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25 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:45 GMT+2

May 20, 2021

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The assembly of the Union Pilots has confirmed the summits of the association

Bellomo denunciation the attempt see again the legal nature of the Corporations of the pilots transforming them in mere "societies special cooperatives"

The assembly of the Union Pilots (UPI) has reconfirmed Vincenzo Bellomo and Marco Ragusa in the respective charges of president and vice-president of the association. In occasion of the reunion of the associates, held tuesday in television conference with the table of presidency accommodated near Sala Consiliare of the Municipality of Leporano inside of Castello Muscettola, in its relation president Bellomo has denounced the attempt put in existence from more parts than see again the legal nature of the Corporations of the pilots transforming them in mere "societies special cooperatives" with the unavoidable consequence - he has emphasized - than, in case such crowds initiative were realized, failing of the main objective of the pilotage, that is that to guarantee the requirements of safety of navigation and the landing place would be determined unavoidably. To such Bellomo purpose it has criticized the position of Luigi Mennella, president of Fedepiloti, wondering as the same one can take note that the "public legal personality" of the Corporations is today in argument after - has explained Bellomo - the Court of Venice, receiving the theses of some pilots of the Corporation of the Venetian Matting, between which same figure he, "in fact, has generated the dangerous precedence to include the Corporations of pilots between the societies cooperatives regulated from special laws".

Bellomo has expressed worry also for the initiative of Fedepiloti to promote "States general on the marine pilotage" in order to change of the discipline. Such worry - it has specified - is born from the knowledge that between the promoters of the initiative figures "just which they see in the cooperative or the private company the future of the pilotage. Considered then - it has added Bellomo - that the modifications to the norm of the pilotage have always involved obvious disadvantages to the category, the worry becomes a nightmare".

Bellomo has been stopped also on the coming demand from more parts, comprised Fedepiloti, of a deep modification to the discipline of the Navigation code in pilotage matter. According to the president of the UPI, "the Navigation code, although its 80 years, still demonstrate the ability to anticipate the modern legislations". In support of its thesis has cited "Regolamento 352/2017 with which the EU commission has put the service of pilotage in a position privileged regarding the other harbour services, and the new American guideline that seems to in handfuls take cue from our legal system, inserting pubblicistiche norms for the regulation of the pilotage service".

Bellomo has moreover spoken about the determination of the Ministry of Infrastructures and of Sustainable Mobility with respect to the criteria and mechanisms to use for I renew of the tariff one of the pilotage services. These - it has observed the president of the UPI - "if translate in tariff provisions, will have disastrous effects for the category. The obtained result, therefore - it has evidenced - is very lungi to be considered favorable for the pilots. Also a glance briefly to the determination of the Head office - it has found Bellomo - confirmation such opinion. One for all: it has been discussed about the expense but it is not intentional to for us discuss about the main element pilots: the value of our job, the meter with which measure the competence, the formation and our professional ability. Today such value salary - it has remembered - is 2,043, 80 gross euros and the new proposed been left over from some associations of the harbour user to reform the pilotage rates would carry to a loss of about 14% on base anniversary of the revenues of the Corporations".

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