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16 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 19:29 GMT+2

March 25, 2021

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The operators of the port of Crotone line up themselves against the hypothesis to make to share the iter for the editing of varying to the PRP

The fear is that of an ulterior dismissal of the development of the port of call

The association Operating Harbour and Marine of Crotone has expressed "hard regret for the umpteenth dismissal legacy to the confidence of the assignment for the editing of varying to the Portuale Town development plan of the port of Crotone, in spite of the presentation and approval of the Masterplan of 2019 and the green light by the Ministry". Disappointment - specific in a note the association, constituted from companies of the crotonese harbour community - that gushes from the "enormous damages that the crotonese territory endures by virtue of the underdevelopment and underuses of the harbour infrastructure".

"They are - the association remembers - by now passed about 15 years from the income of the port of Crotone in the within of the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, never become Harbour Authority of the Calabria, and five years from the national reform of the authorities of harbour system, than only case in Italy own to Gioia Tauro has still not found performance, today incredibly still commissariata and that it continues to maintain to the anachronistic denomination Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro. The results attended from the territory of Crotone - denunciation the note of the association - never have not arrived; indeed it has been lived and it is continued to live a managerial and managing do-nothing policy that often leads in the grotesque one. Pack-saddles to think that today a peripheral center of the Harbour Authority equipped of staff and leaders is not present in the city of Crotone. The numerous enterprises, companies and crotonesi activities tied the economy of the sea endure therefore most serious and incalculable damages, with very bad fallen back on the occupation and the transactions, than, in fact, they limit the increase of the Calabria Region and therefore of same the GDP of the Italian State".

"During the last few years, thanks to the strong impulse of the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone that is made spokesman of the numerous operating companies in the port, with the constitution of Marine Consulta - the note continues - it seemed to be itself under way a new period of concertazione bottom-up and strategic planning for the increase of the port of Crotone, culminated own in the combined and shared editing of the harbour Masterplan, same base for the much wait varying to the PRP. Such editing, which co-financed from the CCIAA and the same Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, derive give beyond nine years of reunions, conferences, opinions, studies and deepen ingegneristiche analyses, consequently all the harbour operators of Crotone and the agencies of the territory finally were convinced of being reached a vision of common development, to an instrument of able planning to make to leave the structural investments, as those for the dredging, the reclamation, the completion of the docks, in short for the systemic reorganization of the great port of Crotone, hub strategic on a national level. Instead, with not little awe-struck, after all the express opinions and the which reached favorable positions from the Ministry, in a recent reunion held near the Harbour office of Crotone, the Harbour Authority of Gioia Tauro, in the person of its extraordinary commissioner, has expressed the will to make to share the iter progettuale in order then to proceed after 70 days to a new presentation of proposals. A choice - denunciation the association - that has of the incredible one, that has wrongfooted all, and that if put into effect will newly carry to defer for other long years the development of the port of Crotone".

Emphasizing own contrarietà "to this umpteenth action that damages the interests of Crotone", the association has evidenced that come to create is "an indeed dramatic situation that cannot be more supported from a province, as that of Crotone, than weevers they give beyond thirty years a disastrous economic phase, with associate-economic indicators all negatives, than they have it capacity to being one of the areas more depressed of Europe. To greater reason to have a port practically which blocked from a entrusted managing management to a commissariata Harbour Authority from years, than never he has in fact not been able of protecting the interests of the calabrian ionic belt and the port of Crotone - the note concludes - ago to reflect on the actions to put in field to political and administrative level for the future crotonese. If the foundations of a new Authority of System are these are perhaps the case to turn the shoulders to the Tyrrhenian one and to embrace themselves to the Ionian Sea".

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