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17 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:23 GMT+2

March 22, 2021

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Fedespedi, the anomalous course of the hires is yields of the wrong decision to postpone the exemption antitrust for the shipping containerized

Moretto: "if the ratio of the CBER is to guarantee a service of long quality the supply chain marine, today we see as this same ratio is disregarded in the praxis from the carrier marine

The current hyperbolic increase of the performances financial institutions of the containerized companies of navigation deriving from an anomalous course of the hires and from a situation of monopoly of the market is not yields neither of the case neither of the circumstances, but of completed wrong choices during the last few years, in particular from the European Union. It has understated Silvia Moretto, president of Fedespedi, the federation of the Italian shippers, taking part friday to webinar from the title "a rough water" that National Association of System adherent manufacturer to Confindustria has been organized from ANIMP () in order to discuss beginning from with the protagonists - logistic operators, enterprises and companies of navigation - of the anomalous course of the marine hires happened the half of 2020 and the impact on the system row.

"The perfect storm that has been pulled down on the supply chain marine in 2020 - has found Moretto - it arrives from afar: from the moment in which shipping the linens have been able to organize themselves in three consortia, the current alliances, that they have afforded to control the market side sea - the control of the draft To make East by the three total shipowning alliances is next to 100% - and side earth, through social acquisitions in the field of the harbour terminalismo and of commercial shipments and very aggressive policies, that they aim to erode market shares of operators who traditionally are not competitor but customers of the marine companies. These strategies - the president of Fedespedi has denounced - derive from the Consortia Block Exeption Regulation (CBER), that it allows with shipping linens to enjoy the exemption to the norms antitrust EU, than join to aids of State and taxation favorable (around 7%) granted to shipping linens and not to all main competitor and the economic operators along the row from they controlled, that they are subject to the taxation classified standard to the privately-owned companies (for the shippers is in average of 27%)".

"If the ratio of the CBER is to guarantee a service of quality along the supply chain marine - it has continued Moretto - today we see as this same ratio is disregarded in the praxis from the carrier marine, that they act as private company, controlling the hold ability in order to support the cost of the hires and reducing to the minimums the quality (hasty to 34% to end 2020, according to Alphaliner data, without forecasts of resumption in the immediate one). We find ourselves therefore in the paradoxical situation for which in the year in which macrocospically it has come to lack prerequirement legitimacy of the exemption antitrust for the companies - that is the quality of the service - these last ones - it has emphasized Moretto referring to the decision assumed from Brussels a year makes(on 24 March 2020) - they have been seen to postpone from the EU commission such exemption for other four years. This will not be able that it strengthens the oligopoly of shipping linens, to discapito of all the other subjects of the row until to arrive to the loaders, the enterprises that they produce and therefore they import and they export".

The president of Fedespedi has remembered that "all the operators of supply chain marine to European level - CLECAT, ESC, FEPORT - and the Italian - Confetra, together with all its associations, included Fedespedi - have been expressed for not to the delay of the CBER and during the 2020 they have denounced to the commissioner to the Vestager competition the behavior face exclusively to the profit of shipping linens, to damage of the resilience of the international commerce and the same European economic resumption".

"The next week - Moretto has announced - all the categories, comprised the shipowners, are convened by the EU commission for a new audition: we hope can be an occasion of open and frank dialogue with the European institutions. We expect that the dialogue on the role that the operators of the logistics - supported from an action of normative simplification, digitalisation and adequate infrastructuring - can and must play for the System Country open themselves also in Italy. The logistics and the row of the transports go put to the center of the national and communitarian political agenda".

"If on policies of empty management of the container and blank sailing - it has still observed Moretto - we believe that shipping the linens are acting in order to restore normality, on the costs of the hires we believe that the will is that to impose new normality with prices that will remain elevated at least for all 2021 and believes beyond also. Obviously a more and more meager number of subjects that offer transport services by sea today prevents to we shippers a balanced negotiation on the market container in terms of being able contractual. We can however - it has specified the president of Fedespedi - find solutions innovative that they afford however to the enterprises to reach own objectives. The shippers have the necessary experience, vision, competences and creativity. For this I say to the enterprises: chiedeteci he does not mark but solutions, you will find partner precious for your strategies of increase".

Also the vice president of Fedespedi, Alessandro Pitto, has intentional to thwart the important role that the shipment houses can carry out although the unfavorable context: "our vision to 360° on the logistics, our experience and the variety of solutions that we are able to put in field us affords of being more performing and reliable regarding the requirements of the enterprises in import and export. To case in the United States in the last year an increment of the market share by the freight has not been noticed forwarders, the shippers, to the detriment of the quota the carrier marine".

Referring to the outcomes of the exemption to the norms antitrust for the companies of containerized navigation, taking part to webinar the Territorial director Coesione, Infrastructures and Transports of Confindustria, Giuseppe Mele, it has found that "if the ratio of the regulations on the consortia, when it is introduced, were to favor the globalization, today - it has evidenced - we assist to the contrary effect: a turnabout by the enterprises that are seriously thinking to reshoring and shortening of the supplying rows. Whoever orders the market - she has concluded Apples - must interrogate itself seriously on what it is possible to make in order to interrupt this trend and to return to favor a globalizzato commerce and to reduce the uncertainty climate".

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