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July 29, 2020

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In according to trimester the traffic of the goods in the port of Venice it is diminished of -14,4%

Down it is goods several (- 19.3%) that the liquid bulk (- 16.4%) and that solid (- 1.7%)

In the first semester of this year the port of Venice has enlivened 11,1 million tons of goods, with a decrease of the -12,4% on the first half of the 2019 that is produced by a reduction of the -14,4% of the traffic enlivened in the second solo trimester of 2020 regarding the same period last year keeps on the contraction of the -10,6% recorded in the quarter precedence.

In the period April-june of this year the enlivened total has been of 5,3 million tons, of which beyond 2,0 million several tons of goods (- 19.3%), included a turned out containerized trade pairs to 124.366 teu (- 22.6%), 1,9 million tons of liquid bulk (- 16.4%) and 1,4 million tons of solid bulk (- 1.7%).

In the first semester of the 2020 total of the goods several it has been of 4,4 million tons (- 11.4%), with a traffic of the container pairs to 264.285 teu (- 13.0%). The liquid bulk is dropped of -8,9% at less than the 4,1 million one tons and the bulk sand banks has marked a bending of -18,7% attesting itself to the 2,6 million one tons. The Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has evidenced that the energetic field has generated about 60% of the total decrease of the Venetian traffics: 37% about of the bending are in fact attributable to the decrease of the coal imports (- 587 thousand tons), as expected - have remembered the AdSP - from the SEN (National Energetic Strategy) that it imposes the gradual abandonment of this raw materials. Meanwhile it is marked a decrease pairs to 350 thousand tons (22% of the lost total traffic) of producing oil as direct consequence of the smaller destined fuel burnups to the aeronautical use and to the autotrazione. However, against the decrease of the oil and energetic field connected respective with national the energetic policies and the tourist traffic - it has emphasized the harbour agency - it is recorded instead the performance of the iron and steel field that, although the period of emergency, has been maintained on substantially stable values (- 1.8% for -36 thousand tons, the equivalent of a ship in less regarding last year). A data - the authority has rimarcato - particularly important that it expresses the essence of the Lagunari ports of call which ports to service of the companies of Veneto and the Northeast.

In the first semester of this year, if because of lockdown for the pandemic of Covid-19 the crocieristico traffic in the Venetian port of call almost has been annulled, with a decrease of -99,0 regarding 572 thousand the crocieristi one in the first half of 2019, and the traffic of the passengers of the ferries is piled at less than 12 thousand unit (- 81.9%).

In the first six months of the 2020 port of Chioggia, also administered it from the AdSP, has enlivened 471 thousand tons (- 26.9%), with a particularly emphasized bending in the field of the goods several (- 64.3%), while they have turned out in increase the bulk sand banks (+4.8%) and the containers.

"The Lagunari ports - the president of the Authority of Harbour System of Mare Adriatico Settentrionale has commented, Pino Musolino - have suffered, so as all the Italian and world-wide ports of call, of the effects negatives produced from the pandemic crisis, an exogenous phenomenon regarding our economy, which we have not been able to make other that to oppose all our engagement, activating in times new records procedures of job in safety with the aid of all the harbour community and continuing to make our job in order to maintain the competitiveness of the system in an unknown and characterized historical phase from difficultly expectable of the question and the offer of raw materials and finished product fluctuations. Internal Sul forehead - Musolino has remembered - the Lagunari ports must be able to win the battle of nautical accessibility and the escavi if it is imagined to return them competitive with the other international actors in attracting new traffics and to create value and occupation. In so far as the Authority of Harbour System confirmation once again own engagement, giving I not only keep on the availability, many times over demonstrated, to realize a constructive dialogue with the several subjects involved publics, but also and above all allocating the resources necessary financial institutions, already to budget, and realizing a series of prodromal activities to escavo in agreement with the harbour community. It goes moreover marked - it has continued Musolino - than, in the optical of a sustainable development of the logistic activities and economic, it continues our engagement for the development of the railway modality; in 2020, the railway semiannual traffic is of 46.364 wagons for a total of 1.177.598 tons, when in the course of all the 2019 84,681 wagons for 2.144.328 tons had been recorded. It is a result I yield also of the carried out anticyclical investments during the last few years and demonstrates to the will and the engagement of the Venetian harbour ports of call in expanding the borders of the served market, entrusting itself always more to the iron rather than to the rubber".

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