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17 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 02:29 GMT+2

March 29, 2021

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To fine morning the operations could be concluded with success in order to reactivate the marine traffic in the Suez Canal

Partially restored the floatation of portacontainer "the Ever Given". Yesterday beyond 500 ships they were waiting for to cross the water way Egyptian

This morning, at last, the attempts in existence in order to remove portacontainer the Ever Given are mailed sideways in the Suez Canal in the day of tuesday, when Egypt was flagellated by a sandstorm with strong twenty, have recorded the first important success. The great ship, with its 400 meters of length, that the block of the marine traffic and the formation of a consisting aggregation of ships waiting for being able had entirely obstructed the water way causing to enter in the channel, has been in fact partially remittance in flotation and the stern of the portacontenitori, than previously was to single four meters from one of the sides of the channel, is distant now 102 meters from earth. The Authority of the Suez Canal has announced that, with the increase of the level of the waters that will reach the maximum share to the hours 11,30 premises, the operations of displacement of the Ever Given will be resumed in order to place it in parallel with the direction of the channel.

Suez Canal Authority has announced that the transits of the ships in the channel will be reactivated as soon as the ship will be remittance in full water line and it is begun to transfer it in the area of lakes in order to start the technical verifications on the portacontainer.

While the crowd formed from the ships waiting for being able to cross the channel constantly has infoltito itself in the last days although various companies of navigation have decided of reindirizzare their ships on other routes, in particular on that which the Cape of Good Hope completes the circumnavigation of Africa doubling. If past thursday were beyond 200 the great ships waiting for to journey in the channel, the next day the number had grown to about 240 in order then going up more than 400 in the day of saturday and to about 540 ships to half of the day yesterday.

Admiral Osama Rabie, president of the Authority of the Suez Canal, in the course of the press conference held saturday evening in order to make the point in flotation on the operations of remittance of the Ever Given, had announced that at the moment the ships in wait were 321, number that comprised the ships that they had made demanded to the harbour office of the Suez Canal of being admitted in the anchorage areas and in the situated channels of access in the Mediterranean, to the northern entrance of the channel, and in the Red Sea, to the southern entrance of the channel, but it did not include the naval units which blocked inside of channel neither those which, also already in zone, Egyptians had not still asked the authorities the green light in order to follow to the ships in wait.

In the course of the conference the admiral had illustrated the assumed actions and measures in order to float the ship run aground, with the employment before tugs in the day of tuesday to which then some dredges and Navy excavators to earth had joined to the next day in order to remove sands and materials that trapped the hull. Rabie had confirmed that, since the participation of these means had not still allowed to resolve the situation, at the end it had been decided to start the operations in order to remove the container from the ship in order to lighten it and to facilitate its disincagliamento, decision that has been the last one to being taken in consideration as - had specified - such operations I am of difficult performance and demands long times.

The admiral had specified moreover that the causes that had determined the incident are probably multiple and the factor bad weather is one of these but not the main one, as navigation through the channel organized and is assured also during such periods.

Waiting for to have news surer on the restoration of the marine traffic in the channel Egyptian, while various primaries world-wide companies of navigation had begun to divert their ships that would have had to journey in the Suez Canal. Between these, the two main carriers of the segment of the containerized marine transport, the Maersk Line and the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) that they collaborate in the within of the alliance 2M, that they have three ships which blocked in the channel Egyptian and about 30 waiting for being able to carry out the transit, yesterday had announced the decision to divert 15 portacontainer on the route that double the Cape of Good Hope. Equally they had begun to make other companies of navigation of the segment of the container and of other fields of the shipping.

The news that already in the end of this morning the block in the channel could be removed could induce these companies to quickly decide to return to the original programming of theirs travels.

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