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13 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 18:43 GMT+2

May 28, 2021

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Some entrepreneurial associations have introduced request for the immediate pre-emptive seizure of Freeways for Italy and its assets

Banchero (CNA Genoa): the distortion of deep that would have had to be engaged in the maintenance is so serious to demand extreme measures

This morning some associations that represent enterprises, between which those harbour ones and of road haulage, reunited in the "Saint Christopher Committee", Freeways for Italy have introduced to the Public Prosecutor's Office near the Court of Genoa the demand for the immediate pre-emptive seizure of the company REELS () and of its assets to guarantee for all those people, included the relatives of the victims of the Morandi Bridge, than - they have explained in a note - "they have quickly and they continue to endure damages deriving from the behavior of Atlantia and from I use it distorted of the proceeds from tolls". According to these associations, "the assets of Atlantia, and therefore REELS (Freeways for Italy), as proceeds of a penal crime, go seized".

Al Committee Morandi Bridge, the committee of citizens and enterprises of more the directly damaged quarters from collapse of the bridge, Assiterminal, the national association of the harbour terminalisti join Orange Zone, CNA, the association of representation of the small and averages enterprises, Trasportounito, in representation of the world of the road haulage, and TO USE SPARCI, the From Liguria Union to US of the Agents of Commerce.

The seizure request makes followed to exposing introduced to beginning month and to a delivered relation the Commission Transports and Atmosphere of the Chamber of Deputies. The Committee has clarified that the introduced request today "postulates substantially different a legal action from the advanced demands damns or of refreshment in these months: tip in fact to make to emerge and to quantify the sums embedded with the rates that, in violation of the norms, are not used, as by obligation, in order to carry out the work previewed in the text of the concession and to fulfill therefore to the engagements assumed from the same concessionaire, but instead is used in order to reward directly or indirectly the shareholders. The location of such sums - according to the Committee - must become the precondition also for uses of the same ones to fine social".

"With the request for the seizure of REELS - he has specified Barbara Banchero, general secretary CNA Genoa - we very well know of pigs in the position of David whom Goliath challenge, but the distortion, that it emerges also from numerous interceptions, of deep that would have had to be engaged in the maintenance is so serious to demand extreme measures". "We are conscious - it has added Giuseppe Tagnochetti, coordinator of Trasportounito - launch a glove of challenge to super-being able of the Country, but we cannot passively assist to the paradox of the sale of REELS to Bank of Deposits and Loans and therefore of new to that State that has not verified the corrected one I use of the tolls and it has not assessed for time the violations in the accomplishment of the concession".

For the president of Assiterminal, Alessandro Ferrari, this "are the moment of the day of reckoning also in the key - he has explained - of being able effectively to create the premises in order to cover the enormous damages that from Liguria trasportistico system, from the ports to the road haulage, continues to endure".

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