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July 21, 2021

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The ADSP of the Eastern Ligurian Sea signs agreements with Enel and Snam on decarbonisation and energy transition

Summary: the port will remain an energy-intensive system but the energy that will be consumed must be "clean"

Today the president of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, Mario Sommariva, has signed two different protocols with Enel and Snam on decarbonisation and energy transition. The areas of intervention mentioned in the two agreements concern: cold ironing; energy efficiency of areas and port activities; sustainable solutions for the mobility in the port area; promotion of LNG in transport maritime; energy efficiency of buildings and systems lighting; development of digitalisation and investment in new technologies in support of European projects in the field environmental; study of innovative solutions for use hydrogen as a clean energy carrier and ideal complement electrification in order to reduce polluting emissions in the port and urban context; supply of electricity and gas.

Furthermore, among the objectives of the protocol signed with Snam, there is to increase the use of LNG as a fuel to lower climate impact, alternative to traditional fuels. In this regard, Snam has started activities of conversion of the Panigaglia plant, in the province of La Spezia, to allow its use for LNG supplies and for both sea and road transport. The protocol it also provides for the study and implementation of solutions energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and in hydrogen.

Specifically, moreover, the agreement between Enel Produzione and ADSP of the Eastern Ligurian Sea is aimed at jointly evaluating possible initiatives for sustainable development in the area of Spezia, with a particular focus on the development of green planning in the port area based on electrification, renewables and green hydrogen.

«We are - said Sommariva illustrating the agreements - in a new historical phase, in which the sensitivity on the theme of the climate change and the need for climate change policies Environmental sustainability is now deep and widespread. The port of La Spezia wants to become a pole of innovation in matter of environmental sustainability. It's really thanks the presence on the territory of the two central subjects of the system national for the production and distribution of energy that is they create extraordinary opportunities. It's the whole system port that must change skin. Lower consumption for lighting outdoor areas and buildings, LNG ships, electrified docks, vehicles, operating machines and electric cranes and, immediately, pilot projects for the use of hydrogen that goes clearly identified as the underlying objective. It is important - it has added Sommariva - favor renewable sources by looking in complementary way to LNG and electricity. The port it will remain an energy-intensive system but the energy that will be consumed it will have to be "clean"».

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