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06 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 04:54 GMT+2

April 14, 2021

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Saints (Federagenti): rather than to criticize the shipping containerized, the alert would have to be for the potential risk of productive monopolies

Sterile - it has asserted - some controversies or crashs on the supply chain marine

According to Federagenti, the federation of the Italian shipping agents, the critics for important and fast the recent increase of the marine hires are unproductive and outside context, in the sense that important fluctuations also of the value of the rates of marine transport always have happened and are yield of cyclical conditions are of the market that external. According to the president of the federation, Alessandro Santi, rather than to judge the answers to the current challenges of the marine transport, that he is and he will remain central for the operation of the supply chain world-wide, it would be rather necessary to carry the attention on the side of the production of the goods.

Finding that from the beginnings of 90 years ‘the globalization and the evolution of the supply chain have carried to the possibility to reduce the stocks and to concentrate the productions, determining meanwhile a greater potential vulnerability of the productive rows and some branches of the supplying chains that the most recent case of the block for some days of the traffic in the Suez Canal has placed in evidence, Saints have emphasized that he is not therefore accidental who some between the greater world-wide economic powers are concentrating their attentions on the possibility to become self-sufficient in some strategic fields.

If the loaders and the shippers have accused the containerized marine transport of speculating on the current state of provoked world-wide crisis from the pandemic of Covid-19, with a rise mind-boggling of the value of the hires that - second the denunciations - would be returned possible by the monopoly of the market stopped from the three main shipowning alliances of the field of the container and facilitated from the fort increment to the resource to the e-commerce for purchases, Saints have exhorted to more rather examine the potential risks constituted from production monopolies of the goods. "The answer for the world-wide economy - it has specified - could not but be that to renounce to the globalization, but that to head above all for the strategic control of the supplying rows facilitating supply chain from a greater number of origins, free from monopolistic positions in dependency from potentially hostile Countries, to search a greater efficiency of the supply chain being tried to limit the intrinsic vulnerabilities and to prevent with actions aimed the possible throttlings and necks of bottle".

As for the current one elevated value of the marine, Saint hires it has observed that every analysis on this must be made on which proportioned temporal and spatial dimensions to the duration of the investments (pluridecennali) and the dimension (total) of the world-wide commerce. Therefore, according to the president of Federagenti, some controversies or crashs on supply chain and especially of that are "sterile the marine member who of the supply chain is the support column. The topic with which we are called all to confront to us - has emphasized - it is the overall efficiency of the system. It is obvious that there is of work to do, but if the result is the rationalization and the optimization of the efficiency of the supply chain, the economic and geopolitical advantages in the mean and long period will turn out advanced by far".

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