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16 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 16:58 GMT+2

April 14, 2021

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Sea-Intellingence, the introduction of portacontainer of large-capacity has not determined a deterioration of the quality of the service

The society has compared the reliability of schedule in the 2018s and 2019

The breaking in on the market of the containerized marine transport of container vessels of highest ability has not involved a deterioration of the quality of the marine services of line. It has found Sea-Intelligence, Danish society that analyzes the developments of the industry of the shipping containerized, explaining that the feeling that the introduction of ships of large-capacity has generated a worsening of the quality of the service, impression that has been diffused wide as a result of the incident of the portacontenitori Ever Given that has blocked the Suez Canal, does not correspond to the truth.

Sea-Intellingence has announced that, to the aim to verify the reliability of the schedule of the departures of the ships from the ports and to ascertain if effectively the ships worse are less reliable than those than smaller abilities, it has compared the programmings of the departures of the ships employed on the relative Asia-Europe routes to years 2018 and 2019. The society has emphasized that such comparazione evidences very clearly that the hypothesis that the larger ships are untrustworthy not is corrected. In reality - it has specified Sea-Intelligence - the ships of advanced ability to 22.500 teu that they are introduced on these routes beginning from september 2019 have recorded in that year the maximum reliability of the schedule, pairs to 95.1%, between all the groups of ships for cargo ability.

If the relative data to the 2019 confirm that the ships of greater ability are those which more than all have respected the previewed dates of departure from the ports, the relative data to 2018, however, they show a various tendency slightly since the portacontainer of ability comprised between 10.000 and 12.499 teu they have been demonstrated most reliable as for respect of the schedule, with a rate reliability of 84.4%, while the categories of ships of advanced ability to 15.000 teu show a decrease of the reliability with increasing of the ability to the ships, even if it is the group of ships of the ability to 15.000-17.499 teu and of 17.500-19.999 teu they have introduced a greater reliability regarding the group of ships from 12.500-14.999 teu.

Moreover Sea-Intelligence has specified that, relatively to the Asia-Mediterranean routes, in 2019 for the ships of beyond the 10.000 teu reliabilities of the schedule it turns out increasing with the increase of the groups of ability to the ships, with the ships from 20.000-22.499 teu and 23.000 teu that they record an absolute reliability of schedule the pairs to 100%. This turns out also for year 2018, when the two groups of ships of greater present ability on the market - those of unit from 17.500-19.999 teu and 20.000-22.499 teu - have shown the maximum reliability of the schedule having been turned out pairs respective to 85.2% and 84.2%.

When the transpacifico market, Sea-Intelligence, specifying that the portacontainer of greater ability they only turn out distributed in coherent way on the Asia-Europe routes, have explained that however, relatively to the routes between Asia and the western coast of the America North, both groups of ships of ability to 7.500-9.999 teu and 12.500-14.999 teu they have recorded a reliability of the schedule similar is in the 2018 that in 2019, while the group of ships from 10.000-12.499 teu has shown a higher reliability in the 2019 pairs to 73.3%. In the transpacifico market the only anomaly has turned out to be that relative to the routes between Asia and coast oriental of the America North where the group of ships of greater ability has recorded more the lowland reliability of the schedule.

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