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July 20, 2021

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Assagenti's appeal to avoid the risk of one month of blocking of activity at the port basin by Sampierdarena

Some shipping companies - denounced the association - they have already communicated to customers the almost total impossibility of using the port of Genoa in this period

Assagenti, the association of Genoese maritime agents, launches an alarm for the blocking of goods traffic at the basin port of Sampierdarena of the port of Genoa that presumably will occur next month because of the work at the Genova Marittima railway station, the one where the railways pass through trains to the Sech and GPT terminals of Sampierdarena, which will be forbidding traffic from 9 to 29 August next, to which will be added the closure from 6 to 23 August, planned by Aspi, of the section motorway between the tollbooths of Genova Ovest and Genova Prà.

«Until today - highlighted the association - the news they were fragmentary and unofficial, but now the dates are confirmed and they seem to be able to portend the blocking of goods in containers for the Sampierdarena basin for most of August". "Some shipping companies - denounced Assagenti - have already communicated to customers the almost total impossibility of using the port of Genoa in this period suggesting alternative stopovers, as traffic citizen will be very unlikely to be able to absorb the flow of heavy vehicles that are expected to hit him».

Assagenti pointed out that "all this happens in a time when we are witnessing a recovery and growth of the traffics of our port without considering that the month of August is traditionally a peak season. «Once again - complained the president of the Association of Genoese Maritime Agents, Paolo Pessina - we are witnessing a total inattention to our sector and to a complete lack of planning and coordination between the managers of railways and motorways. The companies of navigation that represent our companies with their trades they feed the main industry of our city and not are more willing to endure a behavior of this type by infrastructure managers connecting the port to the hinterland and its reference markets».

By calling together all the associations in the field of shipping, Pessina made a strong appeal to the institutions so that, in full respect of safety, factor primary and fundamental, a table of dialogue to avoid the risk of a full month of lockdown with very serious repercussions on city traffic. "After the The situation of our motorways at the our businesses and to all citizens - concluded the president of Assagenti - this is the classic straw that makes the vase. The patience of the customers of the port of Genoa is not infinite, we run for cover before the rope breaks because the alternatives are at hand!».

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