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27 January 2022 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 06:57 GMT+1

October 15, 2021

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ANCIP underlines the key role played by workers ports during the pandemic

The association specifies that it does not share the action of protest started at the port of Trieste

On this day of introduction of the obligation of the green pass to access the workplaces, which provoked protests also in the port area which, however, have not determined an interruption of activity in the airports, the Association Nazionale Compagnie Imprese Portuali (ANCIP) remarked how the have "continued to work, and with a great sense of responsibility and in the general interest of the nation, ensure, from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic until today, the maintenance of the logistic-port system, the supply of every territory, the socio-economic stability of the country", but it has specified not to share the protest action started at the port of Trieste.

In a note signed by President Luca Grilli, ANCIP has recalled that initially the workers worked even without personal protective equipment and taking on the risks when the situation was not clear even for the service sanitary, without ever stopping any airport in Italy, giving a lesson in seriousness and responsibility. 'The vaccine - observed the association - allows you to give serenity and tranquility to those who want to defend work but at the same time to be calmer than not to infect oneself, the their companions, their family and loved ones".

ANCIP explained that the association has worked and has committed to ensuring that more and more workers could be vaccinated and pointed out that, unlike of the image of port workers that is coming instrumentally widespread, within the category, throughout Italy, more than 80% of vaccinated workers have been exceeded.

"We respect, of course - anCIP specified - those who do not wants to get vaccinated and who can not for health reasons and yes undergoes the process of swabs in order to access their place of work, but in all honesty we do not share the battle who are leading colleagues in Trieste who oppose the green pass, and we certainly do not take them as a model in this their conviction. For us and for the vast majority of dockers Italians, the "Port Work" defends itself with the battles against the disapplication of special law n.84/94 and of those relating to safety in the workplace. Defends itself in rejecting the continuous attempts at self-production of port operations by shipping companies. Yes defends by fighting the oligopoly of shipping lines they want integrate vertically and horizontally in Italian ports going to erode the "specialty" of work port and technical-nautical services, and defends itself against the willingness to savagely deregulate the regulated market port by creating tariff and social dumping".

Referring specifically to the situation in Trieste, where the President of the Port System Authority, Zeno D'Agostino had threatened to resign in the event of a blockade of the port, the association of port companies noted "that all this surreal situation and difficult to understand logically, is also questioning the important results that the port of Trieste is achieving thanks to the great work of reconstruction and the upgrading of the airport carried out by Zeno d'Agostino, helped by the workers of our associated Agency art.17 paragraph 5 Law No 84/94'.

"Last but not least -- concluded ANCIP - however, the management by the institutions must be stigmatized government of this situation, especially close to the date of 15 October, which gives rise to numerous inevitable criticisms, and that has risked and risks weakening the position of all those who firmly believe in justice, insinuating elements Contradictory. It must not pass the message that some dissidents workers of Trieste represent the dockers of Italy. We Italian dockers are a proud and proud category of the own work, which struggles daily and desires the development of the own country. We hope and work actively to achieve the increase and maintenance of commercial traffic, in favor of of the general interest of the country and of the wider spreading social welfare'.


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