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26 September 2020 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 07:16 GMT+2

October 24, 2019

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Last year the transport of the goods on the roads Austrians is piled to 574,0 million tons (+3.1%)

Beyond the two third party of cargos they are transported by vehicles registered in Austria

Last year the traffic of the goods on the roads Austrians is piled to 574,0 million tons, with an increment of +3.1% regarding 557,0 million tons in 2017. Istituto Federale di Statistica of Austria has announced today that, of the total transported in 2018 from the road haulage services on the Austrian territory, the national traffic has turned out of 377,0 million tons (+2.6%), the import traffic has been pairs to 66,5 million tons (+4.0%), that of export to 57,2 million tons (+5.0%) and the transit traffic is piled to 73,3 million tons (+3.3%).

Last year the performances of the road haulage services have totaled altogether 51,9 billion ton-kilometer (+4.5%), of which 17,8 billion relative to national transports (+1.7%), 8,6 billion to those of import (+7.1%), 7,5 billion to the transports in export (+6.2%) and 17,9 billion ton-kilometer to transports in transit (+5.3%).

Moreover the federal institute has specified that beyond the two third party of the volume total of goods (67.9%) is transported by vehicles registered in Austria, that they have enlivened 389,5 million tons, and has specified that - if the national transports are mainly carried out by means Austrians (367,6 million tons, pairs to 97.5% of the total) - the percentage of vehicles Austrians has been pairs solo to 15.6% relatively to the transports in import (10,3 million tons) and to 18.6% of the transports in export (10,6 million tons). Moreover the trucks Austrians have contributed only marginally to the transports of transit having transported 1,0 million tons (1.3% of the total).

In terms of transport performances, in the 2018 vehicles registered in Austria they have totaled 18,6 billion ton-kilometer that represents 35.8% of the total, clearly inferior percentage to that of the volumes transported as - in particular in the transit traffic - the vehicles foreign countries carry out longer travels (of 18,0 billion the ton-kilometer in the transit traffic, that it represents beyond a third party of the transport performances totals, 99.4% is realized by vehicles foreign countries).

Relatively to the traffic with Italy, in the 2018 imports in Austria they are piled to beyond 7,1 million tons for 999,0 million ton-kilometer and the exports towards Italy have attested almost 9,0 million tons for 1,25 billion ton-kilometer.

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