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13 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 20:35 GMT+2

June 10, 2021

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Two similar crises, those of Tirrenia and Alitalia, although a little asynchronous

Uiltrasporti asks the government for answers and the intervention of the state

Tirrenia and Alitalia. Two events, those of the company of and the airline, which present such points in common to make them almost coincide, if they did not take place one on the sea and the other in heaven. Both "flag" companies. Both privatized in the early years of the new millennium. more long-years and acute the crisis of the airline, passed first to the private property (2008) compared to the maritime carrier (2012). More recent the highlighting of the difficulties of the naval company that induced a few days ago the Tirrenia-Italian Shipping Company of the Onorato Group Shipowners to apply for admission to the prior arrangement in continuity. A recent diachroria in the history of the two crisis that seems to return to synchronicity at the present time, when the future of both is urgently questioned.

A future of concern. Fears to which more sometimes the trade unions have given voice. To renew the alarm is today Uiltrasporti: "the judicial case in which involved the Onorato group with the financial collapse of the Italian Shipping Company that ten years ago bought from the State the ships and routes of Tirrenia -- they observed the Secretary-General and the National Secretary for Transport trade union organisation, Claudio Tarlazzi and Paolo Fantappiè - represents, in our opinion, the evidence of the failure of the principle-based theory that it is sufficient privatisations to create healthy management. this for us doesn't mean that you have to necessarily go back to the "Entrepreneur" status in a general sense, but the State, especially with regard to services with public burden, such as those of territorial continuity with the islands, would have had to monitor, supervise and intervene without waiting for this disaster. What has partly emerged with particular virulence in recent months -- pointed out Tarlazzi and Fantappiè - Uiltrasporti publicly denounced him several years ago but, government of that time included, no one intervened.

"Beyond how this infinite dispute -- they took over the two representatives of Transport - all workers and employees must be safeguarded and protected and not condemned to an oblivion that would force you to lose your job and therefore the pay. The government, they pointed out, cannot call yourself out because the problem isn't just about the future of society but concerns the whole project implemented by the State for territorial continuity. State intervention is therefore needed to ensure that guaranteed the mobility of people, of our country so like tourism, because Italy needs to restore strategic assets for its recovery and reconstruction. The State - added Tarlazzi and Fantappiè - intervened after the collapse of the Morandi bridge over Aspi, Ilva and Alitalia although there is still no solution. The same is true of the dispute Tirrenia-CIN the need for attention and political commitment.'

The State - the two trade unionists recalled - is alitalia, but this, at the moment, has not yet concerns about the future of the company. In the months in fact, the constitution of the new company Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) where they should part of Alitalia's activities. Waiting to this step, meanwhile, Alitalia has now come to be not able to pay the full amount of salary to their dependents. "The government - they denounced Tarlazzi and the National Secretary for Air Transport Ivan Viglietti - continues to disappoint and circumvent the confrontation with the union and the press reports represent a scenario every day more worrisome. This is while the market is restarting and the aggressiveness of competitors becomes more and more strong. Like Uiltrasporti we are very concerned about the fate of workers of Alitalia and the same for transport workers airplane. We have been stressing for a long time - they pointed out - that it is necessary to minimum conditions to ensure a future for the new airline and the entire air transport system. is necessary to address the knot of competitive asymmetries that have contributed to generating the crisis of the entire sector, it is urgent to rewrite fair and clear competition rules that are respected by all.'

If concerns about the future of workers of the two companies by the trade unions, who are calling for reassurances about their fate, equally motivated seem to be fears that the Alitalia crisis, which has been persistently postponed over time, may duplicate itself in the crisis of the Tyrrhenian Sea, making it as durable as that of the airline. A hypothesis far from blown up since the abundance of economic resources that Italy will have at its disposal in the years (but for which he will have to account) already induces some people think they are deferring problems that are undeffable.

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