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18 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 03:28 GMT+2

March 22, 2021

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Brittany Ferries archivia 2020 with them gets worse performance of own history

Turnover more than halved. Passengers down of the -70% and goods of -20%

The company of French navigation Brittany Ferries, than work a fleet of 12 ferries employed mainly in the connections between France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, has announced to have archived item 2020 with them gets worse performance of own history, with a turnover that has been halved, with a number of transported passengers that it is come down at less than a third party of the normal levels and with a volume of the goods transported that, if has recorded a better course, however has marked a decrease of -20%.

Last year the revenues of the transalpine marine company are piled to 202,4 million euros regarding 469 million in 2019. The passengers transported from the ships of the fleet have been alone 752,102 regarding 2.498.354 in 2019, while the goods has totaled 160,377 tons regarding 201.554 in 2019.

The president of Brittany Ferries, Jean Marc Roué, has explained that last year, besides the impact on the activities of the company of the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19, "during the last few years Brittany Ferris has had to tackle to a double quantity strike, before which consequence of the challenges of the Brexit and then as a result of the Covid. Because of the Brexit - it has specified Roué - the unfavorable exchange rate pound-euro has had an impact on our profits. Quickly after the ballot of the 2016 value of the pound it is collapsed and from then the society it has lost 115 million euros of potential entrances since the majority of the revenues is generated in pounds while the costs are in euro. Also the worries for the Brexit have influenced the question. In 2019 - it has specified the president of the French company - the three potential dates for the escape of the United Kingdom from the EU have created uncertainty and anxiety in the market and the number of the passengers is diminished of the -5%, even if, in spite of these challenges, we have continued to record profits. But - it has continued Roué - last year the crisis of the Covid has put in knee our company. It has been a hard blow for the regions that we serve and to whose economy we contribute and for the marine French who we are proud of having with we. Although this we are determined to remain part of the social woven one of the north-west of France, let alone of United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain and must thank the regions of the Normandy and Brittany, the banks and the French State for the their continuous support during this dark period".

Brittany Ferries previews that 2021 will continue to being a difficult year, while in the 2022 volumes of traffic they could return to the levels of 2019.

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