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November 13, 2020

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Hapag-Lloyd closes third quarter with growth in +67.9% of net economic result

Revenues down -7.5%. Transported 2.42 million container (-3.4%)

Also in the third quarter of this year Hapag-Lloyd replicated the script repeatedly followed already in the quarterly period previous one, which is also already influenced by the impact on economic activities of the Covid-19 pandemic, both from the same German shipping company that from most of the other shipping companies operating in the segment of the maritime transport of containers. A script focused on a decline revenues, also as a result of the reduction in goods carried by the fleet, and on a much more accentuated decrease in operating costs, resulting in a net improvement in economic performance.

In the period July-September of this year Hapag-Lloyd totalled revenues of €3.00 billion, with a decrease in -7.5% on the same quarter of 2019. Operating costs are down -14.1% to 2.11 billion. EBITDA amounted to 649.0 million euros (+17.1%), EBIT at 347.0 million (+36.9%) And net profit of 252.5 million euros (+67.9%).

In the third quarter of 2020, the Company's container fleet german company carried cargo volumes of 2.42 million teu (-3.4%), of which 689,000 teu transported on the latin America (-4.6%), 581,000 on routes with the Far East (-2.0%), 478,000 teu from trans-Pacific services (-6.6%), 426,000 from transatlantic services (-12.9%), 382,000 teu on routes with the Middle East (+14.0%), 216,000 teu on intra-Asian routes (-6,1%) and 170,000 teu on those with Europe/Mediterranean and Africa (+4.3%).

In the third quarter of this year, the average rental per container teu carried by the entire hapag-lloyd fleet is result of $1,084, the same figure as the corresponding period of 2019. The average service rental latin america was $1,068/teu (-6.8%), that relating to services with the Far East at 963 dollars/teu (+5.6%), the average price for Trans-Pacific services to $1,476/teu (+8.8%), that of transatlantic services to $1,374/teu (-2.6%), the middle east services contract at $823/teu (+12.3%), the average service fee was $533/teu (-3.4%) And services with Europe/Mediterranean and Africa to $1,028/teu (-4.1%).

In the first nine months of 2020, the German company registered revenues of €9.36 billion, with a reduction of -1.3% at the same time last year. Operating costs have been €6.85 billion (-6.1%). EBITDA was 1.82 billion (+20.4%), EBIT 858.3 million (+33.5%) and the profit net of 537.9 million euros (+81.4%).

In the first nine months of this year, the company's fleet carried loads of 8.70 million teu (-3.5%) and the rental average per container transported was 1,097 dollars/teu (+2.0%).

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