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16 September 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:39 GMT+2

May 12, 2021

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Evidencing that the market not rule alone, the CLECAT renews the exhortation to the EU so that inquires on the developments of the shipping containerized

In occasion of the Maritime Forum - it has denounced the association - the Europe Commission has remained in modality "listening"

CLECAT, the European association that represents the houses of shipment and the companies of the fields you transport, of the logistics and of the customs services, it is satisfied of the outcome of the Maritime organized Forum from the Directions for competition and for transport of the EU commission that has held in recent days in order to discuss about the developments of the field of the containerized marine transport. Less satisfied, indeed not at all, it is but for the way with which the issue it is faced by the same Europe Commission that in occasion of such I confront - it has protested the CLECAT, "has remained in modality "listening"".

According to the CLECAT, instead the moment has reached to define for this field effective politics on the competition and, therefore, for the association it would be necessary that the Commission abandoned own role of mere observer and rather started a serious investigation on the developments in existence in the field. If, in fact, the association has received with favor the initiative of the Forum as - it has explained the CLECAT - "it is essential that the guarantor authorities of the competition and the transports are engaged to monitor the consequences of the specific benefits granted to the industry of the shipping, in particular during a period of turbulence of the market unprecedented", however the fact has complained that EU commission is employing too much time in order to estimate the situation, time - it has accused the association - taken advantage of from the marine carriers in order to set up their strategies of management of the ability to hold and definition of the hires.

The CLECAT has moreover recriminated that in a moment in which the containerized companies of navigation they are recording useful never so elevated before now, meanwhile - has denounced the association referring to Regolamento EU of exemption for category for the consortia between companies that operate in this field - they continue to make pressures on the main national and international authorities in order to assure that their status is maintained special. In particular, the critical CLECAT the fact that "the navigation companies benefit of a remarkablly favorable fiscal regime regarding the other operators of the supply chain logistic. The analysis of the International Transport Forum - it has explained the association - exhibition that effective the fiscal shares at the expense of shippers, harbour logistic and terminalisti operators are from two to three elevated times more regarding that of the entire field of the shipping. The effective share of the tax on the societies of the shipping is of 7% - it has evidenced the CLECAT - while for the shippers it is of 27%".

Moreover the association has emphasized that the lines guide European on the aids of State "allow with the carriers to benefit relatively of preferential a fiscal treatment to the auxiliary services, as the activities of cargo handling and other services that are supplied also by the operators of logistic services, with consequent distortion of the competition in the field of the logistics. Recently - it has remembered the CLECAT - we have even assisted to a opened exhortation by associations of shipowners, as German VDR, for the inclusion of the services door-to-door in their national regimes of the tonnage tax. This - it has observed the association - would not only distort the competition, but it would offer also incentives to the carrier haulage, the transport door-to-door by the marine carrier, rather than to merchant haulage (the terrestrial transport realized from the exporter/loader, ndr) and for the cover of the not marine services by the tax regimes on the tonnage. The allocation of aids of State to the structures vertically integrated of the marine carriers - it has evidenced the CLECAT - offers to the carriers a substantial competitive advantage regarding the shippers".

At last, second the CLECAT, Regolamento of exemption for category determine a third party and more serious problem "allowing with the companies of navigation to exchange information and data to the aim to compete in matter of terrestrial services with the field of shipments, this last one disabled to depend on analogous protections. The EU commission - the association has remembered - has granted to the containerized companies of line other four years of exemption from its laws on the competition in the within of the Block Exemption Regulation(on March 24, 2020, ndr), based on which the containerized companies of navigation are authorized to share given operating and to form marine alliances that are perfectly in a position to managing the ability".

Observing that "evidently the market will not resolve this that the inaction of the EU commission has caused", the CLECAT has invited the politicians of the States of the EU "to examine with attention the current situation in consideration of the dependency of the European commerce from the total services of containerized marine transport".

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