogue and partnership which presupposed and condition for efficientare a true system of the portualità".

"In front of the implementing challenges of the PNRR and a favorable season of reforms of which also we are promoters (with a series of proposals that we continue to promote and to detail from last summer) - we have evidenced Assiterminal and Assologistica - it is necessary to exceed this phase: we ask therefore the Ministry to act, on the base of own prerogatives, in order to help us to close the topics of the 2020, being guaranteed simply uniform one and exaustive application let alone collectability than previewed from the norms. We have all need to look ahead contributing to construct to a context of certainty and normative transparency that obtain also through a greater clarity and simplification of the roles of the institutional interlocutors, the timeliness of execution of the norms and a renewed relation between the stakeholder (that it identifies a partner in private and not a mere addressee of rules that often are overlapped also)".

"We wish - they have concluded Assiterminal and Assologistica - than the solutions that will be characterized ulteriorly do not prejudice the estate of the field and that it can be given to new impulse and vitality to the sustainability of the shipping and the terminalismo of our Country from always protagonists of the Italian logistic economy, graces also to the entrepreneurial tradition and the professionalities that it knows to express. In order to strengthen our requests we confide at last that in the conversion of the decree-law supports our amendments are received that repropose also on the 2021 characterized solutions and some normative instruments for 2020, even, to this turn, without groundings".

Besides this appeal, the terminalistica association Assiterminal has expressed also the auspice of "a fast solution of the events of Moby and Tirrenia-CIN, shipowning companies that are under responsibility of the Honored family, that it can preserve, valuing it - it has emphasized Assiterminal - is the professional patrimony of the many marine workers interested that of the harbour and terminalistici operators of the freeways of the sea, than already the contingent and perspective drama of the pandemic consequences must face from more than a year on the fleeting traffics".

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