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20 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:54 GMT+2

February 19, 2021

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Fontana (Spezia Shippers): to involve the private ones in the doubling of the railway line Pontremolese

Assumed the confidence to a private subject of a concession of long period (50-99 years)

President of the Association Spedizionieri of the Port of, Andrea Fontana, invites to estimate the possibility to involve private in the realization of the completion of the doubling of the railway line Pontremolese, being equipped the entire railway axis that connects the ports of La Spezia and Livorno with the Po Plain of a line to binary double quantity.

Emphasizing that the completion of the doubling of the line is fundamental for the economic development of the territory breaks but the nation has also a strategic interest for all, Fontana has remembered that the completion of the work, relatively to the planning and the construction of the tunnel, "also thanks to the pressures exercised on the referring politicians from our entrepreneurial community", "is inserted by the MIT between great infrastructures to realize of first call with commissariale procedure. The commissioner - Fontana has still remembered - is named in the person of ingegner Mariano Cocchetti, managing of RFI with remarkable experience of great railway work".

Specifying that such news has provoked enthusiasm for the ulterior step towards the completion of a modern railway connection for the goods between the ports of Tyrrhenian and the Po Plain, the president of the shippers spezzini it has remembered moreover that "then it is found that unfortunately they lack still an executive project for the gallery pass and the relative cover financial institution and that the work is not inserted in the National Plan of Resilience financed from the European Union since lacking requirement of cantierabilità and the forecast of being able to be finished within the date limit of 2026.

"Well - it has continued Fontana - I consider that the nomination of the commissioner affords to explore other ways of financing as the feasibility of a public-private project of finance being characterized a private subject cointeressato to construct the work, in exchange for a concession of long period: 50-99 years. With such a concession it could be previewed is I re-enter of the invested capital is a management profit through the cash flows generated from the traffic goods and the traffic fleeting".

The president of the association of the shippers has found that "a railway work is not in fact an investment "to cold" as others public works that have yes a generic one publish usefullness but they do not generate a directed economic return. I use commercial of a railway tunnel or of a railway draft he demands the payment of a rate. With regard to - he has specified Fontana - he can himself calmly be assumed that only the traffic who will generate the port of in volumes transported on a completed Pontremolese could be at least 700,000 teus, calculating that hence to 7-8 years the port will enliven, second all the forecasts, two million teus, which about 50% on railroad and that the Pontremolese could some absorb until 70%. Leaving from this base of traffic with the addition of the sure contribution also of the ports naval of Carrara and Livorno, in its turn added to the contribution of the fleeting lines, induces to consider partial the sustainability economic of the project, to clearly of the important environmental benefits, topic so felt to European level to put it to the center of the development strategies. For which - it has concluded Fontana - I consider that the project of the Pontremolese would have title in order to re-enter also in the Recovery fund, in chapter of the ecological transition".

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