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October 17, 2011

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Tomorrow to Civitavecchia the presentation of the "According to Relationship Peach" will hold

Examination of the infortunistico course and the marine lefts in quinquennium 2003-2008

Tomorrow to hours 9,00 to Civitavecchia, near Centro Storico Culturale of the Harbour office to Strong Michelangelo, the presentation of the "According to Relationship Peach" will hold, analysis yields of the sharing of the experiences of Inail, Ipsema and Ispesl, the three Italian institutes that cure the various aspects of the health and safety in the field of the peach, that it takes in consideration the quinquennium 2003-2008 along whose arc is examined the infortunistico course and the marine lefts. Point of synthesis of the Relationship, after a careful observation of the practical ones of job on board of the fishings boat, is the location of solutions that, besides to guarantee the unavoidable work safety, allow the competitive modernization of the field and the valorization of the produced one.

Italy is the first "fishing power" of the Mediterranean, with fished pairs to about 50% of the production total. In spite of the criticalities that of it hinder the ulterior increase, the field of the peach, vital for the Italian economy, today is called to face a decisive challenge for its same survival: to search and to maintain to a balance between profit of enterprise and exploitation of the ittiche resources. The Inail estimates in about 28.000 the units employed in the peach full-time for all the year.

"The idea of the Relationship - Agatino Cariola has explained, director Servizi Former Institutional Ipsema - is born six years ago from the conviction, municipality to the three institutes (Inail, Ispesl and Ipsema), than the section of the peach, for its peculiar characteristics and specificities, it is from the associate-economic point of view that give the point of view of the type of activity and the organization of the job, you anticipate a series of problems that go comprised if a real improvement of the conditions of job is wanted to be promoted and health and safety of the fishermen". To the three institutes today the participation of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports is addition.

The program of the presentation previews to the 9,30 the opening of the work with the participations of Marco Fabio Sartori, president of the Inail, Fedele Nitrella, commander of the Harbour office of Civitavecchia, Luigi Giannini, general manager Federpesca, and Enrico Maria Pujia, general manager Marine Trasporto and of Internal Waters of the ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports.

To follow the presentation of the Relationship by Agatino Cariola, Inail central director Institutional Services former Ipsema, Roberta Bencini, former Inail Ipsema (the data on the accidents), Giuseppe Alati, ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports (the data on the inquiries of the Harbours-office), Diego De Merich, former Inail Ispesl (Experiences of good practical in the peach), and Vincenzo De Martino Rosaroll, ministry of the Alimentary and Forest Agricultural Policies (the norm of conservation of the resources and the economic measures associate for the marine peach).

After a pause one will resume with the "Experiences of prevention in the peach" and the participations of Antonio Napolitano, Inail regional director Latium, Maurizia Giambartolomei, Asl of Ancona (Experiences of collaboration and control in the marineria of Ancona), Paolo Romagnoli (Examples of planning and realization of solutions of prevention in the ships from peach in order to on board reduce the number of the accidents), Giuseppe Gesmundo and Cosimo Altomare, Federpesca Puglia (Towards a new model of management in matter of health and safety in the peach activity), and Teresa Filignano, former Inail Ipsema (the spread of the culture of the health and safety: a experience of formation in the section of the marine peach). It will conclude the Giuseppe Lucibello work, general girettore of the Inail.

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