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17 May 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 21:35 GMT+2

April 26, 2021

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ANCIP, Filt, Fit and Uilt denounce the attempt to distort the norms on harbour self-handler and concessions

Possible - it has announced the association of the harbour companies - all the actions in order to block this scempio, enclosed the block of the ports of Italians

The National Association Companies Harbour Enterprises (ANCIP) and the unions Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uiltrasporti denounce that the current rough draft of the National Plan of Resumption and Resilience includes measures that directly threaten the harbour job and the order of the harbour market, with a relative norm to the cumulus of the concessions.

"The use of the National Plan of Resumption and Resilience in order to modify some important norms approved of from the Parliament, between which that regarding the topic of the regulation of the self-handler in the ports - it has explained the association of the Italian harbour companies - represents the most serious fact. An offense to the autonomy and the legislative power of the Parliament. A shameful blow to the workers of the ports, to the harbour enterprises is article 16, enterprises of disembarkation and boarding, to article 18, terminalistiche enterprises, to article 17 supplier enterprises of temporary job in the ports".

"There is the will - it has still evidenced the ANCIP - to make to jump a principle and to create a mortal distortion in the market of the enterprises and the job, being questioned a norm that regulated the job on board and the job in the ports. The harbour ones make the harbour ones, the marine ones make the marine ones. All the workers of the Italian ports appeal to the minister of the Job, Bordering, and to the minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, Giovannini, so that such norm comes cancels from the document of the PNRR. Salt in we the curiosity in the knowledge which "small hand", and for which interests of part, has I churn in order to insert such indication. On this point we will go the whole hog".

"The evoked sustainability a lot - it has concluded the ANCIP - must necessarily journey from the protection of the job and of the workers, to try to oppose harbour and marine is the most serious fact, to which it will be answered with hardness. In conclusion, as ANCIP, we declare loudly that we are ready to place side by side and to support the labor organizations in all the actions that will be considered more suitable in order to block this scempio, also to arrive to the hypothesis of block of the ports of Italians".

The general secretaries of Filt Cgil, Stefano Malorgio, Fit Cisl, Salvatore Pellecchia and Uiltrasporti Claudio Tarlazzi, have emphasized that "with a single blow two norms that distort the regulated market of the ports, cancelling ten-year-old of rules join and heal occupation, favoring loss of places of work, unstableness and worsening of the standards of the work safety. If the witnesses of the PNRR were confirmed who are circulating - they have specified - would on the issues find of forehead to an invasion of field of the transports and the ports, in particular that she gives the sign of as someone once again confuses the reforms of the Country with the reduction of the labor laws, making to withdraw the Italian workers and workers regarding European main colleagues of the country".

"In fact - they have specified Malorgio, Pellecchia and Tarlazzi - while it is asserted that Italy is projected more and more in the European model cancel the recent norms that have strengthened the rules on the self-handler. An offense to the thousands of workers who have fought for having sure and incontrovertible rules on the role and the duties that the workers of the ports and the marine transport are called to respect. A serious and heavy destrutturazione that once again hits the harbour job and its attache's with heavy fallen back on safety, to advantage of some great shipowners, although the several benefits already recognized to it also through European norms".

"Moreover - they have found the three trade-union leaders - the zero setting of the norm of which to codicil 7 of article 18 of law 84/94 it carries to the overcoming of the prohibition of monopoly in the ports. The cumulus of the concessions cannot be a topic that is faced between little intimate ones without some confronts estimate with the social parts then calls to dirimere the obvious ones fallen back deriving from this ulterior forcing. All this is not competitiveness but a damage to a meaningful part of the economy of the Country to which we are ready to immediately oppose with all the instruments to us to our disposition".

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